Men Ripped Denim Jeans Trend: Is Making A Comeback In 2023?

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Here, we are super excited to discuss the resurgence of ripped denim! Millennials and GenZ love these jeans because they’re so versatile, and we think this trend will last long. Whether you want to wear them out with a top or just on your own, ripped jeans will become more popular as time passes.

A Trend That Was Never Gone

The men’s ripped denim trend has been around for years, but it’s coming back in 2023. What makes the trend best is the versatility we have in it. 

Fashion experts have suspected that this fashion survived the toll of time because of its versatility. 

Men usually don’t have much to look for in trends, but the ripped denim jeans men trend has changed this forever. These offer our dudes and guys the looks they never expected! 

These jeans look different from trousers and other jeans because they feel like they have worn in the knees, distressed and ripped. 

They come in the wash or light wash aesthetics, and anyone can pick them based on their preference. Slim fit, regular fit, or relaxed fit, this style works for all and with all looks! 

This Trend Was Among One The Few Trends, Driven By Men.

We do not often see a trend initiated by men in the fashion world, but ripped jeans fashion was an exception. From streets to the red carpet, this fashion made headlines in the 1970s because of men’s affinity for it. 

During punk rock movements, men loved these jeans like nothing else. 

In 2023, the new trend is driven by the fact that men are now more likely to wear skinny jeans in their everyday life compared to before.

Like any woman, men also want to look stylish while wearing these slim-cut styles, but they still don’t want them to be too tight or uncomfortable.

Why Should You Wear Them?

There are many reasons why you should wear them. They are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. You can wear them with or without a t-shirt underneath, which means you don’t have to decide whether or not to wear a shirt when wearing these jeans. 

The most important thing about these jeans is that they are affordable! Forever Growth is one of the few brands focusing on making affordable fashion. If you are into ripped jeans, you can try them from Forever Growth in 2023. 

Not just ripped jeans make up for an affordable option, but also because you can show off your personality. Ripped jeans have been around for decades, but the popularity of this trend has increased significantly over time. Why? Because they allow you to be you. If you want to stand out among other people, then wearing ripped clothing will definitely help! The different patterns and styles available today make finding outlooks that match your personal style easy as pie.

Gives way To Look Stylish Without Breaking Into Your Bank

Ripped jeans are perfect for staying stylish without breaking the bank. It’s like having a pair of vintage jeans in your closet that you can wear anytime and anywhere. 

You don’t need to spend much money on them either—you can get them at any price range with Forever Growth!The reason brands like Forever Growth have kept their range is their popularity in music videos and street-style photos on Instagram. 

Social sites like Tik Tok and Instagram have made fashion available to everyone, meaning that brands have a larger customer range than ever. Keeping the price affordable so that everyone can enjoy the fashion makes sense for the brands—after all, they will make big benefits despite the low prices. 

They’re Comfortable And Extremely Versatile.

Looks can not only be the reason for the popularity of a fashion that has lasted for decades. There are other invincible components that often do not get much credit but play an equal part in making a trend stable. Comfort and versatility are two components that have led the ripped jeans fashion to be worn again in 2023. 

Due to these two, you can wear them with a tee or button-down shirt or even a hoodie and coat. Add some sneakers or boots to your outfit if you want to dress them up. Also, if you want more casual vibes, throw on some sneakers and a hat or scarf—or both!

Ripped Jeans Has Also Lead To the Rebirth Of the Grungy Factor 

Ripped jeans will not come back alone. Experts predicted they would return with a grungy fashion trend that led back to the 1990s. The Grunge trend relates to the grunge music genre’s clothing, accessories, and hairstyle. You can characterize this style with loose and unkempt looks similar to fashion in the Pacific Northwest of America. So, get ready for a retro fashion ride this year!

Ripped Denim Is Making A Comeback, So Get Ready!

We have seen ripped denim jeans emerge in the latest fashion weeks. Models like Hailey Rhode Bieber took to the fashion streets to showcase their personal styling. Fashion experts have suspected that ripped jeans will make a comeback in 2023. 

Not just men. Women and girls are wearing ripped jeans too! This trend is popular with all ages, genders, and races. In fact, in an article titled “Who Gets to Wear Shredded Jeans?,” the New York Times reported that:

“Denim is democratic. But though a great many of us are free to experiment with bedraggled chic, doing so requires a certain reserve of social capital.”


The jeans trend is back and better than ever. Ripped denim has been a popular choice for men in recent years, but now it’s making a comeback with a vengeance. From dark wash skinny jeans to distressed and ripped pairs, this style has something for everyone.

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That’s it. That’s all about this guide. We hope you have liked this guide and enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading! 

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