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When it comes to spicing up your interior design, styling neon accessories can be a quick and easy way to get on board with the trend.

Whether it’s a cute quote or an aesthetic blue neon sign, they’re an easy and affordable way to add some character to your space. And if you don’t end up liking it in the long run, you can easily switch it out!


Bars are a type of drinking establishment in which alcohol is served on the premises. They may be a part of larger venues such as hotels, restaurants and nightclubs or may be a separate type of establishment.

The term “bar” may be applied to counters in which alcoholic drinks are served by bartenders or servers, but may also be applied to other types of drinking establishments such as snack bars, juice bars, ice cream sundae bars and wine bars. A bar usually stores a variety of drinks in a counter that is organized to facilitate the work of the bartenders.

Bars are a popular setting for fictional works, and have appeared in a number of films and television shows. Some are considered landmarks in their own right, such as the Copacabana bar from the film Cocktail and the Kit Kat Klub from the television series Cabaret. Other fictional bar settings include the Mos Eisley cantina-bar from Star Wars, and the tiki bar from the movie Jurassic Park.


Restaurants are a large part of the food industry. While customers usually read the menu before deciding where to eat, they also take note of the exterior and interior design, decor and perceived atmosphere.

Fast food, or quick service restaurants (QSR), offer pre-packaged foods for on-the-go eating. Often known for their burgers, fries and chicken sandwiches, these establishments cater to a wide range of tastes.

Bistros, another restaurant category, have more of a cafe vibe, with guests ordering and paying at the counter. They also serve higher-priced dishes, including breakfast and lunch items like artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, salads and soup specials.

Casereccio, a brunch bar by day and neighbourhood gnoccheria by night, had us create two simple yet elegant script neon word signs to light up their cafe section. The first reads ‘Hello Neighbour’ in our bright white shade against the dark green wall, whilst the second reads ‘Artusi’s Gnoccheria’ in our timeless Neonscript font.


There’s no better way to add a little extra life to your bedroom than with a bright and bold aesthetic neon quote. Whether it’s an inspirational statement or a personal mantra, a neon sign is a great way to boost your motivation, and help you get through your day.

Aesthetic bedroom neon signs come in different designs and can be customized to match your preferences and the overall theme of your room. You can also choose from a variety of LED blue wall art to add that extra bit of flair to your bedroom walls.

When designing a bedroom, it’s important to consider what kinds of spaces and functions it needs for sleep and relaxation, study, and comfort. This is the basis for rethinking your furniture and layout.


Offices are a type of business space that allows employees to work in a comfortable, organized environment. They help promote productivity and can boost morale.

However, offices have a negative connotation in many people’s minds because they often look like dreary enclosed spaces with small cubicles. That’s why it’s important to make your office more appealing.

Using aesthetic neon quotes is an easy way to achieve that goal. They will add a pop of color and a touch of personality to any space.

They can also be a great way to display your company’s values and ethics. These can help customers and potential clients get a better idea of what your company is all about.

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