Day School Vs Boarding school

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It’s not an easy task to decide the right educational institution for your ward and many parents struggle to choose a day school or a boarding school.

You can make a better choice by comparing the pros and cons of both types and seeing which one to choose.

So, we have listed some pros and cons of both boarding schools and day schools and it majorly depends upon your family circumstances.


Boarding school pros-

Let’s start by looking at the pros of sending your ward to a boarding school.

Endless learning environment 

The biggest advantage of boarding school is the endless learning. Your ward is engrossed in an educational environment, 24*7 a day, seven days a week even when they are not studying in the classroom, still they imbibe significant life skills that they won’t be able to learn at home.

Most boarding schools are very strict and disciplined.

And boarding school also provides a distraction-free environment for your child.

It offers amazing extracurricular activities 

Undoubtedly, the extracurricular activities offered by boarding schools are unsurpassable.

To keep the children busy in their downtime.

This proves that children have various opportunities to explore, learn new hobbies and follow their passion.

It offers a great social life 

Boarding schools help children to socialise with their friends as they will be living with their friends.

A lot of children prefer boarding school for this reason only. It’s a good option for a single child who doesn’t have siblings.

Apart from the enjoyment, this life develops confidence in children and they will be interacting with a lot of new people and lots of personalities.

It improves family relationships 

Many families believe that their family relationship will improve if they send their child to a boarding school and it’s a fact.

Distance makes love grow stronger.

When your child is away from family problems, and stress he/ she will be able to grow.

You stop yelling at your child to do homework and what they shouldn’t they learn the importance of parents and get more positive.

It makes a child self-reliant 

Living in boarding school teaches self-reliance, getting your ward usual with the idea of staying away from home. For example, let’s say you are a resident of Delhi and your child is studying in one of the boarding schools in Dehradun, the child then has to learn to take care of himself or herself as he is staying away from his family and cannot depend on anyone else to take care of him.

This makes their transition from school to life at university a little easy. As well as providing them with the independence that they need to succeed in life when they leave the education system and go to work.

No school run 

It saves the time spent travelling between home and school.

Without this, children get free time to do much more with their day.

They can be productive and utilise their time in sports or music practice.


Boarding school cons 

Parents do not feel the importance of involving their child’s upbringing 

Certainly, when you send your child to boarding school you’re giving the right of their upbringing to someone else and this relinquishes several decisions you’d make for your child and their responsibility temporarily falls on someone else.

Many parents find this idea hard, and the thought of sending their child to boarding school terrifies them.

They won’t be able to talk to their children, say goodnight and will miss out on their memories of childhood.


Homesickness will strike at a certain point or in the beginning.

When your child will be away from home for the first time, in a strange environment away from their family, they will not get easily used to their new way of life.

Boarding schools are expensive 

The major disadvantage of boarding schools is that they cost more than day schools. Specifically, the top boarding schools are very expensive. For those who can’t afford it, state boarding schools are also feasible.


Day school pros

Now let’s pay attention to day schools.

You get to see your children every day and night

The major reason why most parents choose day schools is that they can see their children every morning when they wake up.

and pay attention to their activities, they can make meals for them and take responsibility.

It is cheaper than boarding school

It is a fact that day schools cost significantly less than boarding schools.

The fess day schools are feasible but you will have to spend more on their food and transport to school and other extracurricular activities.

But a massive amount of money can be saved by having them at home.


Day school cons 

It demands time 

Day school may not be a good option for you if you have a busy career and cannot devote time to your child such as cooking meals or supervising homework.

If the school is far, you will have to drive to fetch your child every day.

Day schools demand more parental involvement like mentor-mentee meetings and you may not have time to attend it.


So which option is ideal for you?

If money isn’t an issue for you and you have a busy career, boarding school would be an ideal option to consider. As we have seen boarding offers a plethora of opportunities.

However, if the thought of sending your child away from you terrifies you and you can’t bear someone else taking responsibility or not being able to see your child every day then boarding school is not for you.

Ultimately, the decision is all yours. It’s a personal decision that is influenced by factors like family circumstances. Your child’s opinion is important too.

So you should make this decision after discussing it with them.

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