Nicegram Bot: Is There A Way To Access Blocked Telegram Channels?

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If you’re looking for a messaging program that can do more than WhatsApp or Snapchat, Telegram is a terrific choice. You have access to a variety of content types and sharing options with Telegram. Channels are stopped when content violates the app’s guidelines, which is when the issue arises.

We have a straightforward method to access material from a prohibited Telegram channel and a potential way for the app to open it if one of your favorite Telegram channels or a channel you created was restricted. On the other side, we also provide a list of essential Telegram channels.

What’s the Difference Between a Telegram Group and a Channel?

Knowing the distinction between a channel and a group in Telegram is crucial since it determines whether you can access it or not. Groups on Telegram are similar to chat rooms on WhatsApp in that anybody may participate and exchange information.

They can be made public, making them accessible to anybody who has a link created by a group member or finds them in a search engine.

Moderators can add and delete members from Telegram groups. You won’t be able to rejoin a Telegram group that the moderator removed you from until the moderator adds you back.

On the other hand, provided that they are public, channels provide an excellent means to spread knowledge to an infinite number of individuals. The following guide demonstrates how to create your Telegram channel.

Members of these channels cannot submit words, files of any type, or information like groups can. It can only be done by the channel’s creator and operators. These channels may be accessible to the general public or not.

You can only join a private channel if the person who created it issues you an invitation. On the other hand, if the channel is open to the public, anybody can access it by using a search engine or by receiving a link from someone else. Public channels are controlled by a small number of individuals, yet anybody may access them.

Telegram cannot restrict conversations, private groups, or private channels since it cannot access its content. Your private talks are exactly that—private, so you don’t need to be concerned.

Can I Still See the Content of a Group or Private Channel That a Moderator Has Blocked Me From?

Because the answer is no, we distinguished between a group and a channel. It will be extremely difficult for you to view the content of a group or private channel if an administrator has denied your access to it. Second, even if the channel’s content was prohibited by the program because it violated its rules, you may still see it.

When You Find a Blocked Channel on Telegram, Nicegram Bot is the Way to Get Around It.

As predicted, a gang of hackers set out to discover a means to access Telegram’s restricted channels. They created a resourceful Bot named “Nicegram Bot” that accomplished the task. If you want to utilize Nicegram Bot to unblock channels you thought you would never visit again, then follow these steps:

It Can Be Done Right on the Nicegram Site.

Nicegram Bot Is There A Way To Access Blocked Telegram Channels

  • Register on Nicegram.
  • the phone number you use to access Telegram when you sign in.
  • Give Nicegram the rights it requests by entering the code it provides you.
  • Now enable the options on the website that indicate you are older than 18 and permit them to display sensitive information to you.
  • The Nicegram app has to be downloaded, so get out your phone and head to the Play Store.
  • You only need to open the app once it has been configured. All the channels that were previously banned are now available to watch.

You Can Do It Right from Telegram as Well.

  1. To find the app, enter “Nicegram Bot” into the search bar.
  2. You only need to click the “Start” button inside the Bot for it to begin working.
  3. You’ll almost immediately receive a message from the bot instructing you to enable the two settings that ensure you are over 18 and permit the bot to display sensitive information.
  4. Go to the Play Store straight after closing Telegram.
  5. After installing the Nicegram app, you’ll be able to see every channel you previously blocked.

Your Telegram Channel Was Blocked, and You Want to Get It Unblocked?

You need to determine the reason why your channel was banned before attempting the technique we’re about to demonstrate. The application guidelines are extremely explicit: neither piracy nor the dissemination of pornographic or tabloid content is permitted. Hence, it’s possible that you won’t be able to unblock the channel you created if any of these guidelines were breached.

Today, you may write an email to [email protected] describing your case and asking that your channel be switched back on if you believe it did nothing wrong and you don’t know why it was disabled. The Telegram team will investigate the matter and respond to you as soon as they can.

It’s crucial to remember that these techniques only function with channels. You won’t have access to other features of Telegram, such as disabled bots. The bots that are no longer accessible because they violated the app’s restrictions won’t be reachable using this way.

Even though these sorts of incidents are frequent, they typically result from users violating the app’s rules. Telegram is just acting to safeguard its users’ privacy and the artists’ intellectual property rights. This guide should have been helpful in some manner. Tell us what you think about Telegram in the comments.

Why is a Telegram channel blocked?

A Telegram channel is restricted due to its usage of pornographic content.

Because the channel distributes illegal movies, TV episodes, or music, it can potentially be restricted.

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Jakarta) intervened in 2021 to stop free movie sharing on Telegram groups and channels.

This is a result of several public reports.

How to open blocked Telegram channels

You must download Telegram for Windows to access banned Telegram channels (or for your operating system).

Once you’ve downloaded it, use the Telegram app to scan the QR code and log in to your account.

Last but not least, activate “Disable filtering” in your privacy and security settings.

You’ll be able to access restricted Telegram channels by doing this.

Nevertheless, you must first force-quit the Telegram client.

By doing this, you may update the Telegram mobile app with changes you make to the desktop version.

Here’s how to access Telegram channels that have been blocked:


If a Telegram channel or group posts pornographic content, it may be restricted or banned.

But, by following the above instructions, you may quickly unblock the block or unban the ban.

Remember that after making changes to the desktop version of Telegram, you must force-quit the Telegram mobile app on your phone.

Otherwise, the modifications you’ve made won’t take effect.

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