How to Decorate a Sleepover-Friendly Kid’s Room

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Sleepovers can provide a range of advantages for your kids, from building social skills and strengthening their friendships to helping them develop independence and confidence. Choosing to host a sleepover at your place can also help your children learn how to share their space with others, negotiate, and resolve conflicts, all while they create fun lasting memories that they’ll look fondly back on for years to come.

If you want your home to be the basecamp for these sleepovers though, you’ll want to prepare the space accordingly. No one likes those uncomfortable air beds, and setting mattresses up in the living room can be disruptive to the rest of the members of the family. Here’s how you can make your child’s bedroom a haven for those sleepovers:

Consider a bunk bed
If your kids love having their friends over regularly, then investing in a bunk bed is a logical way to provide sleeping arrangements. They’re the obvious option for creating an extra bed that can be ready at a moment’s notice that doesn’t take up additional floor space, and there are plenty of things you can do with the bottom bunk if it’s not being used for a sleepover.

Bunk bed mattresses for sale at Kids n Cribs fit perfectly into the bunk beds, but the bottom one can always be taken out to create extra space for playing if your child doesn’t have any guests coming over. To turn it back into a bed, simply place the mattress back in, as well as extra bedding and pillows. Alternatively, you can leave the bunk bed mattress in and simply add cushions around the edges to create sofa-style seating that’s great for use as a reading area or a cubby.

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Or try a trundle
Not a fan of bunks? The trundle is another great way to add space for sleeping to a child’s room. It slides neatly underneath a single or twin-sized bed and can be pulled out easily. When your child outgrows sleepovers, you can use the trundle drawer for additional storage to house clothes, books, extra bedding and so much more, keeping them out of view until they’re needed.

If you do choose to go with a trundle bed, make sure that the items beside the bed are lightweight enough that they can be moved out of the way easily when a friend is over.

Relocate the sleepover
One often overlooked option is to dedicate a room in the house for sleepovers–they don’t all have to happen in your child’s bedroom! If your child wants to have a slumber party and wants to have more than one friend over, you’d be better off giving them a dedicated loft room or play area all to themselves. You can put together a slumber party room by placing comfortable mattresses up in the attic and decorating the space with cushy beanbags and soft rugs. Stringing fairy lights across the space will give it an instantly magical vibe that your child and their friends will immediately love. And when hosting a slumber party, don’t forget the essentials: board and card games, maybe a karaoke machine, and snacks and drinks for all!

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