Things to know When Renting a Car at Airport

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Many people must realize how important it is to pick up their rental car at the right time. Being late means, the car might not be there. If things don’t go as planned, find out when to book your car when you fly in. A rental car will only be on time if you’re on time. If you do not arrive on time, the counter staff might rent the car to someone else. Therefore, when booking your car online, it’s important to be as precise as possible about your arrival time.

Things to know When Renting a car at Airport

Here are some tips to know when you need luxury car rental services then follow these tips.

Check the Best Time to Book a Car After the Flight Arrival Time.

A slight arrival delay should be smooth if you give yourself more time than expected. Getting to the counter a few minutes early is easier than arriving late. It is common for rental companies to let you pick up the vehicle early if available.

Leave 45-60 minutes between the arrival time and the pick-up time of your car rental. In the case of short-haul travel with only hand luggage, 30 minutes might work if the rental counter is inside the terminal.

Give yourself extra time if:

You’re Renting a Car from an Airport

You may have to walk farther to reach the rental counter. You may even have to travel to a different terminal or catch a shuttle bus to reach the rental desk.

You’re Renting a Car During Peak Season.

There is likely to be a queue at passport control during a busy time of year, and baggage may take longer to arrive.

There Is Checked Baggage on Your Flight.

The baggage carousel can take some time to load checked luggage. Baggage reclaim is optional when you only have hand luggage.

Traveling with Children

It is normal for kids to need time to relax after a flight and move around before their next journey.

Outside the Terminal Is the Rental Counter

You may need to take a shuttle bus to get to the rental company.

How Can I Change the Time of My Pick-Up for the Hire Car?

You can change the pick-up time online if your plans change a few weeks or days before you travel.

Is There a Wait Time for a Rental Car?

In most cases, car rental companies provide a grace period in which they wait for you to pick up the car. There is a range of 29 minutes to 2 hours between the two sessions. The car may be rented to someone else after this time.

What If I’m Late and the Rental Counter Is Closed for the Night?

Basically, there are two options:

Try to find out if other rental companies are still open nearby and if you can rent a car there instead.

Take a taxi or other means of transportation to your destination that night, then call your original rental company when they reopen the next morning to return the vehicle.

In either case, you may lose the money you paid for the original car.

Familiarize Yourself with the Rental Vehicle.

There is something unique about every car. Renting a car is likely to differ from driving back home. Make sure you adjust the seat and mirrors before heading out. Locate the car’s air conditioning, lights, wipers, handbrake, and air conditioning. After familiarizing yourself with the vehicle, you can begin your journey.

Make Sure You Know Where You’re Going.

If you plan to rent a car for you trip, it’s a good idea to have specific places in mind to visit to budget your time effectively. There are plenty of landmarks and attractions on the island of Rhodes, which isn’t as small as you might think.

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