14 Best Google Chrome Themes for you

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The most widely used web browser in the world, Google Chrome, doesn’t feature the most creative customizing Google Chrome Theme choices.

Fortunately, Google has made it simple for people who have an abundance of creativity to create Google Chrome themes that can liven up the dull new tab with something more individualized to your taste. Despite the fact that everyone has their own definition of beauty, these aesthetic Chrome extension changes are either very well-liked, aesthetically pleasing, or ideally both.

These themes alter the color scheme of your browser, the address bar, menus, bookmark bar, and other Chrome visual components, including the background of your homepage. For your convenience, we’ve included a link to each theme’s page in the Chrome Web Store, so you can check them out right now and choose the one that works best for you.

1. Midnight Train Dark Blue

Based on a picture of a pair of diverging railway lines with a distant cityscape, Oleg Filonenko’s Midnight Train Dark Blue delivers an incredibly dramatic metropolitan theme.

If you enjoy trains or dark, gloomy cityscape pictures, this high-resolution theme is ideal for TVs with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1440.

2. Material Incognito Dark Theme

Over 500,000 users have chosen to change the appearance of their default Chrome window to that of incognito mode using this theme by Fiddle N, which is surprisingly popular. The only thing this theme alters is the window’s color to more closely resemble those in Incognito Mode.

We have no idea why so many people adore this theme, why they prefer an incognito Chrome experience, or why they don’t just use dark mode, but 500,000 people must be aware of something. Just be careful not to accidently forget to turn on Incognito Mode when you should!

3. Nordic Forest

Wonderful natural landscape abounds in the big, wide world, but tragically, most of us never get to experience it in our lifetimes. Thank goodness, Dmitry Mev came up with this original theme that shows a nordic forest that is partially illuminated from above.

This photograph has unmatched green hues, and the play of light adds depth to it, making it feel amazing. The tabs have a sensible solid color that Dmitry has also picked.

4. Lone Tree

The Lone Tree, a wonderful fusion of photography and digital art, is set against a stunning starry sky, producing a mystical scene that will remain in your mind even when you aren’t in front of your computer.

This theme does have a tiny drawback, though. It does somewhat obscure the forward and back arrows, but because you already know where they are, it is not a major concern as they would obstruct the view anyhow.

5. Iron Man Material design

There is no disputing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a global phenomenon, and it all began with a small movie called Iron Man. Tony Stark, a wealthy businessman who is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., comes dangerously close to dying thanks to the weaponry made by his own firm. Instead of destroying people, he creates himself a suit of powerful armor.

There are many Chrome themes with images from the many Iron Man movies, but this one stands out for having a little more elegance and effort. It is a subtle homage to both the movies and the comic books, showing a magnificent silhouette of Iron Man flying above the city. Its appeals have been recognized by more than 100,000 Iron Man fans.

6. Sahara

This is a subject by Peter Noordijk that depicts the Saharan night sky. The Milky Way is beautifully captured in this composite image that was created from multiple images. This stunning piece of astrophotography provides you a picture of the sky that is exceedingly uncommon anyplace on the earth right there in your browser because there is almost no light pollution above the Sahara. It’s the ideal subject matter for those of us who are unable to join a desert caravan.

7. Beauty Landscape

The view outside the window (and what you see on the news) isn’t always as nice as it could be. The melancholy and ominous elements are plentiful, but Beauty chooses the other path.

This theme presents us with a scene that is probably very uncommon in reality. Beauty adds something pure and vibrant to a world that is mostly gray with its lovely combination of green, blue, and red colors.

8. Raindrops (Non-Aero)

It is clear that this theme is quite old from the name, which makes reference to the previous Windows Aero theme. But matter how old it is, it has long been a favorite among Chrome users worldwide. The rain-soaked glass somehow manages to aesthetically appeal in a manner that many other similar themes haven’t been able to. This theme is lovely if you’re OK with a 1080p screen but may not be the greatest option if you have a contemporary 1440p or 4K display.

9. Green and Blue Cubes

Though photographs are probably the most common theme, not everyone wants to be distracted by attractive images while attempting to concentrate. However, you don’t have to choose from the gray emptiness of a blank browser window.

The Blue/Green Cubes theme offers a beautiful pattern of shaded cubes with a light level of sophistication in the way the facets are tinted and colored using gradients. While it may appear straightforward, if you look closely, you’ll realize that this theme has been meticulously handcrafted, and as long as the color options suit your tastes, it’s a lovely choice for a minimalist theme.

10. Night Time in New York City

One of the most famous cities in the world, New York has appeared in numerous movies, books, video games, and musical compositions. It might not always be the most pleasant location to live (or so we hear), but there’s no denying that it boasts breathtaking views drenched in history.

One of the best depictions of a city at night may be seen in Night Time in New York City. It’s a polished representation of a location that is actually quite grungy, but the goal of a theme like this is to show us the romantic aspect of a real place. The buildings are bathed in stark white and tungsten lights. It is effective in that way.

11. Flying Paint Wallpapers HD New Tab Theme

Most people don’t mind sticking with a single topic for several weeks, months, or even years. The Flying Paint theme, however, can be the ideal theme for you if you enjoy seeing new things constantly.

Every time a new tab is opened, the theme includes a number of vibrant hand-picked backgrounds. You’re greeted by a brand-new image. Even though each wallpaper has a different color scheme, they are all incredibly colorful.

12. Earth in Space

The number of space themes available in the Chrome Web Store occasionally resembles the number of stars in the sky, but overall they all appear to be rather similar.

By turning its head back toward the faint blue dot itself, Earth in Space stands out from its less-than-stellar partners. You feel a part of something minimal and important when you put up Earth against the wide, starry background of space.

 13. Dark Theme V3

For some people, even a dark theme isn’t dark enough. In that case, this black theme has almost entirely mastered the art of flawless blackness. This is the third time that a pure black Chrome theme has been attempted. Try the Dark Theme V3 if you want to browse at night or if you simply want your screen to feel like it is made of matte black material.

14. Rose

Those of you who choose a Rose Gold MacBook, or at least wish you had, might find the last theme we’re showing here interesting. For those of us who prefer something different, this theme alters Chrome’s color palette to something that is extremely near to the color of Apple computers, which is considered to be an acquired taste.

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