Level Up Your Gaming Room With a Gaming Neon Sign

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Gaming is a fun hobby that allows you to step into a world of fantasy. It is a relaxing activity that helps you bond with your family and friends.

Gamers love to showcase their passion with a custom neon sign that features their gamer logo, tag, or favorite video game character. These signs can be hung in the background of live streams or used to illuminate a gaming room or arcade.

Vivid and Bright

Vivid neon signs are a great way to add an eye-catching touch to your gaming setup. You can arrange them around the game table, or even above your computer screen for an extra splash of visual excitement.

If you’re looking for a game that’s both bright and vibrant, look no further than Neon Mania from Polish developer Vivid Games. It’s a steady hand-style game that challenges players to trace intricately drawn shapes that double up as neon signs.

The game’s hundreds of levels are split across categories including Kids, Sports, Landmarks, Party, and Signs, with a number of in-game items to earn as you progress.

Neon signs emit light from a chemical reaction between gas inside the glass tube and electricity fed in through the metal electrodes. The LEDs within the tubes are a type of semiconductor and work as an energy-efficient lighting source.


If you’re looking to upgrade your game room with a new lighting solution, you should consider adding a gaming neon sign. These decorative signs are energy-efficient and use 80% less electricity than traditional neon gas lights.

The signs are also a great way to add an element of whimsy and fun to your space. They can be customized with different words and phrases that reflect your passion for gaming or personal interests.

They are also safe to touch and do not get hot like glass neon signs, making them a good choice for displaying in a children’s bedroom or playroom.

Unlike glass neon signs, LED gaming signs do not require gas or electricity to operate and are safer for the environment. They can also be controlled with a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the sign to your liking.

When you are purchasing a gaming neon sign, you should calculate the amount of electricity it will consume. This will help you determine whether it’s affordable for you or not.


A gaming neon sign is a fantastic way to light up your arcade or game room. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors so you can customize them to match your style.

Some gamers use their favorite games, characters or logos to create a personalized gaming neon sign. They can hang these signs in their gaming rooms or streams, or even display them as a unique piece of art for their homes.

One of our customers, Ernest, had his gamer tag ‘Ernest Da Furnace’ converted into an LED sign that brightens up his gaming room in an incredible red shade. He also had the letter ‘P’ in his logo turned into an LED sign that looks sensational against the white wall next to the full logo.

Unlike traditional neon, you can change the color and strobe or dim the lights on these signs using digital drivers. This makes these lighted signs energy-efficient as they use 80% less electricity than neon gas.


A gaming neon sign is affordable and makes a great gift for a gamer. Moreover, these signs are made with the finest quality materials and they can last for years.

These signs are also energy-efficient and require less power than traditional neon lights. They are a smart and eco-friendly choice for gamers who are looking for a way to save money on their electricity bill.

People can buy these lightings at affordable prices from online neon stores. They also provide discounts and offers to the customers.

They come in different sizes and colors, so you can choose one that best fits your space. Besides, they are easy to install as they come with an acrylic backboard and pre-drilled holes.

Custom neon signs help to keep you focused on your gaming by providing a stimulating environment. This can improve your reaction time and give you the boost you need to get the most out of your gaming sessions.

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