Most Common Mobile Phone Repair Issues

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Mobile phones have become a necessary item in our lives. They have become so important that thinking about getting a mobile phone repaired becomes a hassle for us. We are dependent on these devices that we panic at the thought of getting our mobile phone repair.

Mobile phones have been in our lives for three decades now. They have evolved a lot, from simple wireless buttoned devices to smartphones with touch systems and much more. These gadgets have given us so much feasibility and convenience that we have become habitual to these devices. We depend on our mobile phones for a wide variety of tasks like making calls, sending text messages, searching the web, sending emails, making videos and pictures, saving and managing our important data, and much more.

This much dependency on mobile phones makes it difficult for us to work without them when they become faulty or when some error encounters. However, we should understand the fact that mobile phones are only machines that can get faulty at times and may need repair as well. Even the most trusted iPads also need repair sometimes when there is some fault in the functioning.

There are many issues with phones that can be fixed with the help of simple DIY hacks. However, some issues need your phone to get to the repair shop or service center. There are many specialized service centers and iPad repair shops as well where we can take our faulty phones for repair.

Common Mobile Phone Repair Issues

There could be many reasons for a faulty mobile. Some of them are easy to fix with simple hacks but some of them need the attention of a repair technician available at service centers, mobile phone repair shops, or iPad repair shops.

We have created a list of mobile phone repair issues for your better understanding and information.

  1.     Phone Working Sluggishly

Most of the time, older phones or phones that have been in use for a long time get slower due to many reasons. However, if your phone is new and still working slowly, then it means that there is some serious issue going on inside the device that may need repair as well.

There could be a number of possible reasons for a slow phone. The most common problem could be slow RAM. RAM is random access memory that helps in the functioning of apps and computer programs. If your RAM becomes full, then it becomes difficult for the RAM to work properly and as a result, the phone works sluggishly.

You can try deleting unnecessary files and data from your phone to see if it works. Alongside RAM, there is Cache memory. You should always clear cache memory in order to get the phone working properly. Sometimes when you install a new app, the phone starts working slowly. Try deleting this app to fix the issue.

  1.     Broken Phone Screen

This is a very common mobile phone repair issue. Many people face this issue. Your phone screen is a sensitive part of your phone and can get damaged or broken due to many reasons. For example, if you put your phone in your back pocket and accidentally sit on it, the screen will damage or break. If you accidentally drop your phone on the ground then also the screen will break or get damaged.

Unfortunately, there is no fixing hack you can try to fix the screen. This issue can only be resolved with the help of a repair technician. However, in most sporadic screen cases the screen needs replacement instead of repair.

  1.     Issue with the Charging Port

When you notice any changes in the charging of your phone like slow charging or no charging, then this could be an indication that there is some issue with your charging port. The charging port is actually a small metal connector that connects to your charger. If that connector has some issues then there could be problems with the charging port which result in slow or no charging of the phone.

Some other reasons could be corrosion in the charging port due to humidity, hardware damage, some blockage in the charging port like dust, etc. Some hacks you can try for fixing this issue at home are:

  • Try cleaning the port with the help of a needle.
  • Try changing the charger, sometimes the actual culprit could be a faulty charger.
  1.     Battery Running Out Quickly

This is a very common mobile phone repair issue that nearly every phone user faces. The common reasons why your battery dies quickly and some DIY hacks to fix them are discussed below.

  • Sometimes we open so many apps at one time and keep on using the phone with open apps in the background. This drains the battery fast. A simple solution is that you should close all unused after you finish working with them.
  • A poor charger could also lead to battery issues. Try changing the charger.
  • Always update your phone’s operating system to the latest version to avoid slowing down the functions. Slowed-down functions consume more battery and it runs out quickly.
  • The last resort is that you could take your phone to the repair shop if none of these techniques work.
  1.     Damage due to Water

If your phone falls into water, you spill coffee on your phone, or a glass of water falls onto your phone, your phone will probably stop working immediately. Unfortunately, there is no hack for water damage. The only solution is to take your phone to the mobile phone repair shop. Water damages are mostly irreparable but you can try your luck by getting your phone checked by an expert mobile phone repair technician.

Final Comments

Mobile phone repair is a sensitive task that needs expertise and skills. You should take your faulty phone to company-authorized service centers or expert mobile phone repair technicians only so that they can repair it without damaging it any further. 


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