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We all stream everything online regarding movies, music and Tv series. How do we access all this stuff? The answer is simple the OTT platform, the streaming market, has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. Other than that, images, articles, and other data that has garnered a lot of traffic and value. This post will discuss some of the popular content you can host using Web360 hosting services. 

  • Video- The most fantastic thing people watch and consume nowadays is video content. The market for digital content has skyrocketed and has reached a new height. Now, if you want to build an OTT platform and host the video, then you will need Web360 hosting to safely host the content without worrying about the DMCA claim.
  • Audio- Gone are the days people used to download and listen to music, nowadays people stream all audio content. With Web360 hosting, you can start your own music streaming service by which you can earn revenue. You can host media content in any language you want to offer to your client, irrespective of the risk of being taken down.
  • Freedom of Speech- Many countries censor dissent, and if you want to host a website that doesn’t come under the radar of the government and the local authorities, then you can consider DMCA-ignored hosting for that. You can publish the content of your choice and never come under the radar of the government and other bodies. DMCA-ignored hosting allows individuals to freely express themselves and share their opinions without fear of censorship or having their content taken down.
  • No copyright infringement – DMCA Free Dedicated Server hosting allows individuals to host copyrighted material without fear of legal repercussions if they have obtained the necessary permissions or licenses. If you have a full-fledged website and don’t want the website to go down for fraudulent copyright claims, you can seriously consider DMCA-ignored web hosting. 
  • Increased privacy- With DMCA-ignored hosting, individuals can host content anonymously without providing personal information or worrying about their identity being revealed. It is excellent for the website owner if they are offering that goes against the law in any country. Web360 offers advanced privacy and never shares client data with anyone. 
  • Greater control over content– With DMCA-ignored hosting, individuals have greater control over their content and can make changes or updates without worrying about it being taken down. With Offshore Web Hosting, you get greater control over the content of your website without worrying about local laws and your identity being disclosed.

Wrapping Up

DMCA-ignored hosting offers a range of benefits that you must go for when launching a new website or service. It provides the much-needed flexibility and reliability needed to grow your business.


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