Leveraging Electronic Medication Administration Records for Improved Patient Care

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eMAR is a remarkable innovation and advancement that has reduced caregivers’ burden and enhanced patient safety. It has also eliminated certain loopholes in the healthcare systems that have been lingering for a long time and costing unnecessary expenses to the healthcare facilities. One loophole was the paper-based records. Paper-based records had potential serious malfunctions in providing healthcare, but thanks to eMAR systems, it has been eliminated successfully.

What Are Electronic Medication Administration Records?

eMAR enables healthcare providers to maintain an electronic record that can be easily accessed by the staff within the organization personally or remotely. However, to access the data, the staff must have authorization for the safety of the resident’s data and the quality of the care. 

It allows the healthcare providers to check all the resident’s data with a single click, from the past week’s test result to the past year’s test result. 

By enabling healthcare providers to check patient details instantly, eMAR can help them save time and use the available data more appropriately. Due to these qualities of the eMAR, here are certain benefits that assisted living, senior care, and LTC pharmacy eMAR can provide:-

Minimize Medical Errors 

Paper records have made healthcare data more vulnerable to human errors. Humans can’t work all the time with 100% accuracy, which means there can be errors in the human work.

The software records every step of the medication process and tracks it for the staff when needed. This helps ensure accuracy in all areas and reduces the likelihood of miscommunications or missed steps that can lead to medication errors.

It also ensures that the right medication is dispensed and given to the right patient at the right time. Furthermore, it provides a clear record of who ordered the medication and when helping to protect against potential drug diversion. 

Better Resident Safety

eMAR system offers the ability to track and record each step of the medication administration process. This ensures that care providers or pharmacists only administer the medicines according to the prescribing physician’s orders. This helps to reduce the potential for medication errors, which can result in serious health consequences or even death.

In addition to tracking and recording medication orders and administration, an eMAR system can send automated alerts for medication refills or missed scheduled doses. This helps to ensure that residents receive their medication on time. 

Better Workflow And Resident Care

One of the biggest benefits of implementing eMAR has been: improved workflow. Digitizing the medication administration process helps streamline and eliminate redundant tasks.

This allows the staff to focus on more important duties, such as interacting with patients and providing better care. Implementing eMAR also facilitates staff collaboration by enabling them to quickly and easily access patient information. This way, they can make more efficient relations regarding medication changes and dose adjustments, thus resulting in better resident care. 

Also, eMAR can serve the staff with greater accuracy and visibility into medication usage patterns.

Less Drained Staff

Using eMAR can help long-term care pharmacies, assisted living, and senior care facilities improve staff efficiency. By providing nurses and caregivers with easy-to-use interfaces, they can quickly document medication administration securely and accurately. 

eMAR also enables pharmacists and healthcare providers to access real-time data, reducing the need for manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. 

In turn, this streamlined product helps ensure that each step of the medication administration process stays more efficient, freeing up staff time to focus on other important tasks and have some time for themselves, which they can’t have. 

Enhanced Compliance

eMAR is key in helping healthcare providers, and LTC pharmacists comply with all relevant regulations and standards. Having a secure, centralized record of all medication administration activities, eMAR, makes it easier to keep accurate records.

It quickly verifies all medications against the prescribed dosages and schedules and provides accurate outputs. It also eliminates potential errors associated with the manual entry of data. In addition, it allows the supervisors and seniors at the healthcare facility to track compliance issues and take corrective action when needed easily.

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Make Medical Data Less Prone To Tempering 

eMAR provides a greater level of security than traditional paper records. With eMAR, only authorized staff members can control and record the data. It ensures that no one else has access to patient medication records. Additionally, the eMAR can record the data securely stored on a cloud-based platform. So, if anything happens to the local data, it can be retrieved through the backups. 

Moreover, eMAR allows for 24/7 monitoring of patient records. This becomes especially important when monitoring elderly or frail patients in care facilities at higher risk of medical errors. Employing eMARs, pharmacy staff can easily monitor patients’ medications and quickly identify potential risks.

Wrapping Up!

eMAR is the tech that every facility needs. Not only to provide better care but also to improve the benefits. Usually, care facilities can customize the software according to their facility requirement, which enables them to operate more smoothly. With that, thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it! 

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