Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington: What Exactly Happened In The Car Accident?

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NFL player Henry Ruggs III and his girlfriend Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington were involved in a major collision on November 2, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Toyota Rav4 driven by Tina Tintor crashed with the rival’s Chevrolet Corvette, killing both the 23-year-old victim and her dog at the same time while they were travelling at 156 mph.

Henry Ruggs III, an NFL player, and Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington, his girlfriend, were involved in a serious collision on November 2, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When the Chevrolet Corvette of the rival struck Tina Tintor’s Toyota Rav4 in the early morning hours, both the 23-year-old victim and her dog were fatally injured. The two were travelling at 156 mph at the time.

Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington Is Henry Ruggs’ Girlfriend

Henry Ruggs is dating a woman named Kiara Je Nai Kilgo Washington. Rudy Washington is another name for her.

They are from Montgomery, Alabama, where the 22-year-old was born. Despite this, she just moved to Sin City with her kid and Henry.

They have been together since they were young and have a daughter together who is one year old and whose name is Kensil Renay Rugs.

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Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington Is Henry Ruggs’ Girlfriend

Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington, sometimes known as Rudy Washington, is Henry Rugs’ girlfriend. The 22-year-old was born in the city of Montgomery, Alabama. But at the moment, she has moved to Sin City with her daughter and Henry.

They have been together since they were young, and they currently have a one-year-old child named Kensil Renay Rugs.

Rudy doesn’t use the platform well. He has 12,700 Instagram followers as of this writing, although he only appears to post sometimes.

On her YouTube account, Therapist, she has posted a few video diaries featuring her family, Henry and Kensil.

She Was in The Car During the Accident

Kiara, also known as Rudy, was a passenger in the car that collided, according to ESPN.

Henry and Rudy were rushed to the emergency clinic after the incident, but their wounds were not thought to be life-threatening.

After being released from the medical facility on Wednesday, Henry appeared in court wearing a neck brace.

Who Was the Victim?

Rudy and Henry both survived the accident, but one person perished.

After the Toyota Rav4 he collided with caught fire, the woman driving it was declared dead at the scene.

She was identified as Tina Tinto and was a 23-year-old Las Vegas resident who allegedly lived just a few blocks away from the scene of the tragedy.

Tina’s canine, a brilliant retriever called Maxi, likewise passed on in the consuming vehicle.

After his collision, Kiara Rudy Kilo-Washington, Henry Rugs III’s girlfriend, was spotted embracing and standing by him.

Henry Rugs III is the best example of what to avoid doing after consuming a large amount of alcohol. The one thing you must absolutely abstain from, as the football player said, is getting into your car and deciding you need to drive as recklessly as possible when you are feeling down.

The former Raiders player has unluckily accepted it in the hardest way imaginable. Henry, who reportedly had 18 drinks and had a blood alcohol content of 0.661, was observed showing off his speed when being stopped in Las Vegas for going 156 mph.

Finally, he crashed his car into Tina Tinto’s, a 23-year-old who tragically perished in the collision. Tina and her magnificent retriever Rex died at the scene when Henry crashed his car into Tina’s Toyota at 127 kilometers per hour.

Girlfriend Kiara Rudy Kilo-Washington Was Beating Henry Rugs III Before His Accident

It has recently come to light that although Henry’s insanity was the immediate explanation for the disaster, his girlfriend Kiara Rudy Kilo-Washington also had a big role in the mishap. Kiara, who was in the car with Henry at the time of the accident, hit Rugs while he was driving while the two were engaged in a heated argument.

Sources have also said that Washington was enraged with Henry over a young woman he had been tampering with, and that Henry attacked Rugs while he was running as far as he could. In the aftermath of the mishap, Henry was seen in a video stumbling on a walkway as Washington was heard yelling for aid.

“Alright. She grabbed Rugs’ face and said, “Okay, here. Accept my sincere apologies. Please accept my sincere apologies, Washington said, with many speculating that her apology was motivated by the fact that she had just beaten Henry.

“Could we ever receive some assistance?!?” The woman shouted. Washington may be heard yelling, “Might you ever kindly aid him!?!” He is thumped unaware!

What Amount Did Henry Rugs III Drink?

Kiara Kilo-Washington was seriously hurt less than four hours after the video went viral when she and Rugs got into a quick collision.

Police have reported that Tina Tinto, 23, and her dog died in the accident after being trapped in their car while it was on fire.

Since then, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office has maintained that Rugs was travelling at 156 mph when he rammed Tinto’s Toyota Rav-4 with his Chevrolet Corvette.

Examiners determined that Rugs’ blood alcohol concentration was 0.161 percent, which is two times the legal limit for driving in Nevada, when calculated within at least two hours after the collision.

According to a police report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, investigators concur that Kilo-Washington and Rugs had been drinking Mai tais before to the fatal accident.

Does Kilo-Facebook Washington’s video depict her and Rugs consuming the same type of Mai tai that authorities believe led to the accident?

She may have removed the video from her public stream, but she has not done so yet. Since it was posted on Monday night, the feed has received a tremendous number of views and comments claiming that Rugs clearly enjoyed the recording.

Hours after the incident, Henry Rugs III was let go from the Las Vegas Raiders and is currently facing DUI and careless driving charges.

Accident Details

Tina Tinto, 23, and her dog died in the collision, which happened early in the morning while the pair Kiara Jenae Kilo-Washington and Henry Rugs were driving at a pace of 156 mph. The Toyota Rav4 driven by Tina Tinto and a rival’s Chevrolet Corvette collided, resulting in the accident.

Both individuals were taken in an ambulance to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where they allegedly received treatment for significant but non-life-threatening wounds.

The forensic specialists for the police department discovered Henry Rugs’ blood alcohol level to be twice as high as Nevada’s legal limit after conducting more study.

Kiara, also known as Rudy, was a passenger in the car that was involved in the collision, per the information given.

After the collision, Henry and Rudy were brought to the emergency department, but the medical staff there determined that their wounds weren’t life-threatening.

The following day, Henry appeared to court while wearing a neck brace. The day before, he had been discharged from the hospital.


Early in the morning, the pair was travelling at 156 mph when the other driver’s Chevrolet Corvette struck Tina Tinto’s Toyota Rav4, killing both the 23-year-old victim and her dog.

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