Forget the Glue! 4 Digital Collage Ideas You Can Do on Your Laptop

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Collage is now thought of as a playful type of art that is strongly related to the current scrapbooking craze. However, it was originally seen to be a revolutionary kind of contemporary art, and notable figures like Picasso joined the craze.

As with other kinds of art, these compositions have changed over the years, adopting styles that reflect the era. In light of this, it is not surprise that digital collage is currently popular when it comes to fusing text, pictures, and forms.

Check out these creative digital collage concepts to get your next original art project started.

1. Free-Form vs. Grid Digital Collage

Decide what form you want for your design before you start throwing out collage ideas. Grid-style collages are composed of rectangular or square forms that are sequentially organized, either for aesthetic purposes or to convey a narrative.

A new image is finally produced by a more random arrangement of forms and images in a freeform collage.

2. Spliced Collage

In order to combine two photos using this method, a portion of the highest image must be removed to display a portion of the lower image. To accomplish this, you’ll need to choose the area in Photoshop that you want to alter, then erase it to show what’s behind.

Using this approach, you may produce a variety of dramatic effects. For example, you may add texture to a human figure or swap out the petals of a flower for something unexpected like leaves.

3. Multi-Layered Digital Art Collage

The backdrop of the highest photographs must be removed in order to show the main image underneath when using this approach. This is effective for adding individuals, structures, creatures, or abstract forms to a landscape or city picture.

To do this just properly, you’ll need Photoshop abilities that are at least quite advanced. Searching online for quick and simple techniques to “remove backdrop from an image” is one of the finest collage suggestions in this situation.

The photographs you’ve chosen to put onto your backdrop may be added to your background layer in a design application and moved about as necessary once you’ve assembled your choices.

4. Use Digital Art Templates

If you don’t have access to Photoshop or other sophisticated picture editing tools, you don’t have to stick to plain collages.

You may make collages without using complicated software or expertise thanks to the many websites that offer high-quality templates that are simple to use. Many of these are available for free and may be customized to help you get the desired result.

A variety of backgrounds, pictures, and textures are now available for you to utilize in your projects. These are the only things you need if you only want to create a few collages for fun or social networking.

Creating a Collage: Simple Tips to Get Started

In the past, collages were made by an artist assembling bits of material, newspaper cutouts, paint, and other found materials onto paper or canvas.

Thanks to Pablo Picasso’s adoption of the technique in the early 20th century, collages—once seen as a novelty technique intended for kids and family entertainment—became a mainstay in the art world.

Later, they were frequently utilized on posters and flyers from the punk movement, lending the medium anarchic and individualist associations.

Surrealism, horror, anti-establishment, and nostalgia are just a few of the moods and ideas that the collage method may evoke nowadays in designs (to name a few). The final design’s tone is influenced by the picture selection and arrangement choices.

Freeform vs Grid Collage

The two main types of collage are grid and freeform. The aforementioned case illustrates the latter. It’s an assortment of photographs put together in the way the artist saw fit.

A grid collage, in comparison, features separate cells for photos, graphics, text, etc. Both provide artists the ability to convey visual stories.

You’ll need a variety of photos and tools to construct your design if you want to create a digital collage on your computer. As few as two photographs can be used in a collage, or as many as will physically fit on the page. How active you want your collage to seem is entirely up to you.

Learn five quick and simple methods for making a visually appealing picture collage for your PC below, including basic grids and more complex spliced and multi-layered freeform compositions.

After the inspiration and guidance for the desktop, we’ll show you how to make a picture collage on a smartphone.

Get Creative

With digital tools, you can simply fix any errors or start over if something doesn’t turn out the way you planned. This gives you the confidence to use all of your creative potential.

So, after you’ve learned the techniques for making a digital collage, there are a ton of ways you may produce lovely collages for fun or for work.

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