5 Steps To Follow Before Starting a Linux Reseller Web Hosting Business in India

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To capitalize on a market opportunity and build their brands, savvy business executives are using reseller hosting. If you want to start a business in the software industry, a hosting company is a fantastic option. Purchasing and reselling hosting from a trusted hosting company can generate you huge sum of money. If you want to start your web hosting business with the least amount of money, a Linux reseller web hosting company is the most suitable option in India.

Furthermore, as a reputable and dedicated provider in this market, Hostbillo offers you reasonable prices on its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India. Also, to know what you should know before starting a reseller hosting business, see the article below.

What Do You Mean By Reseller Hosting Businesses?

A reseller hosting plan gets provided by a hosting provider to a business or individual so that they can resell the facilities as their own. When using the Linux Operating System, it essentially turns into Linux reseller hosting and that’s how you can start selling services in India.

Additionally, a lot of distributors permit their resellers to white label their products and services, supporting you to legally market hosting services under their brand. You can decide how much to charge for hosting services to keep your business running smoothly.

Furthermore, the main advantage of choosing Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans in India is that you don’t have to manage hardware repairs yourself because your host will do it for you. So, with the low initial investment and high-end functions, you could start your hosting service. Now, let’s see what steps you should follow before starting a reseller hosting business in India.

Start a Linux Reseller Hosting Business in India: 5 Steps To Follow

Start a Linux Reseller Hosting Business in India: 5 Steps To Follow

1. Select a Reputable Web Hosting Provider

It’s important to pick a reputable web hosting company because you won’t own or maintain any hardware. Before selecting a hosting company, you should thoroughly investigate your options. Additionally, look for user uptime statistics. Uptime is directly related to server reliability.

When you purchase a Linux Reseller Hosting Web Hosting India plan, you are essentially renting server resources. So, don’t overspend in the beginning. Find out how many clients you expect to have before you start providing reseller hosting services in India using Linux OS. Choose a reseller hosting plan that allows for simple upgrades.

2. Choose a Market Segment

Your Linux reseller web hosting India business won’t be successful just by arranging a few plans and posting them online. There are countless web hosting businesses available. Choose a market segment and try to appeal to it. Whatever segment you choose, it is essential to personalize your hosting plans to accommodate customers in that demographic.

People come to reseller hosting providers because they do not want the basic plans provided by large industry players. Therefore, develop your unique Linux reseller hosting plans that meet the needs of your intended audience in India.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

The personalized support that customers receive is a major reason why they choose reseller hosting companies. You can provide email, phone, and chatbot support, among other options. The prompt resolution of issues with customer service is the next key factor. Set up a system that enables you to address customer problems quickly. So, before choosing the plans, you should know about your web host’s customer services that they deliver with the Linux Reseller Web Hosting in India. 

4. Use Original Branding for Your Company

To face off against larger, more established companies, you’ll need a successful brand.  Make sure that every aspect of your brand functions together to attract the type of customer you want to do business with. Nobody will stand in line to purchase your services if you don’t market them. Create and implement effective online marketing techniques. In this case, you can also get white-labeled Linux Reseller Web Hosting services in India. It enables you to sell the plans under your own brand name, so it will become easier for you to sell the packages under your own brand name.

5. Get WHMCS Solution for Easy Billing Process

WHMCS is a web host manager complete solution that provides an automation system to resellers and helps them in gathering the data of their client’s payments. It provides a client dashboard system where you can get all your client’s data in one place and manage them. WHMCS automates the processing of generating invoices and sending them to your customers before the due date. For, all of these reasons, you should also add a WHMCS license to your Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans in India.

Start a Reseller Hosting Business in India with Hostbillo and Get the Most Returns

Setting and upholding benchmarks is the responsibility of the hosting service provider with the best performance and the quickest rate of development. Hostbillo guarantees high-quality facilities and solutions.  As a reseller, you get round-the-clock tech support from highly qualified professionals and experts who can respond to your inquiries quickly. With Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans, you get suitable hosting options that are highly flexible, customized, and simple to use. For more information on the benefits of India reseller Linux web hosting plans, keep reading.

Benefits of Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans

Benefits of Hostbillo's Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans

SDD Storage and Highest Bandwidth

All of Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans come with SSD storage disc space to improve the website’s performance. Also, these plans have the ability to offer unrestricted bandwidth to your clients. So, as a hosting reseller in India, you can host as many as possible domains and subdomains in your web space. You get enough space and bandwidth with the plans.

WHM and Cpanel

Hostbillo provides WHM access with its Linux Reseller Web Hosting India plans. By having WHM access, you can create hosting packages for your clients and make their price hike as per your profit. Also, you get a main Cpanel account that lets you create more accounts for your clients. You can surveillance over their activities through this admin account that you get with Hostbillo’s best Linux reseller hosting plans in India.

24/7 Client Support 99.90% Uptime Guarantee

With the assistance of Hostbillo’s top technical support staff, it provides 24/7 customer service. So, if you have any query related to the Linux Reseller Hosting services in India, you can contact them. Also, A seven-day credit-back guarantee is offered when you buy the reseller plan so that if you change your mind regarding the hosting plan, you can replace it with another one.  Hostbillo enhances server performance and guarantees a 99.90% uptime.


Linux Reseller Web Hosting India is the best option if you’re looking to launch a web hosting company with the smallest possible investment. It’s fairly easy to start from the ground up. Before commercially selling personalized offers on your website, all you need to do is identify your objectives and plans, recognize your consumer base, and make a decision about who you want to lease server space from.

Furthermore, Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India services are a low-cost investment that aids in the growth of a hosting business. Right now would be a great time to launch your own company due to the general demand for web hosting.

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