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Understand the assessment task

Before you begin your assessment, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the assessment help online or question and comprehend what you have been asked to do. Learn how to comprehend your assessment task.

  • Check the type of assessment you are performing as well. Is it a report or an essay?
  • More information can be found on the types of assessments page.
  • Learn how your work will be evaluated.


Plan how you will respond to your assessment task or question to help you focus and write your assessment more easily. You will have a structure to follow, and you will be able to ensure that you answer the assessment task correctly.

  • Make a plan for your assessment.

Conduct your research

Next, research your topic to find relevant and trustworthy information. Some will be found in your course materials and suggested readings, but you can also try:

  • Talking with experts
  • Online sources
  • How to Conduct Research
  • Information evaluation
  • Reading and research require critical thinking.


Then it will start writing.

The first draft

  • Write your first draft of your plan. Fill in the blanks with your key points for each section.
  • Write as freely as you can. Get as much down as you can without worrying about getting the wording exactly right.
  • You might find it easier, to begin with, the conclusion so you know where your writing is going.
  • Save the introduction for last.

Please don’t waste time trying to make this draft perfect because it will change!


  • Revise your draught to ensure that it makes sense and includes everything that it should.
  • Fine-tune the wording and ensure that your writing flows smoothly.
  • Keep multiple copies of your drafts in case you need to refer back to them.
  • Make a bibliography or reference list.

More on academic writing and writing skills

How to Make a Reference


Take a break once you’re satisfied. Get some space so you can look over your work with fresh eyes. After that, edit and proofread.

Consider the big picture.

  • Have you answered the question that was posed to you? Examine your work about the marking schedule and the question.
  • Is the organization correct? Is the content organized logically?
  • Have you included all relevant information?
  • Is your evaluation well-written, with each section flowing smoothly into the next?
  • Have you used your own words and credited all sources?
  • Is your evaluation well-presented?

Examine the specifics

  • Have you used academic English (if applicable)?
  • Examine your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Don’t rely solely on a spell checker (it won’t catch everything).
  • Check your citations. Is your APA citation correct?
  • Do you number your pages?
  • On each page, have you included your name, student ID, assessment details, and the date?

Tip – Ask a friend or family member to proofread your assessment if possible, as it can be difficult to spot errors in your work.

Once you’re satisfied, submit your evaluation.

Submitting your evaluation

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