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Businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) are relying more and more on partner ecosystems to generate income. In a 2018 Accenture poll, 76% of company leaders predicted that in the next five years, current business models won’t be recognizable, with ecosystems acting as the primary change agent. However, despite their rising significance, companies haven’t always used technology to encourage partnerships, instead depending on spreadsheets and protracted online or in-person meetings. Read the 50m Series Insight Partners Crook Tech Crunch story.

Business ecosystems have a high failure rate despite being profitable, which is possibly because of this. Less than 15%, according to BCG research, were long-term sustainable. However, things don’t have to be this way. That’s according to Reveal CEO Simon Bouchez, who alongside Gautier Machelon, Perrine El Khoury and Alex Sadones aims to build a platform that allows B2B companies to more easily identify sales opportunities with their partners.

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with clients including Vonage, Tealium, Content square, and Qualtrics. Today, reveal disclosed that it has secured $50 million in a Series A round from investors including Eight Roads, Chalfen Ventures, Dig Ventures, LocalGlobe & Latitude, and Ventech. The deal was headed by Insight Partners. The business has now raised around $54 million in total thanks to the funding.

In an email to TechCrunch, Bouchez stated that “organizations produce 2x more value when selling to a partner consumer.” “However, businesses seldom invest in partnerships because they lack the knowledge necessary to realize this benefit. Partnership executives continue to lack a definite place at the revenue table.

Before founding Reveal in 2020, Bouchez served as the CEO of HR IT firm Multiposting until 2018, when SAP purchased it. Gautier co-founded the personnel sourcing and recruiting platform Work4, and Sadones served as its CTO. At Work4, Khoury oversaw company growth.

What the numbers tell us

Capital raising

This year, venture capital funding has mostly stayed consistent. VC companies have raised $122 billion so far this year, and they are on track to raise $172 billion by the end of the year.

This amount is somewhat less than 2020 ($180 billion), 20% less than 2021 ($214 billion), and 11% less than the $194 billion average yearly revenue received since 2019.

In sharp contrast to the underwhelming success of high-growth brands in the public markets, there has been a healthy amount of fundraising. For example, our high-growth SaaS bucket has experienced losses of at least 60% and as much as 80%.

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Initially, the automated sales account mapping process—that is, the procedure of cataloguing the personnel who operate at a certain target account—was the primary emphasis of Reveal, which was launched as Sharework. However, the business started to diversify its product approach in 2020, focusing on marketers looking to generate and convert sales leads.

The solution from Reveal might be categorized as ecosystem management, or tools for navigating and managing B2B partner networks, according to some. However, Bouchez contends that by including sales and marketing teams in the lead generation, sales enablement, and ecosystem growth processes, Reveal takes a step further.

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