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We’ve lost count of the number of times Musk has changed his mind or made contradicting statements over what a new, $8 verification badge will do, but now that the feature has been activated, phoney accounts are capitalizing on the commotion. Read the Minneapolis-related story on aihatmakertechcrunch.

Some paying customers may now see Twitter’s purchased blue check marks, which populate the timeline with tweets that seem to be from official accounts. Additionally, it appears that Musk’s Twitter skeleton crew made no significant changes to the visual language of the blue check, so at the moment it communicates that you are either truly who you claim to be — like @CocaCola — or you are just some random person who just paid $8 and received a seal of approval.

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The two types of blue check accounts can no longer be visually distinguished from one another when tweets are shown in Twitter’s timeline. To do this, one would need to click through to a user’s follower count, which isn’t always a trustworthy indicator, or look for any hints in their previous tweets. The wording that appears when you click on the check mark directly from a profile page appears to be different as well, but like with everything on Twitter right now, it is subject to change.

This has so far garnered some fast notice for a fake LeBron James account that said the basketball star was looking for a trade away from the Lakers. Other players, including NHL star Connor McDavid and baseball pitcher Aroldis Chapman, had the same therapy.

TC City Spotlight: Minneapolis

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As we’ve previously mentioned, Musk has already expressed a variety of opinions about the idea of charging users $8 per month to get rid of spam and bots. But now that the function has suddenly become available, anyone may pretend to be someone else for $8 per month, and their work will be algorithmically promoted without any approval. (However, it appears that this premium feature, along with almost all of Twitter Blue’s additional capabilities, will be available shortly.)

Now that the tweets have gathered traction and Twitter administrators’ notice, all of those accounts have been suspended. If Twitter doesn’t have any interest in screening at the time of payment, which Musk obviously doesn’t, it’s difficult for Twitter to catch all of this after the fact with one-half the people it was previously working with.

There are significant consequences for Twitter’s standing as a trustworthy news source and significant misuse possibilities. Musk waited until the day after the U.S. elections to announce his chaotic scheme, but given that many contests have not yet been declared, we can absolutely expect to witness uncertainty that is far more serious than a fictitious basketball transaction.

Aside from the possibility for misinformation, Musk’s idea also threatens the presence of celebrities, which is one of the features that makes Twitter engaging for regular users. Twitter’s valuation will drop off a cliff relatively quickly, and its ad income won’t be far after if users can’t even dependably discover famous individuals to follow like athletes, politicians, and movie stars.


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