IGTV Vs Instagram Stories: What’s The Difference?

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Let’s discover the differences and similarities between IGTV and Instagram Stories. We’ll additionally cowl whilst to use IGTV, and whilst to use Instagram Stories.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagram’s lengthy-form video platform.

While a typical video submit on Instagram is constrained to at least one minute, IGTV posts may be up to an hour long.

IGTV became released in June 2018 as a right away competitor to YouTube. In contrast to YouTube, IGTV allows both horizontal and vertical video codecs.

IGTV can be downloaded as a separate standalone app or accessed inside the Instagram app.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a characteristic inside the Instagram app where users can post brief vertical videos that closing for simplest 24 hours.

Instagram Stories were released in August 2016 as a reaction to the rising recognition of Snapchat Stories.

Stories are on hand through tapping the circle around a consumer’s profile photograph, either on their profile or at the pinnacle of the home feed. Stories can be modified with filters, text, and stickers.

What are the Difference Between IGTV and Instagram Stories?

Let’s compare some different factors of IGTV vs IG Stories:


Instagram Stories are a most of 15 seconds lengthy, whereas IGTV motion pictures may be as much as an hour lengthy.


Instagram Stories are best viewable for 24 hours except they’re brought to your highlights. IGTV videos exist permanently for your IGTV channel.

Video Format:

Instagram Stories most effective allow full display vertical movies, even as IGTV allows each vertical and horizontal video formats.

Separate App:

Instagram Stories are best on hand from within the Instagram app, whereas IGTV may be accessed both from within Instagram or through the separate, standalone IGTV app.


Instagram Stories do not have likes or feedback. Instead, they have reactions and replies (sent as direct messages). Instagram Stories are shareable handiest through DMs.

On IGTV, you like and touch upon films and share them with a link, just like you’ll on everyday Instagram video posts.

Should I Use IGTV or Instagram Stories?

If you’re trying to create exceptional long form content that’s permanently on hand on one channel, use IGTV. For example, in case you already create content for YouTube, you may also publish it to IGTV.

If you’re seeking out a fun, light-weight way to boost engagement together with your logo, you must be the usage of Instagram Stories.

Experiment with both formats to peer what works pleasant in your target market.

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