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20m Series Wire wheel Capital Technical Today, the firm Wire wheel, which assists companies in gathering and managing consumer data, said that it has secured $20 million in Series B investment. New Enterprise Associates, First Mark Capital, and Founder Collective were the other investors in the round, which was led by New Enterprise Associates. $32 million was invested in all. Wire wheel intends to continue increasing its product and technical teams and go-to-market initiatives with the additional funding.

Additionally, the business will increase its efforts to work with corporate clients using the money. Wire wheel is a data management platform that was established in 2016 that aids companies in gathering, comprehending, and managing their consumer data. The start-up offers solutions for handling data security, privacy, and compliance.

A data discovery tool from Wire wheel’s platform enables firms to catalogue all of their data, and a data mapping tool demonstrates how that data moves across various systems. The business also provides a selection of solutions for monitoring data activities and controlling access to information. In addition to its platform, Wire wheel offers managed services to enterprises to assist with compliance and data protection.

According to the firm, it partners with businesses in a number of sectors, including e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, and financial services. CEO Justin Boyan and CTO Chris Herot, who had previously collaborated at data company Red Panda Labs, established Wire wheel. Boston and San Francisco are home to the business’s offices. The article Wire wheel Raises $20M Series B to Aid Companies in Gathering and Managing Customer Data originally published on Technical.ly. Baltimore. A firm called Wire wheel assists companies in gathering and managing consumer data.

What is Wirewheel?

A 20 million Series Capital-backed firm called Wire wheel assists businesses in gathering, comprehending, and acting on consumer data. Former Google and Twitter executives started the business, which has its headquarters in San Francisco.

What does Wirewheel do?

A platform from Wirewheel enables businesses to gather, comprehend, and use client data. A data management tool, a data analysis tool, and a data action tool are all included in the platform. These tools assist firms in gathering and organizing consumer data from various sources, understanding customer behaviour, and taking appropriate action based on that data.

What are the benefits of using Wirewheel?

The advantages of Wire wheel use include:

– Faster time to insights: The platform supports businesses in gathering and analyzing consumer data rapidly so they can decide how to enhance the customer experience.

– Greater awareness of the wants and preferences of the client: The platform offers thorough insights into customer behaviour to help enterprises better grasp these factors.

– Increased customer engagement: The platform enables businesses to act on consumer data to enhance customer loyalty and experience.

What are the features of Wirewheel?

The qualities of Wirewheel are as follows:

– Data management: The platform assists businesses in gathering and compiling client data from various sources.

– Data analysis: The platform aids businesses in comprehending consumer behaviour.

– Data action: The platform aids businesses in using client data for action.

How much does Wirewheel cost?

The price for utilizing Wirewheel is determined by the features and capabilities that businesses need. Ask Wirewheel for a personalized quotation. What hardware is needed in order to use Wirewheel? The following systems are needed to use Wirewheel: – A computer connected to the internet – An acceptable web browser.


What is Wirewheel’s approach to data privacy?

Our business is dedicated to protecting the privacy of the user data we gather. We have put in place organizational and technical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to, use of, or disclosure of user data. See the Privacy Statement for more information.

What happens to my data if I cancel my Wirewheel account?

Within 30 days of cancelling your Wire wheel account, your data will be removed from our servers. After account deletion, we could keep compiled information (i.e., data not associated with any specific individual).

What are the terms and conditions of using Wirewheel?

The terms and conditions of using Wirewheel are available on the website.

Who should I contact if I have questions about using Wirewheel?

If you have questions about using Wirewheel, contact [email protected] do I get started with using Wire wheel? To start using Wire wheel, sign up for a free trial on the website.

Wirewheel 20m Series Capital Technical.ly

A $20 million Series A fundraising round for Wirewheel, a firm that offers a platform for data privacy and security for businesses, has been closed. Redpoint Ventures took the lead in the round, and First Mark Capital, Underscore VC, and Work-Bench also contributed. This raises the company’s total capital raised to $28 million. CEO Justin Antoni Pillai, a former official in the Obama administration, and CTO Kevin Lee, a former engineer at Palantir, created Wirewheel in 2016. The company’s platform aids businesses in adhering to data privacy laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (CCPA). Additionally, it gives businesses a mechanism to safeguard and manage client data.

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