Reasons for Why Horse Jumping Needs a Wall Caddy

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A wall caddy is a helpful device for keeping your jumping ring organized and clean. It also makes it easy to select a pole as needed.

Horse jumping is a competitive sport that requires your horse to jump a series of obstacles, usually within a time limit. Besides that, it is an excellent exercise that benefits your horse’s physical and mental health.

Ease of Use

A wall caddy is a handy device that allows you to keep jump poles and tack for horse jumping in a safe, organized place. It will make your arena look neat and tidier, reduce clutter, and help your equipment last longer.

When poles are left lying around on the ground can deteriorate and become dangerous for both people and horses. Keeping them in a wall caddy will help them last longer and save you money by reducing the need to replace them often.

Another benefit of a wall caddy is that they’re portable and can be used for competitions and events that involve moving poles around a lot. They can be pulled behind a medium-sized four-wheeler or tractor and carry up to 2000 pounds of poles simultaneously.

The most common types of horse jumps are verticals, double-bar, triple-bar, cross-rail, and pyramid fences. Each kind of jump has benefits and can be used to train your horse to do different things.


wall caddy is a great way to store poles and other equipment while not in use. Many come with hooks and can hold up to six bars at a time.

The poles used in a wall caddy are generally made from HDPE, a durable and long-lasting material. These poles are also safer for your horse than wood.

In addition, they are easy to replace, so you can always customize the look and feel of your horse jumps. They are also convenient to move from one place to another, as they can be mounted on the wall or placed on a cart. They are perfect for use at shows and home! They are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can even find ones with your company’s logo on them! They make a great addition to any show barn. And they are very affordable! They can be found online or at your local equestrian supply shop.


Using a wall caddy to store poles is not only an intelligent organizational decision, but it also increases the longevity of your horse jump equipment. Leaving jump poles on the ground exposes them to moisture and other detrimental conditions that can shorten their lifespan.

Keeping your horse jumps tidy and organized is the best way to prevent accidents before they happen. It will not only improve the safety of your horses, but it will also make it easier for you to set up and take down the jumps.

In addition to an excellent old fashion storage system, consider some fancy footwork. For example, you can add some fancy light-up jump poles to your arsenal of high-tech gear. The lights will also help you see what you’re doing on the jumps more clearly, which is essential if you’re competing against some of the best in the business. The lights can be pricey, so you should look for deals.


A wall caddy is an essential piece of equipment in horse jumping. It can hold various poles and quickly move around the horse jump course.

A horse jumping course is a series of fences set at specified heights in a straight line. The first fence is the lowest, and each subsequent one is raised in size until a winner is determined.

The height of the obstacles affects a horse’s take-off and landing distance, as well as vertical velocities and fetlock angles at take-off. Increasing the size of the obstacle results in an increase in the horse’s angular momentum at take-off and a decrease in the horse’s fetlock angle at landing.

Horse jumps are used in various events at horse shows worldwide, including competitions at the Olympics. National horse show-sanctioning organizations may govern these competitions.

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