How do batch download photos from Facebook Messenger?

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Do you frequently get pictures and videos of your pals over Facebook Messenger? Wouldn’t it be amazing if Facebook Messenger downloaded your photographs and videos automatically rather than by hand? For a while, you could accomplish this using the Messenger program. The auto-save function was removed in a Messenger version that was made available in the fall of 2018.

It is possible to set Facebook Messenger to automatically save images (available only for Android devices). Although using this option is certainly challenging, it is still a very real possibility.

Utilizing Facebook Messenger is simple. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions listed below:

  1. Just touch on your account image in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Pick Photo & Media from the list on the left.
  3. To store all incoming and existing images in your phone’s gallery, toggle on Save Photos.

You may download all the photos you send or receive in Facebook Messenger chats by following these easy steps.

Similar to how you may download Instagram photographs in bulk using online programs like Instagram image downloader, you can do the same if you want to download all of the images from Instagram at once.

How to Download All Photos from Messenger Conversation

It is feasible to store every picture in your gallery if you are hunting for one on Facebook Messenger. Previously sent photographs and media may be kept on your mobile device in a variety of methods, which I will cover in this post.

If you just enable the “save photographs” option in Messenger, it offers a function that is useful for saving all the images or videos that are sent to your mobile device. However, you must keep earlier photographs transmitted or received on your messenger differently. Once activated, the function will store all media.

You must either download the entire chat on your mobile device or each image separately to save every image from Facebook Messenger. If you don’t want to miss anything, the easiest option to preserve all information from Messenger, including photographs, videos, and text, is to download all Facebook data as a backup.

Turn on the “Store images” function on your mobile device, though, if you wish to save all incoming media. Additionally, this article includes instructions on how to download a photo from a Facebook link using a Facebook downloader application.


To configure Messenger to save all photographs to your phone automatically,

Navigate to the “Photos and Media” area in Messenger’s settings.

On your phone, turn on the “Save Photo” option to save all incoming media photographs. Messenger downloads images and other material

You’ll find the “Store on Capture” option, which will also save any pictures you snap straight from your messenger. Turn on that option to save them as well.

Save all pictures on Facebook Messenger iPhone

It will effectively utilize your iPhone storage and iCloud storage if you have adequate available space. To adjust the settings so that Messenger images are automatically saved to your iPhone gallery while using an iPhone, go to:

Open your iPhone’s Facebook Messenger app first.

Then, you must choose the settings gear icon (you need to change it there).

Next, select the “Save image to camera roll” option by scrolling down.

Here, you must flip the switch choice to the ON position.

Your most recent Facebook message photographs will now be automatically saved to your iPhone gallery.

To save images to your iPhone, follow these instructions.

Download Facebook Messenger chat history with pictures

Downloading all of your Facebook data is always a wise choice if you want to mass-download all of the images from your messages, chats, and other items. Let’s have a look at the procedure and download the data by following a few steps:

Go to the menu option in the upper right corner after opening the Facebook app.

Find the privacy and setting choices by scrolling down now. To go on to the following phase, simply tap that specific choice. Click on Settings >> Your Facebook Info. Obtain Your Information.

To find Facebook information, click Settings and scroll down. Save Facebook information

After that, tap to download your data. The data that you wish to download is up to you.

Now choose “Select All” and check the “Message” box. Simply start generating the file. Go to the download option when you are prepared with the required file.

You will obtain all of the information from your Facebook account; however, it can take some time to access the download option. You will, however, get an email notification.

Download a Facebook Photo: Facebook Photo Downloader Tool:

You may access Facebook photographs from the link by opening or the app immediately on your device. However, you may use Facebook Image Downloader to take a picture on your phone or computer and download it in HD format. To download a Facebook post or photo that someone offers you a link to, do the following:

You must first copy the URL for that specific image before you can download it.

Open the Facebook picture downloader now, paste the Facebook photo URL you copied, and then hit/enter to continue. Tool for Facebook Photo Downloads

When the download option displays, pick the appropriate format by clicking the download button.

Your photo will now begin the process and be stored on your smartphone automatically.

To use the picture downloader application to download Facebook images, follow these steps.

Download multiple pictures from Facebook Messenger on a PC

Do you use Facebook Messenger with several images? To make edits and download pictures, use from your browser or Facebook chat. Next, let’s go:

Open and select the menu option to continue the download procedure. Make sure to select the settings option from that menu.

You have the choice to download a replica of your Facebook data under General Account Settings. Make sure you select that choice.

Now click “Start My Archive” to see a list of pictures.

You will be requested to input your Facebook secret key after selecting Start My Archive. The archive list will then be delivered to your email, where you may download all the files when you click “Submit.”

If you want to download Messenger photos on a desktop or MacBook, you must repeat this.

Don’t know what is Bulk Downloader?

Instead of downloading each image individually onto the computer, users may quickly and conveniently download a variety of images from a variety of web galleries using the online tool known as Bulk Image Downloader. The user no longer has to waste time clicking endlessly, which allows all users to save significant time. By reducing the size of each image separately, it can compress all large-scale photos in a matter of seconds. This provides significant bandwidth and time savings.

The ability to download photographs in a variety of formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc., is one of the alternatives offered to make the process of downloading images online simple. Some websites might not be able to handle these compression methods. The program, therefore, offers the user a thumbnail option for such web pages.

The majority of consumers like using online applications to view photographs when using the internet. People may now easily see a lot of images at once without having to constantly download them into their web browsers thanks to the bulk image downloader. The program also makes it possible to see full-sized pictures.


Try the aforementioned techniques to download pictures from Facebook. Please feel free to post your questions in the comments if you’re still unclear about how to save images from Facebook or Instagram.

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