Here’s How Wholesale Perfume Boxes Will Save You Big Bucks

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Perfumes are a symbol of luxury and royalty. It increases an individual persona due to the tempting fragrance. You have an elegant product, so don’t skimp on your packaging. 

Shelling out money on packaging may not sound glamorous. But it can lead to big savings. Although it may seem surprising, buying wholesale perfume boxes can save money.

Your boxes need to be multifunctional. They should, at a bare minimum, protect perfume bottles during transportation. In addition, they should look elegant and not be wasteful. Custom boxes can fulfill this big thing.

Let’s look at how wholesale boxes can make your business profitable by saving money!

  • Minimize Your Shipping Charges

The E-commerce industry has exploded! So, it’s a fact that shippers want their piece of the pie. They want to take advantage of this opportunity. And they also don’t want to waste space with a bunch of air. So, if you go with large packaging boxes perfume wholesale, you will have to pay a premium. 

First, you need to understand how to calculate the shipping cost. Shipping costs are easy to calculate. You just weigh the item and then know how much postage you need. Unfortunately, this is an old method! 

Now manufacturers are using a dimensional weight (DIM) pricing strategy. This takes into account the actual package volume and its weight. You can use FedEx’s handy calculator if you need something else. 

Now you are wondering how wholesale perfume boxes help you to save costs. They can save money by avoiding one-size-fits-all packages you can purchase anywhere. When your boxes have the precise dimensions for your products, your shipping costs go down. 

  • Avoid Returns

Have you ever received a damaged product? Did you order your favorite perfume bottle from that company again? My guess would be no! Damaged products are an easy way to lose customer retention. And it is also one of the main reasons for returns. 

A study shows that 52% of respondents reported damaged products as a major challenge with returned items. You are going to lose a potential buyer. But it’s going to cost you in other ways too. Return shipping of your perfume bottles is another cost!

It’s easy to solve this problem with wholesale custom boxes! The vital role of a perfume box is to protect the inner content. These boxes offer maximum protection as they are designed to fit the particular shape of the perfume bottles.

packaging perfume boxes

Let’s create a scenario! You use a large box to ship small perfume bottles. With extra space in the box, the fragile perfume bottles will move around during shipping. This may lead to a damaged product. So, be careful while choosing the size of the box. 

Of course, you can fill your large-size box with extra padding. However, this will also increase your expenses. So, why spend money on void fill that you don’t require? Well-designed perfume gift boxes wholesale help you to avoid damaged products return. And helps you to maintain your bottom line!

  • The Right Box Size Helps You To Save Money

Even though we’ve discussed this before, it’s important to reiterate. You will be charged extra for a larger box. As a perfume manufacturer, you must have various sizes to accommodate your products. Wholesale perfume boxes come in various shapes and sizes. They will help you to choose the right kind of box as per your perfume bottle specifications. 

An appropriate size box will help reduce your shipping costs by avoiding extra fillings. Let’s practice some basic math. Adding a few bucks to each package can easily add up to thousands of dollars squandered in a year.

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Additionally, if you use the incorrect size box, you’ll have to pay extra for the paper, bubble wrap, peanuts, and other materials required to fill the excess space. This will lead you to disturb your packaging budget. Now you will understand why we said box size matters!

How To Choose a Reliable Wholesale Perfume Boxes Supplier?

Now, you understand how custom boxes wholesale can help you to save money. It’s time to choose the right packaging supplier for your business. 

  • When it comes to boxes, you need to evaluate your packaging budget. It will help you to understand what kind of perfume box you would go with. 
  • Don’t be tempted by low prices. Usually, low-cost packaging suppliers may skimp on materials or design aspects. Instead, try to look for a box manufacturer that has experience in the perfume packaging industry. This kind of packaging supplier will understand the delicacy of these luxury products. And their professionals will know how to pack your products in the right box.
  •  Look for a box manufacturer that offers you a variety of packaging options. Make sure you can choose various materials and designs to suit your needs. Cross-check whether it’s providing samples and mock-ups of the packaging. This way, you can make an informed decision before sending boxes into final production. 
  • Try to look for a box packaging supplier that gives discounts when placing orders in bulk. For example, is it providing free shipping over placing an order of luxury packaging boxes perfume wholesale? All these questions will help you to make an informed decision to choose an appropriate box manufacturer. 

Bottom Line!

In conclusion, find a box that snugly fits your perfume bottles. So you can save money on shipping. Optimizing your box size means you don’t need to waste money on the inner packaging. And you don’t annoy your customers by delivering perfume bottles in perfect condition. 

For many businesses, custom wholesale packaging is the way to go! Of course, you need to be careful while designing wholesale boxes, but down the road, you will enjoy significant profit margins.

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