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The probe into the security breach has unearthed the fact that 5.1 million documents were removed from the database held by the investigators.

In the aftermath of the breach

It has been discovered, in the aftermath of the data leak, that 29k April was a member of the security staff that the Hacking Team had. In her capacity as a member of this team, April was tasked with looking into allegations that a protected internal network had been compromised.

According to the findings of the investigation, on April 29, an unknown hacker contacted the system administrators of Hacking Team through email to warn them of a data breach and demand a ransom for the data. A link inside the email that connected to a Dropbox account made the files that had been stolen available for viewing by the recipient. After receiving this email, the security team at Hacking Team quickly began searching for any indicators that their systems had been breached. They found that they had been hacked.

After analyzing the material that was taken, our security specialists came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of a breach in the networks maintained by the Hacking Team.  We have a strong suspicion that the hacker gained access to April’s network by sending her an email that contained a harmful link or attachment (or by tricking her into clicking on a bogus website address), both of which resulted in the compromise of her laptop and allowed the hacker to gain access to the network.


April 29, 2019

The investigation that we have been conducting into the incident that took place in March 2019 is not yet complete. We have determined that there were more than 5.1 thousand lines of code in the release that was made on the 29th of April, whereas there were only 1.4 thousand lines of code in the release that was made on the 4th of April, during a time when we believe an intentional change was made to one or more files related to our test suite that would impact performance. We have determined this by comparing the number of lines of code in each release.

Investigators codecov

Investigators codecov

Questions about the Code of Criminal Procedure

29k April



Influence on the Clientele

As a consequence of the occurrence, a number of customers that rely on Codecov’s services for automated code reviews and testing before deploying new software versions into production settings have raised concern. These customers use Codecov’s services before releasing new software versions.

Organizations such as IBM and Atlas Sian were quick to react by posting announcements informing users about the actions they were taking as a response to the intrusion in their systems. These announcements were posted in response to the fact that the organizations had discovered the breach in their systems (e.g., reviewing credentials associated with their accounts).

In a similar vein, it has been reported that government agencies such as NASA are currently in the process of reviewing all of the existing contracts that have been signed with Codecov, while at the same time temporarily suspending the signing of any new contracts until further notice. This is in line with the previous point. This is being done so that they may examine any possible vulnerabilities that may exist within their own systems and which may have been exposed as a result of this event.

Specifics about the Compromised Data

On the 15th of April, 2021, Codecov revealed that an unauthorized actor had accessed their Bash Uploader script, which gave the intruder access to sensitive client data such as API tokens, passwords, and user keys. This information was compromised as a result of the unlawful access.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the systems in question had been compromised by attackers over the course of a period of three months commencing on the 31st of January, 2021. This discovery was made possible by the fact that the systems had been hacked. During this time period, it is believed that they had access to customer data; however, there has been no evidence to imply that any customer data was misused or stolen in any manner. This theory is based on circumstantial evidence.

Continuing inquiries investigate what caused the incident

Since the security flaw was found, investigators have been working diligently to determine its breadth and identify the types of information that may have been accessed by those responsible for the incident. Since the security flaw was found, investigators have been working diligently to determine its breadth.

Codecov has been conducting interviews with witnesses and analyzing logs collected from its own systems as well as logs taken from third-party services with whom it interacts in order to accomplish this goal (such as cloud hosting providers).

Despite the fact that the investigations are still ongoing, the investigators have not yet identified any evidence of malicious activity or unlawful use of customer data. Nonetheless, the investigations are still ongoing.

Reports from April Satter of Reuters on the Inquiry

After completing an investigation into the occurrence, Reuters published a report on April 23, 2021, in which they discussed some of the findings and inferences they had drawn as a result of their findings.

Their sources inside Codecov’s internal security team said that the attacker had full access to some portions of Codecov’s computer infrastructure for more than three months. This information was provided by Codecov’s internal security team. It’s possible that the attacker gained access to a significant amount of sensitive data or planted malicious code without being noticed.

In addition to this, they said that Codecov has found more possible entry points for attackers, which are now being investigated further by the security teams of both Codecov and the third-party services with whom they interact (such as cloud hosting providers).


Investigators are highly competent individuals who have undergone extensive training and are able to help you with your data breach. After the discovery of a data breach, we were able to provide assistance to a significant number of companies as well as individuals. In the event that you have reason to suspect that there has been a breach of security at your company, we are able to provide assistance to you. Notwithstanding this, we are able to be of assistance to you in the event that you have cause to think that a data breach has happened at your company. We have a substantial amount of experience conducting investigations into breaches and obtaining evidence for federal regulatory and criminal enforcement bodies. Our knowledge spans a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and technology. We ask that you get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can fill you in on the many ways in which we may be able to help you.

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