Here Is The Right Approach To Painting Your Interiors

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Painting your interiors is an exciting idea to go with during new home construction or while renovating your home. A new interior painting job can help enhance the looks of your property. When you will want to set your hands on the interior painting of your house, here is the right approach described step by step to get the best results.

Make the right preparations to paint

Whether you want to paint yourself or will hire the services of interior painters near me, it is important to make the right kind of preparations to paint. The different steps of the preparatory process will consist the following.

Remove the hardware including window locks, lifts, doorknobs, strikes, light fixtures, electrical cover plates and other types of hardware before starting the paint job and secure them properly for installing again after the paint dries. It is important to label the location of screws before securing them temporarily.

Clear out the obstacles in the location where painting will happen. To be able to navigate the space while painting, it is good to relocate the furniture to the next room. Whatever you can’t remove, cover them with plastic sheets. You must ensure a clear pathway that is around 3 feet wide. It is important to protect the floor by covering it with canvas drop clothes lined with plastic to save the hassles and headaches in the long run.

Fill in the holes, cracks and gaps and inspect the walls thoroughly for any patch holes, dents and imperfections. Ready mix spackle will help to cover these aspects. If you want to ensure an even and smooth surface for painting, sanding and dusting must be done properly and thoroughly.

Choose the primer, paints and tools wisely

If the walls are to be repainted and are in a good condition, primer may not be needed unless you want to go for an altogether different shade of color. Go for primer if you want to go for a lighter color over a darker one, if the painting is deteriorated, or if the surface is slick or porous. Primer is very essential for new surface to seal the surface to be painted well. Choosing the best primer will ensure a long life for your painting job besides ensuring an optimal coverage. Also, depending on the surface to be painted, choose the right kind of primer advised for the given surface. The painting tools you must have with you are paint brush, paint roller, tape, and caulk gun.

Go with the right painting plan

Make a clear step by step for painting which will include the following depending on the situation. Get started with the ceiling. This can be followed by painting the windows, trim and doors. So, the right approach is to work from top to bottom. Paint the walls and then paint the baseboard the last. This systematic plan will get you a neat paint job done. Hiring the services of good interior painters near me is a great way to ensure perfection across the job.

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