3 Symptoms of kidney problems

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Many people live with different kidney problems and they don’t have any clue that they are experiencing problems. For instance, more than thirty-seven million people in the United States of America have several problems and they don’t know about it. The reason they don’t know about their problems is that this problem may be a mild symptom. People with kidney problems suddenly come to know about their health condition when there is a sudden damage to their kidneys. According to the best urology doctor, there are many signs that occur in the body that can indicate that there might also be kidney problems. However, in many conditions, people say that these health conditions are linked with other problems. In patients, become more prominent when the kidneys stop working or any problem is at the last stage. In addition to this factor, if there is a large amount of protein in the urine then it will also indicate that there is a presence of kidney problems. A lack of information and ignorance about the signs of kidney problems are the major reasons for people not knowing about their health condition. According to an estimate, only ten percent of people know that they are living with kidney problems. The best way for you or anyone to know about kidney problems is to get yourself tested. A regular habit of checking kidneys for their health will help in diagnosing any kidney problem at the initial level. Additionally, urologists say that there can be some signs that may indicate that there are kidney problems that are affecting your body.

Symptoms of Kidney Problems

You will always remember that some health conditions such as diabetes will put you at high risks of several kidney problems. These risks will be more at increase in people who are older than sixty. If the below-mentioned symptoms appear in your body and you are an older person, then visiting a urologist will be a better idea. Additionally, get all the tests related to the kidneys done before they are too severe.

More Tiredness and Less Energy

You may have noticed many patients with kidney problems complain that they always feel tired over time. A constant feeling of tiredness indicates that the levels of energy are low in their bodies. These two symptoms (tiredness and low levels of energy) make them lose their concentration in daily activities. Quite interesting about kidney problems can be: why does every kidney patient usually experience tiredness and low levels of energy? Well, when a severe disease affects the functions of the kidneys it can lead to a number of impurities in the blood. In addition to these impurities, there can also be buildup of toxins in the body. These are the major reasons for causing tiredness and weakness in patients. And weakness and tiredness make these patients lose their concentration. There would also be some signs related to anemia in the body. You know that anemia is also among the major culprits that can lead to weakness and fatigue. Therefore, if you are constantly feeling fatigue and weakness, then it would be an alarming sign. Because it might be a symptom of kidney problems.

Sleeping Problems

When there is something wrong in my body I usually don’t get quality sleep. It means that health problems make me unable to sleep effectively and maintain my health in a better way. Similarly, the kidneys are not filtering the blood efficiently then how a kidney patient can get quality sleep. In that case when the kidneys don’t work effectively, toxins remain in the body. And the body doesn’t remove them through the urine. A buildup of toxins and other products in the body will make any patient get low quality sleep. Scientific studies also indicate a link between obesity and kidney diseases. Sleep apnea and other sleeping problems are more common in people who are with chronic diseases. Therefore, saying that sleeping problems are more common in patients than healthy people would not be a useless thing.

Itchy or Dry Skin

Patients with itchy or dry skin think that these are mild problems and would disappear within a short time. They also don’t take measures for these skin problems from any qualified dermatologist. As a result, these skin problems get worse. But next time when you or anyone experience skin problems for weeks, then you need to be worried. Because these problems can be a sign of problem. People don’t know that problems can also cause skin disorders; therefore, they don’t show any concern when they experience. When the kidneys are unable to maintain a healthy balance of minerals and nutrients in the body, there are problems like itchy and dry skin.

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