Why iPhones Slow Down Overtime

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Being regular phone users, we’ve all witnessed a moment when our devices start to slow down, perhaps hanging up sometimes. However, this is something very ordinary. Like a computer or any memory-storing device, phones also need decluttering and wear and tear. This blog post will look into some reasons that could lead to a sluggish iPhone. At the end of the blog, we’ll also suggest you consult a professional iPhone repair Lakeland in case of a more complex problem. So, without further delay, let’s start to explore!

Unused Apps Installed

iPhones are loaded with too many unused apps that might cause slowing down your phone as time passes. Even if you’re not using them, they’ll eventually eat up the space and consume a considerable amount of processing power. In the end, the phone’s processor is overloaded. And when the RAM reaches its limits, your phone pauses between your command and its execution. You might get used to a slow-processing phone in the long run, but it can crash your device down.

So, what’s the solution? Take some spare time and look for those apps that are no longer in use. Uninstall them. Also, look for any duplicate app files that are taking up space. Doing so might get your device back to its average pace.

Temporary & Junk Files

Your phone is continuously saving temporary files like app cache, log files and cookies from online browsers, just files of uninstalled apps, gallery cache, multiple duplicates of files and more. These junk files fill the space and make the processor underpower as they continuously keep the wheel moving.

However, here’s the right solution to this problem. Most iPhones have a built-in files management tool that allows you to scan, detect, delete and restore your phone’s storage. Additionally, you can download a reliable file manager app if you can’t find any similar tool. This practice may make your phone back to normal.

Insufficient RAM

A low-end iPhone or a device with entry-level features is always in a RAM-stressed situation. The reason is that when these phones were released, the apps could have been more potent in terms of processing requirements. Daily updates in technology make it impossible for the such device to keep a parallel pace. This results in slowing down the phone or unable to run the updated apps anymore.

The first thing you can do to resolve this problem is to update the phone. However, if you’re unable to do so, then try to keep your phone as clean as possible by removing unwanted apps and cleaning the gallery regularly; in this way, you can not only increase the life of the device, but it will also keep your phone in average condition.

Gallery Cache

Sometimes we use it to save photos, videos, and other animations. However, this might create a problem after a while. We keep on saving unwanted multimedia files, leave no room in the storage space. As a result, the phone starts to slow down. You should have a regular clean-up session of the phone so that no extra data consumes the processor unnecessarily.

So, use an automatic data clean-up tool to help you run a quick scan. Plus, try to limit the apps, especially the social media platforms, to save files automatically.

Software Updates

Whether you’re an iOS user or an IOS user, this software keeps updating. These updates are done to improve the usability and security features. You may notice a pop-up message on the phone asking you to allow an update. However, these might slow down your phone as they’re designed with the latest tech in mind.

But you can get rid of such kinds of hassles by disabling the auto-update feature on your phone. Although some apps might still need an update, an overall update will be disabled.

Virus and Malware Attack

One of the most common reasons that play a significant role in slowing the phones down is a virus and malware attack. iPhones are continuously connected to the internet. And a little carelessness or a loophole can breach the security of the phone, resulting in slowing down the performance and other significant issues.

First, keep your phone safe by downloading reputable anti-virus software, or keep the phone safe by upgrading its security features. This will keep your phone safe from all kinds of malware attacks.

Final Words

We’ve summed up a few reasons that contribute to sluggish iPhones. You can take care of your phone while keeping these points in mind. If you need more clarification on the problem, consult a professional iPhone repair in Lakeland. They will make sure you get your phone back up and running again. Thanks for reading!

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