Understanding the Benefits of SD-WAN for Your Business

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In today’s world, your business is dependent on fast, reliable connectivity to stay competitive. So, if your network can’t meet the demand of your users, you could be at risk for failure.

The best way to keep your network strong is to invest in SD-WAN technology. This networking technology can make a massive difference for your business by offering a variety of benefits, including increased bandwidth, improved security, and more.

Increased Bandwidth

One of the essential benefits of SD WAN is its ability to increase bandwidth on demand. This can help your business connect to applications accessed over the Internet or in the cloud and improve your network’s performance overall.

SD-WAN also offers several security features, including encryption and next-generation firewalls that can be activated and configured from a single management console. These security measures can help prevent data loss and other cyberattacks that could otherwise put your business at risk.

Another significant benefit of SD-WAN is that it can help to reduce organizational downtime. This is because it can automate and streamline the processes you use when managing your network, freeing up your IT team’s time and resources.

Additionally, SD-WAN can also help to reduce costs. This is because it can provide lower-cost options for connecting to the Internet and cloud services and lower-cost MPLS connections. In some cases, this can lead to significant cost savings.

Increased Security

When you use an SD-WAN, your data is encrypted, so only you can decrypt it. This makes it impossible for hackers to intercept the data and access your private information.

It also enables secure connections to the public Internet, cloud applications, and services. It is an ideal solution for businesses constantly sending sensitive information across public networks and wanting to keep it secure at all times.

Another significant SD-WAN benefit is that it helps to prioritize traffic. This means you can set rules so that social media or other low-priority processes don’t interfere with high-priority ones.

This control allows for more granular traffic routing and load-sharing, making it easier to support the digital transformation of your business as you adopt more cloud services. It can free up your IT teams to focus on more strategic areas of the company while helping to improve performance and reliability. It also supports the growth of your business as more employees take advantage of cloud-based applications for increased productivity and agility.

Improved Performance

In today’s business environment, employees are increasingly accessing applications from the cloud and integrating technology into production and service processes. This requires more bandwidth than a traditional router-based WAN can provide.

Luckily, SD-WAN allows you to prioritize business-critical traffic to the fastest, most reliable connections. This reduces latency and packet loss, which improves customer experience and boosts employee morale.

This is achieved via two methods: path selection and intelligent routing.

By using Artificial Intelligence, this solution automatically routes traffic based on network conditions and other factors. This allows you to easily add or remove a connection as your business requirements change.

This also means that if one of your ISPs goes down, your business won’t lose Internet access. In addition, this solution automatically reroutes information to the highest-performing connection possible so you can get back online quickly.

Increased Flexibility

If your business has multiple locations, remote sites or a network of branch offices, it is essential to have a high-speed, reliable digital connection. However, traditional wide area networks (WANs) can be complicated and expensive to rework as the needs of your business change.

With SD-WAN, you can optimize your network traffic with centralized control. This allows you to prioritize business-critical traffic and real-time data services based on network conditions or other parameters.

This allows you to steer network traffic over the most efficient route, reducing packet loss and latency issues affecting employee productivity. The result is exceptional network performance.

In addition, SD-WAN offers a scalable network that can adapt to changing operational demands. This makes it possible to make changes for remote sites from any location and digitally monitor network performance. This helps ensure your business can keep up with the latest technology and trends without sacrificing performance or security.

Reduced Costs

As well as being a great way to reduce connectivity costs, SD-WAN can help to decrease your hardware and software support costs. This means you won’t have to spend as much on professional contractors or other experts, which will help you save money in the long run.

In addition, SD-WAN can make it easier for you to manage your network and connect your employees to the Internet and your cloud applications. This will make your business more efficient and productive and improve employee morale.

This can also lead to increased profitability for your company. The improved visibility and rerouting capabilities of an SD-WAN will allow you to track the data flowing in and out of your system more efficiently, which will help you in reducing your overall expenses.

In addition, SD-WAN will also enable you to connect your branch offices and remote workers to a reliable internet connection with low-cost failover options. This will help you to avoid outages and interruptions that could lead to a loss of revenue for your business.

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