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Any firm with a physical presence has to put business security first. Unfortunately, in today’s society, a simple shut door won’t always be sufficient to deter burglars and crooks.

There are many different business security systems available, for anything from multisite commercial enterprises to tiny retail stores to home offices. I’ve examined several options and have come up with my top seven picks.

Vivint — Best Security System for Small Business

For small companies, Vivint is the best option. Although it undoubtedly improves upon SimpliSafe’s low cost, the price is still reasonable for smaller businesses.

You will have access to 24/7 expert monitoring from the Vivint staff when you install a security system from them. Other security systems often contract out this function to a separate business. However, Vivint does not outsource this, allowing for 7.5 times quicker reaction times in an emergency.

Following are a few of the top benefits of adopting Vivint as your company security system:

  • Remote access from any location, with the ability to arm and disable
  • tools for energy management
  • video monitoring
  • View live feeds on any web-enabled device.
  • Put cameras on motion detection recording mode.
  • SMS notifications
  • Watch for non-emergency situations

Vivint has a $99 one-time installation cost and monthly prices that start at $29.99. Sadly, the entry-level plans do not include video surveillance, which is what the majority of companies seek.

The monthly starting price for video surveillance is $49.99.

Vivint cannot be installed by you on your own. You must pay the $99 installation cost despite the fact that it is simple to use. Visit Vivint to learn more and get a free estimate.

SimpliSafe — Best Low-Cost Business Security System

For company owners looking to install a security system without going over budget, SimpliSafe is a great option. SimpliSafe can meet the demands of those on tighter budgets with professional business monitoring services that begin at only $14.99 per month.

SimpliSafe won’t bind you to a long-term or yearly contract, in contrast to other commercial security systems now available on the market. With no cancellation penalties or additional expenditures, you may cancel anytime you wish.

SimpliSafe is also simple to install. In fact, you can do it by yourself in under an hour. There is no necessity to make appointments and pay a technician hundreds of dollars more to come out.

SimpliSafe provides some of the most cost-effective monitoring services available.

This security system operates without a landline thanks to an integrated cellular connection. Secure built-in connection is a complimentary perk of your package.

Top SimpliSafe attributes and advantages include:

  • 400-foot range wireless sensors
  • Portability
  • protection against power outages
  • Email and SMS notifications

The SimpliSafe security system notifies you of break-ins, fires, floods, changes in temperature, and other events. The SimpliSafe staff will instantly contact the police on your behalf if the alarm sounds.

SimpliSafe is an excellent inexpensive company security system, however the low cost has a few downsides. Cameras are not included in the basic plan. As a result, equipment will cost more.

Additionally, the technology is not intended for bigger properties. More than 50 windows or 20,000 square feet would need a different location for the business. To find out more and to get started, go visit SimpliSafe.

ADT — Best Overall Business Security System

ADT — Best Overall Business Security System
ADT — Best Overall Business Security System

Security is always associated with ADT. The organization has a lengthy history of offering security and monitoring services for residences and commercial buildings. ADT is the undisputed winner in this area because to its impressive track record, 140+ years of service, wide range of products, and general usability.

ADT provides services to a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, food and beverage, professional services, retail, and restaurants.

ADT provides commercial security options for:

  • detection of intrusions
  • engaging security
  • Access management
  • video monitoring
  • Verification by video
  • Fire monitoring and protection
  • Cybersecurity

ADT assists you in reducing insurance liability, monitoring staff productivity, and enhancing workplace safety in general.

With ADT’s video surveillance system, you can remotely watch your locations in real-time. Videos may be automatically kept and uploaded to a cloud storage system where they can be retrieved later on without risk. ADT is also available for onsite DVR storage.

ADT offers top-notch tools and cameras for crystal-clear recording day or night, inside or out.

A 36-month monitoring subscription entitles you to three free inside camera installations for a limited period.

Online price quotes for ADT commercial security are not accessible. To schedule a free, no-obligation risk assessment consultation, contact ADT. The majority of the time, ADT’s team of knowledgeable technicians and customer support experts will provide you with same-day or next-day assistance.

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Scout Alarm — Best For Small Offices

Actually, Scout Alarm is advertised as a home security system. However, it’s fantastic for home offices and smaller rooms.

Scout Alarm is easy to use after you have it installed. Hardwiring and long-term contracts are not necessary for setup. Simply design your system, choose your degree of assistance, and personalize the responses you want Scout Alarm to provide in certain circumstances.

On its website, Scout Alarm offers packages known as “Scout Packs” if you’re unsure of the equipment you need. Compared to creating your own system from start, this is simpler.

Depending on the size of the place you’re looking to protect, the equipment bundles run from $229 to $549. The upper end of this spectrum will include larger offices and locations with many access points.

Fortunately, shipping is free on all purchases over $200. A three-year warranty and 60 days of free returns are further benefits.

You may get 10% off your first purchase when you register for the Scout Help email list as a new client.

After selecting your equipment, you must establish a monitoring strategy. Monthly fees for self-monitoring are $9.99, while monthly fees for 24/7 professional monitoring are $19.99. I’d definitely advise using the expert monitoring service.

Scout Alarm must be installed by you on your own. Depending on the tools you choose, it’s not that challenging but it will take some time.

Shield Security — Best For Custom Security Setups

Since more than 40 years ago, Shield Security has offered commercial security solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology, the firm creates specialized solutions for businesses around the country.

You won’t be bound by a lengthy contract while working with Shield Security. You may get a free security assessment and in-depth examination of your company from their team of security specialists.

Shield Security will physically inspect the layout of your home to look for weak spots. Additionally, they’ll provide you a checklist of security considerations, recommend an evacuation strategy, and give you a price right away.

Shield Security’s top benefits for companies include:

  • 24/7 expert surveillance and police dispatch
  • Plan employee auto disarmament.
  • protection against power outages
  • detection of smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide
  • installation and upkeep
  • Remote entry
  • video monitoring

Shield Security will be a top option for company owners to consider if they dislike the DIY method or prefabricated solutions. Get a free estimate from them right now.

How much does a business security system cost?

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Depending on the size of your location and the protection options you choose, a business security system may cost anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars. When acquiring a full-featured security system, you will typically pay three expenditures: hardware prices, installation charges, and alarm monitoring costs.

A few thousand dollars will be needed to buy security devices. Hardware prices may range from $1,000 to $3,000 on average, but they can even reach $10,000. On the other hand, installation fees are much less expensive, often falling between $40 to $500. However, some companies provide installation for free as a part of their package.

Depending on the service and plan you choose, you may spend as little as $10 or as much as $200 per month for alarm monitoring.

You’ll note that many companies offering corporate security don’t provide their plans and prices in a straightforward manner on their websites. This is standard practice in the sector since price for commercial security varies greatly from customer to client. For a quotation, most merchants want you to fill out a form.

To assist you spread out the cost of your security system over many months, several businesses offer financing alternatives. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that choosing this choice might tie you to a lengthy contract.

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Beyond fire alarms and motion sensors, business security has advanced. Systems now come with biometric locks, two-way communication for cameras, flood sensors, and smart home technologies. Determine your needs before thinking about the best. Consider carefully if you want to be bound by a contract as well as they are typically difficult to exit.

Because of its low cost and simplicity of use, SimpliSafe is the ideal security system for small companies in our opinion. Although it is intended for households, it provides wonderful tools for small enterprises and just requires monthly payments as opposed to a lengthy commitment. Start safeguarding your company now by going to SimpliSafe.

Business Security System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between a home security system and a business security system?

There is a distinction even though many small companies may employ home security systems for their operations. Businesses, for instance, are subject to tougher usage and location regulations. Additionally, a home security system can lack some of the equipment you want, including security tags for shop products.

What are the pros and cons of having a contract vs a monthly subscription?

First, some systems need a contract, so if you want that business, you must commit to working with them for a year or more. However, a lot of businesses provide incentives like cost-free installation, maintenance, or equipment.
A contract may be costly and difficult to dissolve, as was already mentioned. Some systems demand as much as 80% of the fees associated with your remaining contract. Some systems are portable, allowing you to move the hardware and alter the address being watched, which may have an impact on cancellation. Before you sign, carefully read the contract’s cancellation provision.

Can having a security system get me a discount on my insurance?

When home alarm systems are professionally monitored, homeowners often get insurance reductions. For self-monitored solutions, the majority don’t. To find out whether this applies to your company, ask your agent. You can be required to provide evidence, such a contract.

How do 3G/4G/5G networks work with a security system?

Cellular is often used in security systems for backup, communication, or alerting. Cellular service providers are moving away from 3G and no longer support it as technology shifts to 5G. For instance, Verizon has been gradually phasing out 3G, which is having an impact on a number of the firms on our list. Inquire about the equipment’s utilization of the 3G network and what this implications for future equipment replacements.

How do I prevent false alarms?

As most false alarms are triggered by people entering the building when the system is armed and failing to input their code, being aware of when your system is active is the best approach to avoid them. Make sure your staff is trained since false alarms often result in penalties to cover the time wasted by authorities. Additionally useful is a remote app for your phone that allows code entry. This function is often included in enterprise security services, but double-check.

I need equipment to deter shoplifting. What system works for me?

ADT and Brinks are on our list since they provide monitoring in addition to selling anti-theft systems. Invoke has the greatest selection of anti-theft gadgets among companies that did not make our list, including cable tags, phone stands, and protection for hanging goods. Even the caps stop individuals from sipping wine or perfume.

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