Duckduckgo 100m Jan. August 2bcimpanuzdnet daily search queries for the first time, the search engine began seeing over 2B search queries per month

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100m Duck Duck Go August 2nd in January: The search engine should be as big and popular as possible! This year, searches multiplied tremendously, and they are still growing each month. Start using DuckDuckGo right away if you’re seeking for a fresh, less obtrusive method to search! Read the story on DuckDuckGo’s 100th anniversary in January.

By displacing Google from the market, DuckDuckGo has steadily grown in popularity since its 2008 introduction. Just this week…

  • DDD had a 3.2% rise in search inquiries over January 2018;
  • DDD has seen an average of over 2B search queries per month since August; and on January 11,
  • DDD crossed 100M daily search queries for the first time.
  • – DuckDuckGo is seeing a slight increase in search referrals from Google.

Since its launch, DuckDuckGo has rapidly expanded to become one of the top five most used search engines worldwide. The most recent statistics indicates that this week was the first time that there were more than 100 million daily searches.

DuckDuckGo currently receives over 2 billion search requests each month and is continually expanding quickly. Since August, there has been a rise of around 3% every month. Since August, DuckDuckGo has also had monthly averages of over 2 billion searches.

Compared to previous week, this week has seen a 3.2% rise in search inquiries on DDD. There was barely a 0.1% rise in daily searches in January 2018.

DuckDuckGo’s search volume is continuing to increase quickly. The search engine witnessed over 2B search requests in January for the first time in the previous two months. Every day in December, the search engine contributed more than 2 billion queries to its monthly total. In August, the number of daily queries on the search engine exceeded 100M and exceeded 1B per day.

Despite having a market share that is close to 80%, it may appear like Google has the upper hand. However, DuckDuckGo, the top alternative to Google, is still expanding quickly. In fact, this week saw DuckDuckGo reach 100M daily searches for the first time, and since August, it has seen over 2B monthly searches.

DuckDuckGo has expanded immensely. The number of queries on the search engine has increased by more than 2 billion searches per month on average during the last few of years. For instance, the search engine logged more than 1 billion searches daily in August. Since August, DuckDuckGo has averaged over 100M daily searches per month and this week alone saw a 3% growth.

Comparing January 2018 to January 2017, DuckDuckGo only had a 0.1% growth. DuckDuckGo observed no rise in search inquiries in January for the second consecutive month this year. In reality, the search engine suffered a little decline in searches last year and saw about 1.5 billion queries per month in December 2017.

DuckDuckGo received over 2 billion searches in January, and since DuckDuckGo’s 100th day, over 2 billion searches have been made monthly. August 2nd in January.

DuckDuckGo is still expanding quickly. This week alone, the search engine saw a 3% increase in daily searches. Compared to December 2017, DuckDuckGo only had an increase of 0.1% in January 2018. This was the second month in a row this year that they had no growth in search inquiries.

Since August, when it reached 1B daily searches, DuckDuckGo has consistently surpassed 100M daily searches.

Historic week for privacy apps

In the same week that Telegram and Signal, two other privacy-focused applications, reported significant spurts of growth, DuckDuckGo reached a historical milestone.

While Signal’s servers crashed on Friday after suddenly receiving “millions upon millions of new users,” a sudden flood that the firm said exceeded even its most optimistic forecasts, Telegram revealed on Monday that it had topped 500 million registered users.

After Facebook stated last week that it would be banning access to WhatsApp accounts unless users consented to a new privacy policy granting Facebook access to more WhatsApp user data, both jumps in new subscribers for Signal and Telegram are a direct result of the big PR blunder.

After the harm was done, hundreds of millions of users flocked to Signal and Telegram, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that many people were reminded to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google as well. Yesterday, on Friday, Facebook postponed the new privacy policy by three months.

Improvements To Google’s MUM Algorithm

Google can recognize when several online sites reach consensus when the MUM algorithm is improved.

What does this mean for search results?

Google now verifies the accuracy of its featured snippets by comparing them to information from other reliable sources.

Google’s Vice President of Search, Pandu Nayak, explains how improvements to the MUM algorithm enable this:

Additionally, MUM can assist Google in deciding more precisely when highlighted snippets are not the best way to answer a query.

With this upgrade, Google is 40% less likely to activate highlighted snippets in certain scenarios.

Helping Searchers Identify Trustworthy Information

Google is adding new tools to assist users obtain reliable information in addition to the MUM upgrade.

Expanding ‘About This Result’

Google is adding extra insight to the “about this result” function, including:

  • How frequently a source is cited
  • Online evaluations of the source or business
  • Whether a different entity owns the business
  • When Google’s computers are unable to locate sufficient details on a source

More languages, such as Portuguese (PT), French (FR), Italian (IT), German (DE), Dutch (NL), Spanish (ES), Japanese (JP), and Indonesian, are now supported by the Google app for this result (ID).

Content Advisories About Information Gaps

Users will now be informed via a new advisory in search results when there is insufficient trustworthy data available for a given query.

Google gives the following instance of a search for a conspiracy theory that resulted in the new content advisory:

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