A Brief Guide About Cleaning and Maintaining Curtains

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Curtains tend to attract ample of dirt and allergens which makes them appear dusty and discoloured.  Hence, regular curtain cleaning becomes eminent. This article is a concise guide about a variety of cleaning method and tips for cleaning and maintaining your curtains.  . 

Get started with a precise and in depth inspection!

Before you start cleaning your curtains, you will need to check the labels provided by the manufacturer on the label. You will get specific tips of cleaning and washing curtains which are made of velvet or silk as they need to be cleaned through blotting method with a mild soap, however, in case you have thick curtains, then you can wash them in a machine.  

Easy hand washing instructions for the curtains

Washing your curtains with your hand is the most effective technique for washing and cleaning your curtains. You can simply use a mild soap or detergent for best results.  After you choose a specific detergent, you can also read the directions and then utilise it accordingly. If you want to wash curtains made from lace, silk or velvet you will have to use only cool water. You should avoid using brusher or any other cleaning tool as that might lead to damage to fabric of your curtains. Also, you can get professional curtain cleaning services in Sunshine Coast and Hobart to for getting your curtains clean and tidy. 

Simple tricks for dry cleaning your curtains-

Dry cleaning is one of the best and effective method for cleansing curtains which are light coloured. Also, to make sure a certain detergent or soap is suitable for your curtain fabric, you can apply it on a small patch and see whether there is any type of reaction on the fabric. Also, in case you have dark coloured curtains, then you need to ensure that they do not get mixed with other curtains.  

Steam cleaning  tips for your curtains-

In case you choose steam cleaning for cleaning your curtains, then it is the best possible choice which you can opt for. Also, this cleaning method can eradicate dust particles and also get rid of all kinds of mites and damages. So, for cleaning your curtains in a proper manner, you might consider moving your machines. This will help you cleaning your curtains completely and in keeping them in a nice condition.  

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Want to machine clean your curtains? Here are some tips. 

Washing your curtain in a machine is convenient, simple and much easy. You will need to remember that some fabrics will shrink in case you use hot water. So, you will need to see the instructions given from your manufacturer and make sure that you are washing your curtains with mild detergents and bleach.  

Simple steps of drying the curtains-

If your curtains are not dried completely and properly, then they might start giving out foul odour and start looking fade and discoloured. To avoid this, you can hang them in ventilated room or in sunlight. If your curtains are dark toned, then avoid hanging them in dark sunlight as they might get discoloured and fade. Rather than that, you can hang them in a well aerated room.  

Maintenance tips for your curtains after cleaning-

You will have to dedicate lots of time and make lots of efforts in cleaning and maintaining the curtains. Also, you will need a day to clean and dry the curtain. So, if you do not know how to keep them in a good condition, then you can clean them frequently. You can also use a good dehumidifier which can help you to lock all the moisture and prevent infestation of moulds. Plus, you can also use methods like deodorizing, blotting, and steam cleansing to bid adieu to all the small stains and foul odours in your curtains.  Moreover, for maintaining your curtains properly, you can utilise vacuum cleaners for cleaning your curtains frequently and for loosening the dirt and dust from your curtains and then vacuum them carefully. 

Here are some of the eminent factors which you will need to remember when you cleaning your curtains-  

    • Use a special attachment for vacuum cleaning the curtains
    • Clean you curtains regularly after every two months.
    • Clean the curtains with steam or vacuum
    • Make sure that soap or detergent is not harmful
  • Do not dry the curtains on wooden bars. 

Cleaning and maintaining your curtains is extremely essential for keeping the look of your home intact and to maintain your family in a healthy condition. Also, no matter which fabric is used for creating your curtain, you need to ensure that they are in a well maintained state. Nevertheless this is a tedious job. If you wish to negate even the slightest risk of having unclean curtains, you can look for and think about hiring professional curtain cleanings for this task. These professionals can employ best techniques and clean your curtains perfectly.  We at Carpet Clean Doctor, offer curtain cleaning in Sunshine Coast and curtain cleaning in Hobart at most affordable rates. So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment for curtain cleaning in Sunshine Coast and Hobart.

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