19 Genius Beauty Hacks For A Lazy Girl

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Waking up each day can be a struggle, especially when you have an early morning meeting or an audition to attend. To overcome this, there are some beauty hacks for the lazy that can make your morning routine quick and effortless. These lazy girl hacks will help you achieve a beautiful look without having to put in too much time or effort.

Here are some cool beauty hacks for the cool lazy bunnies out there reading this post.

  1. Place your makeup remover near your bed to eliminate excuses for not removing your makeup before sleeping. Leaving makeup on overnight can lead to skin breakouts or infections, so having a bottle of makeup remover within reach will be convenient for those nights when you don’t feel like standing at the sink for long. This tip can be considered a simple makeup hack, but it should only be used in emergencies.
  2. If your manicure has become too long, you can conceal it by creating a glitter ombre effect starting at the base of your nails. The glitter will effectively distract from any chips or overgrown areas and provide a simple, long-lasting beauty solution.
  3. If you’re tired of waiting for your makeup, toner, moisturizer, or self-tanner to dry, you can speed up the process by using a cool setting blow-dryer. This is especially helpful for products that need to fully dry before moving on to the next step. A blow-dryer can serve as a helpful beauty tip for those who are looking for quick and easy solutions.
  4. On days when you want a more minimal approach to your makeup, use a lipstick as a multi-use product. Simply apply it to your brow bone, cheekbone, and lips, then blend with your fingers for a natural-looking flush of color.
  5. Not sure how to properly highlight and contour your face? Use the “3” trick! This involves using a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to create a “3” shape. Start by drawing a line above your eyebrow, then another line above your cheekbone, and a third line above your jawbone. To contour, use a concealer to draw a backwards “3” in the shape of an “E.” Blend the two shades and buff out any harsh lines for a seamless finish. With this simple technique, you’ll be able to add definition and dimension to your face with ease.
  6. Struggling to achieve a perfectly winged eyeliner look? No problem. Use a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly to clean up any messy edges around your eyes. This simple hack will help you achieve a sharp and defined wing with ease.
  7. If you’ve run out of your liquid or gel eyeliner, don’t worry about making a trip to the store. Simply use a small liner brush to pick up some mascara and use it to line your eyes. This is an easy and convenient way to create a similar effect without having to purchase a separate product.
  8. Easily transition your daytime eye makeup to a sultry nighttime look with a quick hack. Smudge your eyeliner with a cotton swab to create a smoky effect, without the need for multiple products. This simple trick saves time and allows you to switch up your look with ease.
  9. Need to conceal roots that are growing out? Give your hair a messy side part and tease the roots to help disguise the regrowth. This simple technique provides a quick and easy root touch-up solution.
  10. Dealing with greasy hair? Here’s a favorite beauty hack that you’ll love. Pull the back section of your hair out of the way and wash only the front portion in the sink. This simple trick takes care of the grease and is perfect for those lazy days.
  11. If your hair is too dirty and you can’t wash it in the morning, don’t worry. Apply baby powder to the roots of your hair before going to bed. The powder will absorb the excess oil that makes your hair look greasy. If you have dark hair, make sure to apply the powder at night so that the white residue has time to fade before you leave the house in the morning. This is a convenient solution for those days when you need a quick fix for oily hair.
  12. If you washed your hair but don’t have time to blow-dry it, simply put it in a loose low bun and secure it with a hair clip. Let your hair air-dry while you go about your day. Once it’s dry, take down the bun and run your fingers through your hair for effortless waves.
  13. If you feel that curling your hair is a time-consuming task, try braiding your hair loosely before going to bed. In the morning, you will have natural-looking waves like a mermaid. If you have thin hair, make sure to braid it loosely for softer and more subtle waves.
  14. Here’s a simple hack for getting sandal-ready feet if you’re feeling lazy: Apply a nourishing foot lotion, oil, or Vaseline to your feet before bed, and wear socks to let it soak in overnight. By morning, your feet will be soft and smooth.
  15. To achieve the best eyeliner look, try using an eyelash curler. Line the curler with a pencil eyeliner, then curl your lashes as usual. This technique will result in a perfectly lined eye and beautifully curled lashes all in one step.
  16. If you have a mascara tube that has become dry and clumpy, don’t stress. You can revive it by adding a few drops of contact solution. This simple makeup hack is a popular solution for extending the life of your mascara and keeping it in good condition.
  17. Why limit makeup wipes to just the dressing table? Keep them by your bedside for added convenience. This hack is perfect for those who don’t want to go to sleep with makeup on but feel too lazy to get up and remove it. It’s a lifesaver for lazy girls.
  18. Make dry shampoo your go-to solution for those days when you’re short on time or motivation to wash your hair. It’s especially useful for dealing with oily or greasy hair, and is one of the most convenient beauty hacks for lazy girls.
  19. Do you use hairspray in your hair routine? A simple hack to enhance its hold is to spray your bobby pins before using them. This way, you’ll have a stronger hold on your hair without having to spray every individual strand.

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