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After looking through the fares and finding the best deals to fly in this January, I settled on booking myself a return flight from Manchester to Minneapolis with FlyAir UK on December 18th. On my comparison sites they had the same prices and even better availability than I could find on their US site (I noticed that they changed their pricing model recently). Flights booked through Expedia I found to be cheaper than Google Flights but not as good as the best price found for this particular date by CheapFly.

However, flying with FlyAir is a lot cheaper compared to its competitors such as Ryanair and Jet2 so it was clearly worth trying them out.

The flight: Manchester – Minneapolis – Manchester

There were no direct flights available from Manchester Airport to Minneapolis via Chicago or Denver so we needed to connect at either Chicago or Denver using a connecting flight from one of those two airports . The cheapest option was connecting at Denver which would cost around £150 for me as a single paying passenger. However, flying with FlyAir only costs around £80 for me if I book their lowest fares so it would be worth it. Also, tickets can be booked through Expedia so there was no need to queue up at the airport check-in desk.

On our website, CheapFly have set up special offers where you get cashback upon booking an international short-haul flight with them but unfortunately there was nothing similar when booking flights over here in Europe although that might change in due course. Also, all of my searches on their UK site showed airfare being cheaper so it looked like they were more competitive than other low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet over here in Europe though we still need to see how much money you can save when actually flying with them (they have been operating for less than two years). All of our flights were operated by


This is a guide to travel cheap and well on Cheap fly Air UK Minnetonka flights. We will show the best time to book discount air fares on cheap flights from Glasgow to Minnetonka. We will also show you the cheapest time of the year to fly direct from Glasgow airport.

Cheap tickets are always available at Cheapflyairuk – our prices are cheaper than everyone else’s! Remember that booking your cheap flight with us provides you with a choice of plenty of different types of accommodation, so save money by choosing how much money you want spend on accommodation during your trip.

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