What Is Wordle and Why You Should Play It with Your Kids

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You must have heard of a game called “Wordle” if you’ve been on the internet lately. People are currently talking exclusively about it on the internet. On it, people are putting in a lot of time!

In the middle of all of this, you may have questioned the advantages of this game and whether it is good for your children. The majority of internet time is spent by children. Therefore, it might be quite beneficial if they utilize it to buy something practical that advances their learning. Fortunately, Wordle is one of those games that might aid in your child’s personal development.

In this article, the benefits of the game should be discussed, so that, you can make a choice of whether you want your kid to play the game or not.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word puzzle game, to put it simply. In the game, the player gets six chances to discover words with five letters. People from all around the world play the game. It was initially developed in the UK, and the New York Times just bought it. The game is mainly well-liked among adolescents and young adults. No official applications for the game have been released; it is solely accessible online.

How to Play Wordle?

  • There are very few rules to the game. The following is a list of the game’s rules:
  • There are six opportunities given to the player to identify 5-letter words.
  • At the start of the game, no hints are given. You only need to type a random phrase and wait.
  • The squares’ colours will change once you press the enter key.
  • The letter is absent from the word if the square turns grey. If it becomes yellow, the letter is present but isn’t where it should be. The letter is correctly positioned and is present in the word if the tile is becoming green.
  • As you continue to guess the words based on the given suggestions, the game continues.
  • The objective is to cover every phrase without blowing many chances. If they get the words perfect in one or two attempts, some even want to post about their expertise on social media!

The advantages of playing Wordle with your kids are numerous. Below we list the top four of them:

Better Language Skills:

The primary advantage of having your child play games like Wordle is that it aids with their language acquisition. Studies show that when children are taught in an entertaining fashion, they are more likely to retain the information. They may expand their vocabulary with the aid of Wordle. Even if English is not their first language, playing games like Wordle may help you and them both get better at using it.

ImBetter Cognition Skills:

The game also encourages kids to think beyond the box and teaches them to use their imagination. This aids in your child’s cognitive development.

Increases Competitiveness:

The game’s greatest benefit is that it teaches your child more about competitiveness. You can encourage your child to play the game against others. You might be shocked by how quickly they can decipher the phrases while trying to outwit you.

Stress Reliever:

Given how much the game aids with stress release, the parent may find this argument to be pertinent. Your thoughts are diverted from whatever is going on in your life. Away from the pressures of the adult world, you are entirely focused on using language to communicate with your child. Additionally, it promotes strong parent-child relationships. An Important Note

Despite the fact that the original website is entirely secure, it should be noted that there are several phone applications and websites. Even though these phone websites offer the same functions as the real ones, they frequently capture your personal information. If your youngster is utilizing the website, this is something to be concerned about. Make sure that both you and your child are using the original one.

What is the Wordle game?

Users must correctly identify a 5-letter word in no more than six tries in the daily word puzzle known as Wordle, which was developed in the UK. The square glows green when a player guesses the right letter in the right spot. It turns yellow if they predict the right letter in the wrong spot. To demonstrate how many tries it took them to succeed, players can post their results on social media.

Why is Wordle popular?

Its simplicity is what gives it appeal. Users are limited to one game each day, which necessitates moderation. Wordle is a wonderful option to encourage online health for individuals who are prone to endless scrolling or binge-playing such games.

The Wordle game may be played online without downloading anything. Hard mode, dark mode, and colour blind mode are the only options available. Players are not encouraged to divert their attention from the game when there are no commercials.

What are the benefits of Wordle?

  • encourages word retention and vocabulary development
  • There is a positive culture around the game that places a strong focus on avoiding giving anybody else the day’s word ahead of time.
  • The share feature that appears once a word is correctly answered has led to the existence of a vibrant social media community.
  • It compels consumers to consider all options seriously. Five-letter words are trickier to guess than they appear to be!

Things to watch out for

There are several imitations of Wordle that are not now ad-free and web-based, despite the fact that the original is. The app shops constantly delete these knockoffs, but new ones keep surfacing. They are similar to Wordle in appearance and functionality, but they tend to gather data and information differently than the original.

Through cookies, Wordle stores users’ gaming progress. Cookies may be erased without undoing any progress. However, a lot of the game’s clones gather and keep data, particularly for targeted advertisements. Children who play one of the knockoff games face the danger of disclosing needless information or clicking on advertisements for unrelated material. Parental restrictions for these applications are absent, thus children may see any form of advertisement.

There are many more Wordle adult-themed variations that include language inappropriate for individuals under 18.

Verify that your kid is playing the original web-based version of Wordle to make sure they are having fun and remaining safe.


One may get the conclusion that playing the game with your children is a great way to bond with them. The fact that the game offers so many advantages definitely help! Playing this game with your child helps them learn new skills while also becoming a wonderful parent.

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