Alina Orlova: What Happened to Alina Orlova? Dogs And Other Pets Culprit in Custody in The Sadistic Killer Case!

Alina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko, two teenage girls, were found guilty of animal maltreatment and sentenced to prison time.

As the investigation developed, a number of other crimes were found.

What Has Become of Alina Orlova?

Nobody is aware of Alina Orlova’s location as of the year 2022. She and her companion Alyona Savchenko were each sentenced to four years in jail in 2017.

On the internet, there is no information on Alina’s whereabouts. She could have been freed, but that doesn’t mean her punishment couldn’t have been worse.

The two women have been referred to as the “Khabarovsk Slaughterers” in the media. They were given a prison sentence in Russia for their acts after producing a movie in which they portrayed themselves torturing and killing animals.

The “sadistic” teenagers allegedly took the animals to abandoned houses where they air gunned, trampled, and tore out their eyes the creatures. The teenagers were reportedly detained, according to Russian media.

Biography of Alina Orlova Animal Killer

  • Alina Orlova is a girl of 17 years old. On social media, Orlova posted gruesome images and videos of herself torturing, murdering, and endangering defenseless animals.
  • after releasing a slew of gruesome pictures and videos showing her torturing animals with a companion.
  • She even posed with a dead cat that had its heart removed.
  • Alina Orlova, 17, was detained by Russian law officials, according to Metro UK, while she waited for a flight in Vladivostok.

She is clearly visible in the pictures as her friend. Other pictures appear to show Alina and Kristina’s obsession with horror movies, “blood,” and the pictures of animals Orlova slaughtered.


They did not uncover any background information on her, according to a social media report. Additionally, as soon as we discover his information in the future, we will update her background and family information.

Alina Orlova was really charged in 2016 as a result of pictures showing her hurting animals.

The photographs were revealed along with a screenshot of the women getting ready to “shoot, cut, and slice!” their next animal victim on social media. The child ruthlessly mistreated, murdered, and dismembered animals using cruel methods, according to the Investigative Committee, which looks into significant cases. She also documented this behaviour in a snuff film (perhaps deemed an animal crush video). However, the event involving the bat and pneumatic gun attack on the Khabarovsk woman was also covered by the complaint.

Alina Orlova: What Has Happened to The Man Who Killed So Many Dogs?

The lady who killed dogs and other creatures has not been identified, and it is unknown if she is still being detained in jail.

The two people admitted to torturing at least 15 animals in 2016 when they were still considered children. In 2016, they posted these frightening recordings to YouTube, and in 2017, police enforcement eventually located them.

She was sentenced to three years and ten days in jail after a nearly five-month-long, secret trial, while her close friend Alyona Savchenko was given a four-year, three-month sentence.

The two were found to have committed more criminal conduct over the course of the inquiry. Larceny, crimes motivated by hate, and animal cruelty were among the offences that were committed.

The results of the psychiatric assessments revealed that none of these two women had any kind of mental disease.

Exploring Alina Orlova’s Bio on Wikipedia

For the crime they committed, Alina Orlova and her companion Alyona Savchenko both received a four-year jail term. In addition, their male buddy who recorded the records received a three-year prison term for his participation.

This decision is unexpected because it is commonly considered that animal cruelty is not taken as seriously in Russia. The female’s family’s other members were also penalized for “inadequate child raising.”

The duo is charged with robbing people looking to adopt dogs while taking the pups with them. The companion animals would then be mercilessly executed.

Alina is the daughter of Alina, a colonel in the American Air Force. She retaliated, claiming that she had not been harsh to the animals and that someone had planted evidence against her in an effort to bring her down.

Her mother, on the other hand, fiercely denied having any involvement in the incident. Alina blamed her close friend Alyona, claiming that the photos had been altered to put her in the wrong. She even claimed that it had been a while since she had spoken to Alyona.

Maria Ivanov Witness

  • Maria Ivanov added, “OMG, I feel so bad after seeing it.
  • The photograph shows the still-living dog to be so cute, whereas the deceased dog is not.
  • The author asks, “How can their moms defend it?”
  • I probably would have reported him if my children had engaged in such behaviour. Horrible.”
  • In fact, Orlova confesses to wanting to kill her own mother and asks for guidance on how long she would face in jail if discovered.
  • The Khabarovsk police department is reportedly in close communication with Kristina’s family, according to local media.
  • Khabarovsk, the administrative centre of Khabarovsk Krai, is located at the meeting point of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers and is barely 30 kilometers from the Chinese border.

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