New to Glass Smoking Pipes? These Are Your Best Options

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Smoking pipes are an iconic part of the smoking culture, and they come in many different materials and styles. Glass pipes, in particular, are popular among smokers because of their ease of use, ease of cleaning, and elegant design. But with so many types of glass smoking pipes out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Whether you’re shopping through an online headshop or decide to pay a visit to one of the best glass head shops near you and lean on the experience of the staff, here’s a good bit of background on the different (and most popular) types of glass smoking pipes.

Chillums are the simplest type of glass smoking pipe. They’re short and cylindrical, and made from a single piece of glass. They don’t have a carburetor, so the smoke goes directly from the bowl to your mouth. Chillums are perfect for on-the-go smoking, as they can easily fit in your pocket and require very little maintenance.

Sherlock pipes are named after the famous detective, and their design reflects this. They have a curved stem and a bulbous bowl, and usually have a carburetor for better airflow. They’re great for smoking a variety of herbs and tobaccos, and their unique shape makes them a great conversation piece.

Hammer pipes are a type of Sherlock pipe with a longer stem and a larger bowl. The shape of the bowl resembles a hammer, hence the name. Hammer pipes are great for long sessions, as they can hold a lot of herb and the larger bowl allows for a more intense hit.

Steamroller pipes are similar to chillums, but they have a cylindrical bowl and a carburetor. The carburetor allows for more airflow, which gives you a bigger hit with less effort. Steamroller pipes are great for those who want a stronger, more intense hit.

Bubbler pipes are a type of water pipe that’s made from glass. They have a bowl and a stem, and a chamber filled with water. The water filters and cools the smoke, which gives you a smoother, more flavorful hit. Bubbler pipes are perfect for those who want a smoother smoking experience.

Spoon Pipes
Spoon pipes are the most common type of glass smoking pipe. They’re shaped like a spoon, with a bowl and a stem, and usually have a carburetor. They’re great for those who want an easy-to-use pipe that’s still stylish and attractive. They are popular because they are easy to fill and light, and typically easy to clean. Also, since they are so popular, there is a wide selection of glass designs in spoon pipes.

Ask the Help of a Shop’s Staff
Sometimes, advice on paper really isn’t that helpful and you need to get the advice of a real human that has “been there and done that.”

That’s why, even in this era of eCommerce, many smokers still prefer to visit smoking shops and speak to the staff about their preferences and experience. If you’re looking for some of the best glass head shops near you and live in South Florida, check out The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, which has locations in both Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

Their staff is extremely knowledgable and approachable, they sell some of the top smoking pipes and accessories in the industry, and they support local artists. Their shop gestures a great selection of high-quality glass products at affordable prices, including but not limited to glass art and smoking accessories. There’s a lot to love, but an experience is better than an anonymous blurb on the web, so if you’re in their area, visit one of their shops today!

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