The 10 Best POS Systems for Small Businesses in 2022

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Make the right decision for your small business by choosing the perfect point of sale (POS) system. A reliable POS system can help streamline your operations, manage your customers, track your inventory, and boost sales. With a plethora of options on the market, finding the best one can be daunting. To simplify the process, we’ve listed the top 10 best POS systems suitable for small businesses. Whether you’re starting or require an advanced system with robust features, we have got you covered.

10 Best POS Systems in 2022

Without further ado, here are the 10 best POS systems for small businesses in 2022:

1 Clover POS:

Discover why Clover POS is a top-rated point of sale system for small businesses in 2022. Our comprehensive review covers all aspects of Clover POS, including its robust features, benefits, pricing, and potential drawbacks. Find out if Clover POS is the perfect fit for your small business.

Clover POS is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for an efficient and user-friendly POS system in 2022. Its extensive range of features caters to the diverse needs of small businesses. Additionally, Clover POS offers competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective option.

2 Best free all-in-one Square POS:

Find the perfect all-in-one Square POS system for your small business in 2022. Not all all-in-one Square POS systems are the same, and we’ve got you covered by reviewing and comparing the best free options. Our comprehensive analysis of the features and benefits of each system will help you make an informed decision.

Square is a popular choice for small businesses looking for an all-in-one POS system. With its easy setup and user-friendly interface, Square offers an extensive range of features that can enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

Small businesses can enjoy a free all-in-one Square POS system that includes essential features such as cash drawer, inventory management, payment processing, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for small business owners.

The benefits of using Square POS for small businesses include:

  • It’s free to use
  • It’s easy to

3 Best highly customizable Revel:

Discover why Revel is a top-rated choice for small businesses looking for a customizable POS system. Revel’s wide range of features and options can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements, and it is continually updated with new features and improvements.

Revel is a perfect fit for businesses that need a flexible and scalable POS system. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and use, while its extensive range of features can be customized to suit the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re starting or expanding your business, Revel’s ability to grow alongside your business makes it an excellent choice for small business owners.

4 Best for flexibility Lightspeed retail POS:

4 Best for flexibility Lightspeed retail POS:

Small business owners need a flexible POS system that can adapt to their changing business needs. Lightspeed Retail POS is an ideal choice for small businesses because of its user-friendly interface and customizable features.

Lightspeed Retail POS is a cloud-based system, allowing you to access it from anywhere. Its extensive range of features includes inventory management, customer tracking, sales reports, payment processing, and loyalty program tracking.

If you’re searching for a versatile POS system that can grow alongside your small business, Lightspeed Retail POS is the perfect option for you.

5 Lightspeed Restaurant POS:

If you own a small restaurant business, Lightspeed Restaurant POS is an excellent choice for your POS system needs. This system is specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses, offering all the necessary features to run your restaurant smoothly.

With Lightspeed Restaurant POS, you can easily manage inventory, process payments, and track sales, making it an essential tool for your business operations. Plus, its affordable pricing allows you to get started without incurring hefty costs.

For those considering starting a small restaurant business, Lightspeed Restaurant POS is the ideal POS system to consider. It offers the necessary features to streamline operations and improve efficiency, ensuring the success of your business.

6 Best for Android users + customer support Toast:

If you’re an Android user searching for the best Toast POS for small businesses in 2022, Toast is your answer! Toast is the ultimate all-in-one customer support system for small businesses, designed to meet your specific needs.

Toast offers a comprehensive solution for managing customer support tickets, tracking customer satisfaction scores, and accessing real-time assistance from expert support teams. With our new Android app, you can conveniently use Toast on the go, making it easier to manage your business from anywhere.

If you’re seeking an all-in-one customer support system for your small business, Toast is the perfect choice. Our Android app makes it even easier to use our POS system, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

7 Payment depot:

7 Payment depot:

The use of mobile payments has gained immense popularity among small businesses in recent years. This trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years as more people use their mobile devices to make purchases. If you’re a small business owner, it’s essential to choose the right mobile payment option that caters to your business needs. Payment Depot is a highly recommended option that offers a user-friendly interface and several beneficial features for small businesses.

Some of its key features include:

  • A simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Low transaction fees
  •  The ability to process payments in multiple currencies
  •  A wide range of payment methods

If you are looking for a mobile payment option for your small business, Payment depot is a great choice.

8 Shopify:

Adapting to the online world is essential for small businesses to survive and thrive. Shopify is a renowned e-commerce platform that provides an ideal solution for businesses seeking to sell products across multiple channels. With Shopify’s comprehensive suite of tools, businesses can easily manage their online presence, including website building, blogging, and point-of-sale system integration.

Moreover, Shopify offers a vast range of integrations that enable businesses to connect their Shopify store to their existing systems and platforms. With Shopify, businesses can sell their products online, in-store, and through various other channels. The platform is easy to use, offers a wide range of features, and can scale as businesses grow, making it an excellent choice for small businesses looking to expand their online presence.

9 Vend by Lightspeed:

If you run a business that sells a mix of products, services, and subscriptions, then Vend by Lightspeed is the perfect POS system for you. With its robust inventory management features, Vend can easily handle complex inventories, including multiple pricing options, product bundles, and subscription-based products. Vend also integrates seamlessly with Lightspeed’s eCommerce platform, allowing you to manage all your sales channels in one place. Choose Vend by Lightspeed to streamline your inventory management and boost your sales today.

10 Loyverse:

For small businesses looking for a simple and free point-of-sale (POS) system, Loyverse is a great option. This cloud-based system is easy to use and offers all the basic features you need to run your business. With Loyverse, you can access your POS system from anywhere and on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Its mobile app also makes it easy to manage your business on the go.

Loyverse offers a range of features to help you manage your inventory, sales reports, and customer information. It’s a perfect choice for small businesses that are just starting out with a POS system.


Choosing the right point of sale (POS) system is crucial for small business owners looking to streamline operations, track inventory, and manage sales and customers. A reliable POS system is an essential tool to improve business efficiency and profitability. With a variety of options available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one that meets your unique business needs. However, selecting the right POS system is critical to ensuring your business’s success in the long term.

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