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Nowadays, the sports industry is growing exponentially.  There are various types of games played by different groups of people.   People are crazy about their favorite games.  That’s why they look for a trustable company for buying high-quality sports equipment.  You can allure sports lovers to your sporting goods store with the help of an attractively and appropriately designed sports box wholesale. We at iCustomBoxes manufacture custom sport boxes following the specification of the clients. Whether you need it for your personal use or retail purpose. Our company offers its services to all clients.

Accurate Sized Sports Boxes Wholesale at iCustomBoxes:

Sports equipment requires extra attention for handling.  Are you a die-hard sports fan and need good packaging to safely store various sports items? Sports gear includes a lot of products varying different sizes and shapes. You can go for customization and customize sports packaging according to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the size and length of the box. We manufacture Custom sports boxes in exact sizes and shapes for the sports items. You can share the dimensions of the sports products, like their length, thickness, width, etc. In this way, designers can design a box as requested. The accurately sized packaging will keep products fitted in the box in one hand. On the other hand, the box will look very appealing.

The Most Popular Types of Sports Boxes Wholesale:

Undoubtedly, sports equipment is found in a wide variety. Therefore, printed sports boxes are designed in many designs and styles. Our company manufactures sports box packaging in the following styles:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Tuck the front box
  4. Sport box with hang tabs
  5. Gable box
  6. Sport box with die-cut windows
  7. Subscription box
  8. Mailer box

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What is the Suitable Material for Sports Box Packaging?

In comparison to other products, sports equipment is relatively heavy. So, you have to choose sustainable materials. Besides the material’s durability, you must also ensure its sustainability. We make sure to provide our customers with the best options. In stock options, we make use of cardboard and corrugated material. However, rigid material is also used when clients ask for luxurious packaging. Mostly, you will get mailer boxes in corrugated material. Corrugated boxes are prepared with flutes that give strength to the box and assist in secure shipping. Your heavy-weight sports items will stay compacted and unharmed from traveling jerks.

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Printed Sports Boxes with Theme Designs: Best to Seek Customer’s Attraction

You must know how much people are crazy about their favorite sport. They become more excited when they see sports equipment packed in an elegantly printed box. You can use this strategy to couture the attention of the onlookers. You can print boxes with theme graphics related to sports or add tag lines about sportsmanship. The printed sports boxes with appealing texts and illustrations can incite sports lovers when they see the box packaging.  You can make sports box packaging more engaging by adding equipment details, prices, etc.

Add an Extra Touch of Elegance in Sports Packaging with Add-Ons:

Do you want to make your sporting goods store identical? You can outstand your sports apparatus with its packaging in innovatively designed package.  You can add a personal touch to sports box packaging with the inclusion of the following additional features:

  • Die-cuts
  • Inserts
  • Hang tabs
  • Foil stamping

Sport box with die-cuts looks appealing. Customers can see through the packed items with the help of a PVC sheet attached to the windows. Besides, you have options for inserts if you decide to put various sports items in a single box. the dividers in the box will keep different objects compacted in their place. Hang tabs are prioritized for display boxes. They assist in the hanging of the box on the store walls or shelves and showcase the items in a very professional manner. Foil stamping of the logo highlights the patterns and makes the color more evident and vibrant.

The Key Elements of Custom Sports Boxes:

  • Custom sports boxes designed in perfect sizes, shapes, and styles
  • Cost-effective and ready with the quickest turnaround
  • Manufacturing of boxes with recyclable and long-lasting material
  • Boxes printed with advanced and top-quality prints
  • Box with the logo design best for promotional purposes
  • Buy boxes in bulk and avail discounts

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

  • We offer free shipment worldwide.
  • You can take advantage of the free quote service.
  • We do not charge for design support and digital mock-ups.
  • Our plates and die-cuts services are free of cost.
  • Our customer support team is available 24 hours.
  • You can get first-quality services at reasonable prices.

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