Funny ‘How Long Do Short People Live 12-15’ Joke Takes Over Tiktok

This query is just one of many bizarre TikTok trends that are now making people chuckle online.

Why, therefore, is it that everyone is now so curious about how long little people live? Let’s discuss the humor…

“How Long Do Short People Live 12-15?” Joke Goes Viral

The most recent TikTok prank to become viral directs users to look up “how long do short people live?” It’s part of a broader movement that got its start with the query, “How long do fools live?” and developed into one of the most popular memes of March.

For this online craze, all you have to do is put the query into Google and search for the peculiar response. It’s humorous since it’s something you probably haven’t considered before.

Here’s How Long They’ll Live.

TikTok fans are laughing so hard at the response to the question that it has gone viral online. Many people are receiving various responses, and some are even adding their own to the Google results by utilizing picture editing software.

Nonetheless, the majority of people seem to believe that short people only survive between 12 and 15 or 10 and 13 years. Internet users are giving the response to their tiny pals even though it is untrue since it makes them chuckle.

‘i’ll Never Forget You’ Trend Takes Over

A new trend among Generation Z users of the TikTok app has been sparked by the joke “How long do short people live?” It entails texting a “short” person between the ages of 10 and 13 or 12 and 15 the lines “I’ll never forget you.”

According to Google, short persons only have a 10- to 13-year lifespan. This is what the challenge claims about the person. The lyrics are supplemented with the song “Never Forget You” by Zara Larsson and MNEK.

Other Popular Memes Like “How Long Does a Tall Person Live?”

There were additional memes that existed “how long do emos live” and “how long do idiots live.” Naturally, these two also had great success on the site.

When somebody inquire, inquire song do fools live?” Usually, the answer to the question “How long do tall people live?” is the same. Namely, 12 to 15 years. Emos, on the other hand, have various outcomes, but in general, they are anticipated to live for an additional 10 to 17 years.

The “how long do idiots live” meme initially got viral in 2021, but it reappeared in February 2022 and is still well-liked today. After all, this meme is ideal for becoming viral since it makes it easier for us to make fun of our pals.

How Long Do Short People Live TikTok Trend- The Origin!

Funny ‘How Long Do Short People Live 12-15’ Joke Takes Over Tiktok

Sending a snapshot of Google’s response to the question of how long to shortly live starts the trend. Short individuals only live 10-13 or 10-12 years, according to Google! Yeah… How long do short people live meme is a recent fad on TikTok, and I know it’s dumb.

It all began when a TikToker unintentionally searched for it on Google and decided to share the result with his short buddy. A screen recording of two persons is popular right now. A Google snapshot stating the average lifespan of short individuals is used as the opening. Together with it, people convey the sentiment “I will always miss you.” The response makes the video hilarious. Although some people are OK with it, others simply erupted in chat rooms.

Short People Viral TikTok Trends

When you received a humorous response on the average lifespan of short people. I’ll tell you something: short people have always made good bait. On TikTok, short individuals have a variety of hashtags, including #shortpeopleproblems, #shortpeoplecheck, and #shortrelationshipchallenges. These are a few humorous viral TikTok trends for short people.

How to do the TikTok photo swipe trend…

If you understand them, they’re really simple, just like everything else in the TikTok universe.

The first thing you should do is activate your camera by clicking the + button at the bottom of the screen. Here is where all the creative magic occurs.

Next, choose every image you wish to include in your presentation.

After doing that, just click “next” and then “switch to picture mode,” and you’re done! Your slide presentation is ready.

It truly is that easy, but you can add all the other components—like music and text—in the same manner that you would normally.

If you’re wondering why, it’s not available on your app yet, it’s possible that TikTok simply hasn’t made the function available to everyone yet. This is because they often test new features on a small number of users to see how they perform.

So now that you are completely aware of what you are doing, enjoy your new popular TikTok feature!

What is the ‘If I was a trend’ TikTok?

This trend draws on TikTok’s popularity for showcasing your personality and uniqueness.

The tests you used to take on Bebo, Myspace, and Facebook are basically on TikTok, except this time there are attractive images.

There are other variations, with some designers writing that they requested their partner—boyfriend, partner—girlfriend, or roommate—to choose a subject that brings to mind.

Others have only chosen what they like (possibly because their boyfriend or roommate picked ugly aesthetics or got the answers wrong, who knows).

They also pitted their closest friend and partner against one another to compare answers for the extremely competitive people (or those with A LOT of free time).

The craze, which involves a variety of themed photographs flashing past at a quick clip to a rapid drumbeat—typically “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid—is time-consuming yet fun to watch.

In the past, the song has been included in several advertising campaigns.

Season, kind of weather, element, color, color, animal, cuisine, city, the topic of the study, and other categories are among them.

The “#ifiwasa” tag has 111 million views, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.


Being short is not amusing, but you can’t help but join in when TikTok becomes a trend. How long do those who are short life? The TikTok craze was degrading. Short individuals only have an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years, according to Google.

Individuals often share this Google screenshot along with the statement “I will never forget you.” Now that you are aware of the trend. Share this article with your short buddy to get in on the trend.

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