Auto Shipping Services for Military Personnel

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Military Car Shipping is only available to active military personnel and operates in the same manner as normal car transport. If it is a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) order, the government could pay the price of one privately owned vehicle (POV) shipment. But you’ll have to foot the bill if you want to ship more than one vehicle.

Overview Of Military Car Shipping

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps personnel frequently get calls to move to other bases and duty locations as part of their military obligations. Being in a military family and having to move to a new home and figure out how to send a car to a new location may be quite a hardship.
The military will pay for and permit a military member’s foreign automobile transportation needs, but if you’re seeking certain services, like a fixed pickup date or drop-off location, a privately arranged relocation would be preferable for your needs.

How does military PCS (Permanent Change of Station) vehicle shipping work?

Some personnel who have been posted to a new duty station are entitled to military PCS car shipment. According to the Department of Defense, only one privately owned vehicle (POV) can be supplied at government cost. Therefore, the Military Traffic Management Command must approve alternate port requests (MTMC).

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What is the Cost of Military Car Shipping?

Depending on distance, shipping costs for military automobile shipments can range from $0.40 to $1 per mile. It’s important to remember that costs per mile fall as the distance travelled overall increases.

Vehicle shipping is a logistical nightmare in today’s market. Nevertheless, it is rather simple. Furthermore, you can arrange for a vehicle transfer if you can rent a moving van.

The first step is to know where you will start and finish, with the most accurate possible address for each. Postal ZIP codes are essential since they are typically used to calculate the distance for quotes and invoices. It is also advisable to provide additional information, such as the need for base access for base housing and similar matters. These extra security precautions and waiting times may incur additional costs. The timing of the relocation is also crucial, so it’s excellent if you coordinate the collection and delivery to fall on a day when you or someone else will be there.

What to Consider When Shipping a Car?

Exporting a car appears complicated, but it basically boils down to three things:

Arranging transportation with agreed-upon pickup and delivery times.
being present for the pickup and delivery of the car.
Ascertaining that your shipper has a good reputation and is adequately insured to transport your automobile.

The most significant considerations are insurance and the dependability of the shipper you’ll be utilising. Finally, be sure that the car shipping company has a solid reputation. The easiest ways to check this are to look at consumer evaluations for the firm and to question individuals you may know who have relocated a car.

Is Shipping a Vehicle Cheaper for Military Personnel?

There is a military discount for shipping an automobile, but it is only available to active and former military personnel. Inquire about a military discount when you call a car transportation firm. Based on current market changes and the overall miles of the cargo, you may be eligible for a 10% discount.

Military Automobile Shipping Procedures

Brokers link clients with their networks of vehicle transporters, who handle the actual shipment. Most consumers seeking vehicle shipping will want to engage with reputable car transport companies who can organise their shipments and bargain pricing with automobile carriers on their behalf.

Factors That Affect Military Car Shipping Costs

The following elements have the most impact on car transportation prices and can change day to day:

Distance: Although cross-country shipments are more expensive overall, they have lower per-mile charges than shorter-distance ones.

Seasonality: Due to increasing summer and January demand, shipping cars is more expensive.

Vehicle size: Shipping larger automobiles, including trucks and SUVs, is more expensive than shipping standard sedans. RVs and ATVs are speciality vehicles to which this also applies.

Transport mode: Cost-wise, enclosed carriers are more expensive than open carriers.

Delivery method: As door-to-door shipping is more individualised than terminal-to-terminal shipment, it is more expensive.


Although picking the best auto transport provider for your relocation might be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. We advise you to identify your criteria first, then conduct research following that list. In addition to military discounts, consider how long a specific automobile shipping business has served armed forces members; only those with experience will understand the specifics of the position. You may also review the list we’ve supplied and decide after researching.


Look for insured providers or choose verified and insured car carriers when looking for military auto shipping firms. Positive customer service reviews, rapid quotations, and supplementary insurance coverage for losses or damage are frequent characteristics of reputable shipping firms.

The number of cars exported annually, the company’s industry rankings, and the company’s years in operation may also be helpful. But, again, this guarantees the business’s credibility and dependability.

Shippers with a history of good business practices and expert recommendations obtain the best marks in this area.

Cost: Our research team looks at example shipping routes, distances, and vehicle rates. Businesses with the lowest prices and discount chances obtain the highest ratings.

Services: This ranking is determined by the sorts of vehicle transport services offered, insurance coverage, and the ability to guarantee pick-up and drop-off dates.

Customer Experience: We search through customer reviews and conduct our shopper analysis to understand each auto transporter’s responsiveness and helpfulness.

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