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Do you want to set fire to the cinema hall with custom popcorn boxes? But in search of a reasonable and trustworthy packaging solution? Then here your search ends. It’s because we are the most trustworthy and reliable packaging company in the packaging industry. Even if you can scroll around, you will not find better options than us. Also, our rates are more reasonable than others, and we don’t charge extra. Moreover, we provide you with seasonal discount offers to support your business. The new year 2023 sale is one of them. However, be quick if you want to benefit from the new year 2023 sale. It’s because it’s a limited offer and can end anytime.

Personalize custom popcorn box with eye-catchy design

Are you new in the popcorn business? Want people to buy your popcorn box? Have you tried all possible ways but in vain? Then it’s time to update the standard boxes to custom popcorn boxes. It’s because people always choose the best when there are many options around. And custom packaging is the best idea to attract people to your shop. Here are a few key points to customize the best custom popcorn box.

Buy the finest quality materials for reliable packaging

The cheap quality boxes can ruin your brand image. Also, the printed design needs to look more representative and exclusive on them. Therefore, it’s always important to never compromise on material quality. You can freely buy our cardboard and kraft material boxes for popcorn packaging.


  • The cardboard and kraft material boxes are easy to print in any shade and design with PMS and CMYK color schemes.
  • Both are easy to customize in any size and shape.
  • The cardboard and kraft material boxes are food grade. It means there is no harm to food to direct intact the box material.
  • The cardboard and kraft material boxes are more economical than other packaging materials.

Intensify the custom popcorn box durability with laminations

The caramel, butter, and chocolate-dipped popcorn can make the custom box greasy and soggy, which is unacceptable for buyers. If you don’t want to make the buyers angry, do C2 lamination on the custom popcorn box. It keeps the box secure from humidity due to its water-resistant properties. Besides humidity, lamination protects the box from external hazards like a smudge, fingerprints, scratching, etc. Moreover, the lamination makes the designed surface more vibrant and intensifying.

Customize easy-to-cook custom popcorn boxes perfectly

As you know, ready-to-cook food businesses are gaining popularity day by day. Due to that, many manufacturers are introducing easy-to-cook dried kernels. If you want to give tough competition to the competitors, customize custom dried kernels popcorn boxes from us. You need to share all the specifications regarding box design, material, color scheme, etc. Then we will customized popcorn bags according to your requirement.

However, it’s not a free procedure. You need to pay for production and dispatching.

Here are a few tips to customize the best easy-to-cook custom popcorn boxes

Tip 1: Write down full detailed descriptions of buyers’ facilities. For example, you can write the popcorn recipe, flavor, expiry date, etc.

Tip 2: You can craft the custom popcorn box with a die-cut window for an inner glance. To make the die-cut windows more representative, you can craft them in various shapes like the moon, oval, heart, star, etc.

Tip 3: For premium packaging, you can use hot stamp foiling to highlight specific designs and brand logos. It is available in all shades, like gold, silver, copper, etc. You can freely choose according to the box printing shade and design.

Tip 4: You can create depth in the brand logo or specific design with embossing and debossing.

Box material guidelines for custom popcorn box

You can customize ready-made custom popcorn boxes in any measurement and depth. You can use the following box style for an easy-to-cook custom popcorn box.

  1. Full sealed box
  2. Straight and reverse tuck end box(STE box)
  3. Tuck front box style

Moreover, you can use double wall tuck front box-style boxes for online popcorn delivery.

Why choose custom boxes?

  • Reliable and trustworthy packaging solution
  • Market competitive rates without additional charges
  • First-rate printing machines (Offset, Digital, and off screening)
  • Dazzling PMS and CMYK color schemes
  • Eco-friendly packaging material (cardboard, kraft, corrugated and rigid)
  • 24/7 free customer support service
  • Availability of free specified and raw sample kit
  • Quick response to customer complains
  • Alluring enhancements options

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