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Around 40% of the total is made up of toy and miniature dog breeds.

Those with limited space, such as the elderly, those who live in apartments, and families with young children have all shown a growing preference for List Small Dog Breeds as companion animals.

How do you narrow down your options when there are literally hundreds of canines from which to choose?

With this tiny dog breeds guide, we want to assist you in finding your perfect companion.

For your convenience, we have organized the dogs into groups by breed so that you may begin to narrow down your options.

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The German Affenpinscher, whose name literally translates to monkey-like terrier in English, lives up to its moniker? The French call them diablo tin moustache, which literally translates to little devil with a moustache.

They are devoted and kind, yet they often insist on doing things their way and not yours. Their comedic antics and light weight (5 kg) make them the star of the show at every gathering.

American Hairless Terrier

The American hairless terrier, originally from Louisiana, is a high-energy, quick-thinking, and fun canine. This little dog lacks hair, making it a good option for those who have allergies. A coated variation exists as well; it has a short, glossy coat and sheds very little.

Avoid exposing your hairless List Small Dog Breeds to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. They like the company of humans and are content to laze about the home with their human relatives. Reduced to moderate levels of physical activity are required.

Australian Terrier

The “Aussie” is a kind of working dog developed specifically for protecting homes and farms from vermin like rats and snakes. Keep them occupied and active.

The Australian may become destructive and boisterous if it is bored or neglected for too long. An Australian Shepherd is a great pet since it is loyal, devoted, and submissive (to training).

Because of their egotistical nature, they may not fare well in households with other pets.

The Australian Terrier is one of the healthiest List Small Dog Breeds around. Their coat isn’t prone to excessive shedding, so they need just occasional maintenance.

They tip the scales at 7–9 kg.

Australian Silky Terrier

About 4.5 kilograms in weight The Silky is full of life and love and has a personality that is bigger than life. They are always on the go, following a moving object or digging in the garden.

It is a relative of the Yorkshire terrier and was developed in Australia. The Silky’s long coat has a luxuriously smooth silky sheen, as the name suggests, but it needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

It has the appearance of a real toy dog, yet it seldom barks excessively.


The Basenji is a classy little hound that’s perfect for hunting small game. In terms of List Small Dog Breeds, the Basenji is among the first known to have been domesticated. Due to their inability to bark, they are sometimes referred to as “Africa’s bark less dog,” yet they do make a distinctive yodeling sound.

It’s important to train and exercise these short-haired creatures often. They are quite free-spirited, so make sure your backyard is secure.

They get along well with other pets and are kind with kids, but since they need careful training, they are best suited for households with teenagers or adults.


Beagles, another ancient List Small Dog Breeds, date back to the 1500s. Their excellent sense of smell makes them popular quarantine detection dogs. The Brits employed them to hunt tiny animals.

Beagles are lively, amiable household dogs. They have a silky short coat in tricolor, red, white, or lemon, like the bigger foxhound.

If they don’t get enough exercise, they’ll become overweight and destructive. They need a fenced yard for exercise, so apartments are not ideal.

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is an endearing and lively List Small Dog Breeds that thrives on human companionship. They make for a dependable and watchful guard dog. Keep your Bedlington on a leash at all times since it will want to pursue everything that moves.

They resemble lambs in appearance and have a white, curly coat. The hair doesn’t shed, but they require frequent trimming. The pear shape of their head and the arch of their back are easily recognizable features List Small Dog Breeds.

Bichon Frise

The earliest known examples of the Bichon Frise may be found in the 14th century. This fluffy little bundle weighs between 3 and 6 kilograms, yet it makes a fantastic pet.

The Bichon Frise is a wonderful option for the elderly or families with small children because to its affable, kind, and loving nature.

They don’t bark much, therefore they’re suitable for those who live in condos or apartments. In order to maintain its mental and physical health List Small Dog Breeds, a Bichon Frise requires at least two walks every day from its owner.


Bichon Bolognese or Bolo is the Bolognese breed. Toy-sized breed.

Their fluffy, long, white coat resembles a cloud. They’re allergy-friendly since they don’t shed. Trim or tie back their long coat around the eyes. Brush your Bolognese often.

The List Small Dog Breeds originates in Bologna, Italy. Rich Roman noblemen possessed them.

Contemporary Bolognese are laid-back. They get enough exercise from short walks and outdoor play. These fit seniors. They bond with their owners and dislike being alone. Bolognese requires time. They’re slow to trust strangers.

Border Terrier

The Border terriers are bright, loyal, and loving, yet they were originally developed for fox hunting.

Border terriers are List Small Dog Breeds beneficial for allergy patients since they shed less due to their short undercoat and wiry top coat. They adore kids and other dogs but may not like cats in the home.

Apartment-friendly border terriers don’t bark much.

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