Top Twitch Streamers by Hours Watched

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The monthly top game live streaming channels on Twitch are shown below along with the major game title each channel covers, along with a rating of the top 10 Twitch streamers based on total hours seen.

What are the Top Game Channels on Twitch right now?

Find the most well-liked Twitch streams that broadcast material linked to games by looking through the ranking below. The number of hours that Twitch users viewed a channel overall throughout the given month is what determines which streamers are at the top of the list.

Are you looking for further statistics about the top Twitch streamers? You may access the top 10,000 games and 40,000+ games live streaming channels with a New zoo Expert Subscription, and you can filter on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Who are the Biggest Twitch streamers

We update this website with a fresh list of the top Twitch streamers each month. Make sure to save it so you can check back to see whether the list of the top Twitch gaming channels has changed next month. Check out our ranking of the Watched Games on Twitch if you also want to know which games have had the most views this month.

Most Viewed Games on Twitch

Top Twitch Streamers by Hours Watched

Leading live streaming website Twitch. tv. An average of 30 million people visit it every day, and they spend time watching more than 7 million streams. The way we enjoy video games has completely changed thanks to Twitch live broadcasting. Nowadays, a lot of individuals find excitement in watching others play games rather than being involved themselves. Even while Twitch technically supports a wide range of broadcasting formats, it is no secret that game streaming is what keeps the site alive. Most people often visit Twitch to watch individuals play video games and listen to their commentary while they play. But which games do they frequently watch? Are popular games on Twitch the same as those that are now in high demand online through Steam, EA, or another gaming company?

You’ll see a startling diversity of games being played if you glance at the list below. A couple of the most popular categories on Twitch have nothing to do with gaming. Battle royales, MMORPGs, fighting games, sports games, and even casino games will all be there.

The most popular games that broadcasters on Twitch play vary over time, sometimes even daily. As a result, we have chosen the games that have been played the most on Twitch this year using data from Twitch Stats. These depict the typical Twitch gaming watcher. We also display overall rankings for the 50 most popular games on Twitch.

The top most-watched games on Twitch all-time ranked

Numerous competitors have contested Twitch for the title of top streaming destination, but none have yet defeated the Amazon-owned powerhouse. Thanks to a robust supply of streamers large and small broadcasting these games constantly throughout the years, certain games have amassed tremendous audience statistics on the site, up in the billions of hours viewed.

What games are the most played, though? Sully Gnome, a well-known Twitch analytics website, was used to calculate the total amount of hours seen for some of the most popular games on the platform starting in 2016.

The top games ever streamed on Twitch are shown here as of October 2022.

Best Games to Stream on Twitch for New Streamers in 2023

It might be thrilling to launch a Twitch channel, but the success of the channel depends on the game that is streamed. In this post, we’ll examine the “Best Games to Stream on Twitch” according to viewer satisfaction, engagement, and popularity.

We’ll showcase the greatest games to offer countless hours of amusement and draw a sizable fanbase, from frantic action to strategic games. These “Best Games to Stream on Twitch” are the ideal beginning point for anybody interested in becoming a successful streamer, regardless of experience level.

Minecraft (One of the Best Games to Stream on Twitch for New Streamers in 2023)

One of the most-watched games on Twitch right now is Minecraft. Due to its low level of complexity, this game is highly enjoyable for beginning streamers. In this game, players are free to investigate anything and come up with whatever they want.

In addition, gamers may unwind in the nostalgia of the game while interacting with others in the community through Minecraft. Players can build interactions with other players in this game. Additionally, broadcasters with 10 to 50 concurrent viewers are advised to play this game.


Which of those top games to stream on Twitch in 2023 are you most interested in trying? You can try other fun games to stream on Twitch if you’re a middle-level or well-known streamer. Do you have any recommendations for other games for newcomers? Please provide your feedback below.

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