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At the time of her passing, Bea Arthur, an American actress, comedian, and singer, had a net worth of $25 million. Arthur’s lucrative career in cinema and television has contributed to her wealth.

Arthur started making television appearances in the 1950s, including in the well-known sitcom “The Honeymooners.” She has appeared in several other TV episodes as a guest star, including “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island.”

Arthur was cast as Maude Findlay in the sitcom “All in the Family” in 1971. The “All in the Family” spin-off series lasted six seasons. Arthur appeared in her four-season spin-off series “Maude” after “All in the Family” was canceled.

Arthur had many cinematic appearances in the 1980s, including “Laverne & Shirley” and “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.” She further appeared in television series including “The Golden Girls” and “Empty Nest” as a guest star.

By the beginning of the 1990s, Arthur gave up acting. At age 86, she passed away from cancer on April 25, 2009.

Bea Arthur’s Net Worth

Bea Arthur was best remembered for her appearances as Dorothy Zbornak on the NBC sitcom The Golden Girls and Maude Findlay on the CBS sitcom Maude.

On May 13, 1922, Bernice Frankel gave birth to Arthur in Manhattan, New York City. Her parents were housewife Rebecca Buchsbaum and businessman Philip Frankel. Marian and Beverly were her sisters. Arthur attended the City College of New York and majored in acting. She was reared in a Jewish family.

With the play The Threepenny Opera, Arthur made her Broadway debut in 1955. Two years later, she made her television debut on the Kraft Television Theatre anthology series. Arthur played Maude Findlay, Edith Bunker’s cousin, in the comedy All in the Family in 1971. She started making appearances in Maude’s sitcom the next year, which ran for six seasons.

Arthur played Dorothy Zbornak in the comedy The Golden Girls in 1985. The program was a great hit and ran for seven seasons. Arthur continued to appear in movies and television after the program ended. With the program Touched by an Angel in 2001, she made her last televised appearance.

Bea Arthur has a $25 million net worth.

Early Life and Education

Bernice Frankel was given the name Bea Arthur on May 13, 1922, in New York City. Philip and Rebecca Frankel, her parents, were Eastern European immigrants.

Bright kid Arthur skipped two classes and ultimately graduated from high school at the age of 16. Before transferring to New York University, where she studied acting, she briefly attended Queens College.

After graduating from college, Arthur worked as a waiter and secretary before getting her big break on Broadway in the early 1940s. She later made appearances in several popular Broadway productions, such as “The Threepenny Opera” (1956) and “Mame” (1966).

The comedy “All in the Family,” where Arthur made her television debut, aired in 1971. She portrayed Archie Bunker’s liberal daughter-in-law, a conservative working-class character. The program was a big success, and Arthur’s performance was recognized with an Emmy.

In “The Golden Girls,” her comedy from 1975, Arthur appeared. The series, which followed four elderly ladies living together in a Miami home, was a great hit, and Arthur received another Emmy for her depiction of the witty Dorothy Zbornak. Seven seasons of “The Golden Girls” were produced, and it’s still a hit today.

Following the finale of “The Golden Girls,” Arthur intermittently appeared in films and television shows. At the age of 86, she died in 2009.

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Bea Arthur had a career that lasted more than six decades and she performed on stage, screen, and television. She is well recognized for her parts in the comedies Maude and All in the Family. Moreover, she received an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Dorothy Zbornak in the television program The Golden Girls.

With the musical revue Inside U.S.A., Arthur made her Broadway debut in 1952. She had an appearance in “Sacco-Vanzetti,” the debut episode of The United States Steel Hour the next year, which broadcast on CBS. Over the following several years, she made numerous further episodes of the series. Arthur made her acting debut in the comedy The Gang’s All Here in 1957.

As Archie Bunker’s patient wife Edith Bunker, Arthur debuted in the comedy All in the Family in 1971. The program had high ratings, and Arthur’s performance was recognized with a Golden Globe. She debuted in the sitcom Maude in 1972 as the title role, a liberal feminist who regularly disagreed with her more traditional husband. The program had high ratings, and Arthur’s performance was recognized with an Emmy.

On the television show The Golden Girls, Arthur debuted in 1985 as Dorothy Zbornak, a widowed retiree who moves in with her three friends. The program had high ratings, and Arthur’s performance was recognized with an Emmy. With the 1992 finale of The Golden Girls, Arthur stopped acting.

During the Emmy Awards in 2001, Arthur received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Bea Arthur, who starred in The Golden Girls, had a long and prosperous career on television, but her personal life wasn’t always cheerful. Three of Arthur’s marriages resulted in four kids. She also had a reputation for being tough to deal with and was a heavy drinker. But, Arthur was also a devoted supporter of Homosexual rights and a generous philanthropist.

The oldest of three kids, Arthur was raised in a Jewish home in New York City. Both of Arthur’s parents were Eastern European immigrants. Her mother Rebecca was a stay-at-home mom, while her father Philip was a prosperous businessman. Despite having a good upbringing, she was a troubled kid throughout her whole life. She was expelled from several schools and frequently fled her house.

Robert Arthur, a fellow actor, and Arthur were married for the first time in 1947. The couple separated in 1950 despite having two kids together. In 1950, Arthur wed the director Gene Saks for a second time. The pair were married until 1978 and had two kids. Barrymore Lawford, an actress, became Arthur’s third spouse in 1988. The couple split in 1990 without having any children.

Arthur battled alcoholism for a large portion of her life. She was frequently found intoxicated on set, and in 1977, police detained her for drunken driving. Yet, Arthur finally found sobriety and rose to prominence as an AA spokesperson.

Arthur had a strong commitment to Gay rights. She was good friends with Harvey Milk, the country’s first openly homosexual political politician. Arthur also opposed the military’s prohibition on openly serving homosexuals and lesbians.

At the age of 86, Arthur passed away in 2009. She was survived by her four children and six grandkids.

What caused Bea Arthur’s death?

Bea Arthur, an actress best remembered for her work on “All in the Family” and “The Golden Girls,” passed away on April 25, 2009, at the age of 86. Her spokesperson stated that she had been battling cancer, however, the exact cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

She portrayed the liberal feminist wife of prejudiced Archie Bunker in the comedy “All in the Family,” where Arthur initially rose to stardom. For her work on the program, which aired from 1971 through 1979, she was awarded a Golden Globe.

The Golden Girls is a 1985 film featuring Arthur that depicts the life of four elderly women living together in a Miami residence. The program was a great hit, and Arthur received an Emmy for her portrayal of the witty Dorothy Zbornak.

Further television appearances by Arthur include cameos on programs like “The Love Boat” and “Murder, She Wrote.” She also enjoyed success on the stage, performing in Broadway productions of “Mame” and “The Odd Couple.”

The passing of Arthur was mourned by his followers and other celebrities. Arthur was “a cherished member of a generation of performers and actresses who helped define their trade,” according to a statement from President Barack Obama.

Bea Arthur biography

Philip and Rebecca Frankel, who were Jewish, gave birth to Bea Arthur on May 13, 1922, in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. When her parents opened a clothing business in the 1930s, the family—which included Arthur’s two sisters—moved to Cambridge, Maryland, amid the Great Depression.

Bea Arthur husband

Bea Arthur’s spouse After becoming acquaintances when she was in the service, Bea Arthur married Robert Alan Arthur in 1947. Despite the short-lived nature of their 1950 divorce, she kept his last name.

In 1949, she started dating Gene Saks, a fellow student at the “Dramatic Workshop,” and on May 28, 1950, they got married. They adopted and raised two kids named Matthew and Daniel. Matthew chose to become an actor while Daniel went on to become a set designer. Saks and Bea Arthur divorced in 1978.

FAQs on Bea Arthur’s Net Worth

How did Bea Arthur make her money?

An American actress, comedian, and singer by the name of Bea Arthur. She earned money by making appearances in several films and television programs. The television series “All in the Family,” “Maude,” and “The Golden Girls” featured some of her most well-known performances. Arthur also enjoyed success as a theatrical performer, performing in several Broadway productions.

Has Bea Arthur died?

Indeed, Bea Arthur passed away. The renowned actress died on April 25, 2009, at the age of 86. Arthur gained notoriety for her appearances on “All in the Family” and “The Golden Girls” on television. She received several Emmy nominations for her efforts on both fronts. Daniel Saks, the son of Arthur, verified her demise.

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