How to Check Website Traffic for Any Site

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Do you wish to examine the volume of visitors to any website, including your own?

You can assess the performance of your website and how it stacks up against the competition by looking at website traffic.

This post will demonstrate how to use several internet tools to check website traffic for any website.

Why Should You Check Your Website Traffic?

You can quickly see how well your website is performing by looking at your website metrics.

Your website’s traffic statistics will demonstrate where your visitors are coming from, how they interact with your site, and which digital marketing tactics are effective.

You should frequently review your website statistics if you want to increase email subscribers, online store sales, or just general traffic.

You can see where your site is right now and what you can do to make it better by monitoring the traffic to your site.

Best Tools to Check Any Website Traffic (including Competitors)

check traffic website
Best Tools to Check Any Website Traffic

There are several tools available for both free and paid traffic checking. Each one differs from the others in a variety of ways.

To check rival website traffic estimations, the majority of specialists employ a variety of technologies. To analyses site traffic statistics, we generally advise readers to use at least two alternative programmers.

You may fill in the blanks and obtain more precise traffic statistics for any website by utilizing a variety of tools.

You may invest in a variety of tools as your WordPress site and budget expand to obtain greater market share and market-leading information.

After that, let’s look at the top resources for determining how much traffic a website receives.

1. Semrush

Semrush is a comprehensive tool for traffic analysis and competitor research. It is the greatest tool for tracking and analyzing website traffic.

At Beginner, we utilize this tool for a variety of purposes, including keyword research and tracking keyword rankings.

You may get a thorough analysis of your competitor’s overall traffic by entering their URL.

You may view crucial website information such as the evolution of monthly traffic volume, traffic distribution by nation, top traffic-generating phrases, and more.

The unique visitors, total visits, average visit length, number of page views, and bounce rate for the site are all provided on the Traffic Analytics tab.

Comparable to spying on your rival’s Google Analytics account is this function.

Bulk Traffic Analysis, another fantastic function, allows you to compare traffic volumes across many rivals at once.

You can evaluate up to 200 websites, depending on your price plan. This provides you with a broad overview of your niche, the most popular websites, and any traffic possibilities you may take advantage of.

Additionally, you may get thorough traffic analytics reports that provide you with details like the websites delivering the most referral traffic, the most valuable pages on their website, and the areas that drive the most traffic.

Utilize the 14-day trial or the restricted free plan, which allows you access to essential website data, with our Semrush promo code.

The premium subscriptions, which start at $119.95 a month and provide you complete access to competition traffic sources, rankings, social media, and more, are the best option if you want comprehensive reports.

2. Similar Web

An internet tool called Similar Web may help you examine the traffic to your competitors’ websites and determine which marketing tactics are more effective.

You’ll receive comprehensive reports on a website’s whole traffic strategy rather than simply search traffic.

After running a website through the programmer, you’ll receive a breakdown of the total traffic, along with a report broken down by each individual nation.

You’ll get information on the website’s major traffic sources as well as engagement data like bounce rate, average visit time, and the number of pages seen each visit.

In addition to organic search traffic, you’ll learn which sponsored keywords drive visitors to the website, which social media platforms are most effective, and which display networks the company employs to monetize.

Finally, you’ll receive a thorough analysis of the site’s audience, along with information on the kind of websites they frequently visit, the top referring websites, and a list of competitors’ websites that you can further investigate.

The tools free edition gives you helpful traffic information. If you need reports with more specific information, you may set up a business account with personalized pricing.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that you may use to examine the traffic coming from search engines.

This tool provides you with a thorough understanding of how search engines perceive your website.

It displays the volume of views, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and average position of your terms in search engine results.

This aids in your understanding of the search volume and keywords for which you are ranking online. Using this knowledge will enable you to increase traffic.

If you discover that you are now at position 11, for instance, you might optimize the blog article in an effort to get it to the top of the search results page.

Additionally, you may check for mistakes, verify which sites are indexed, and more.

You may start viewing your website data as soon as you add your website to Google Search Console.

Using All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the simplest approach to link your Google Search Console account. See our tutorial on adding your WordPress website to Google Search Console for additional information.

A Search Statistics plugin that is included with AIOSEO enables you to examine Google Search Console statistics directly from your WordPress dashboard.

With no need to leave your website, you can check SEO analytics, monitor keyword ranks, find your best-performing content, and more.

As an alternative, you may examine your keyword ranks inside the WordPress admin area using the Monster Insights tool, which is discussed below, utilizing data from Google Search Console.

View our tutorial on how to view the keywords visitors use to locate your WordPress site for more information.

4. Uber suggest

The free and paid Uber suggest tool from Neil Patel provides a wealth of helpful website traffic statistics.

The interface is designed for novices, and it is simple to use. This application makes keyword research and traffic analysis relatively straightforward, even if you’ve never done either before.

The traffic analyzer function provides you with a thorough analysis of your competitors’ traffic over time, the keywords that are driving the most traffic to their site, and the most visited pages overall.

Simply enter the URL of the website you wish to analyses and click “Search.”

You can find out the overall number of organic keywords the site ranks for, its monthly organic traffic, its domain authority, and the total number of backlinks on the ‘Traffic Overview’ page.

The traffic report’s many sections can each be explored in further detail. To see a breakdown of each published page on the site and the anticipated monthly traffic it receives, for instance, expand the ‘Top Pages’ results.

Along with the anticipated number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest, the figures also include the number of backlinks. This information offers you a broad idea of what you’ll need to do to outrank that page in the search engine results pages.

You have access to the most recent three months’ worth of data with the tool’s free edition. One of the most affordable tools on our list, premium subscriptions start at $29 per month.

5. Serpstat

Serpstat provides a wide variety of unique SEO tools. An all-encompassing website analysis tool has evolved from what was first just a simple keyword research tool.

Despite having a ton of functionality, it’s still quite simple to use. The programmer will create a traffic report when you enter the URL.

Along with backlink research, site auditing, and rank tracking tools, there are options for traffic analysis.

The website traffic analysis tools provide you with a wealth of helpful information, such as the organic and paid keywords generating traffic, the average monthly visits, and the most popular pages.

Serpstat provides a wide variety of unique SEO tools. An all-encompassing website analysis tool has evolved from what was first just a simple keyword research tool.

Additionally, you may check trend data to observe how the site’s traffic, rankings, and keywords have changed over time.

A part of the complete data for a domain name is accessible in the tool’s free edition. You may view all of the tool’s data if you sign up for one of the premium subscriptions, which start at $69 per month.

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Why Should You Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic?

Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic
Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic

Numerous useful details may be discovered by looking at the website traffic data of your competitors, including:

  • The articles and pages that are most popular among your rivals’ visitors
  • What search terms your rivals are ranked for and which traffic-generating sources they use
  • You can utilize all of this knowledge to enhance your keyword research, link-building, and content marketing strategies, among other things.

You may use the same keywords and themes to increase traffic to your website by knowing what drives the most traffic to your competitors’ websites.

Conclusion on How to Check Traffic on Your Website

You may examine the traffic to both your website and the websites of your competitors using a variety of tools.

You may learn more about your market and how to increase traffic by looking at competing websites’ traffic. While keeping an eye on the traffic to your own website can allow you to determine the efficacy of your SEO, social media, and other traffic creation techniques.

Monster Insights is the greatest tool for analyzing the traffic to your own website. You may see information about your website traffic right in your WordPress dashboard with just a few clicks.

If you want to view the SEO traffic to your website, AIOSEO will display all of your search traffic statistics inside of WordPress.

Semrush is our top recommendation if your objective is to do in-depth competitive analysis and you want to examine website traffic. It not only provides accurate traffic statistics but is also one of the top SEO tools available.

This post should have taught you how to assess website traffic on any website. Additionally, you might want to look at our comprehensive guide to WordPress SEO and our selection of the top 24 WordPress plugins for businesses websites.

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What is website traffic analysis tools?

Using tools for website traffic analysis, you may learn more about the different user types who visit your site, their interests, and every action they take on your sites. By doing this, you’ll learn how to enhance user experience (UX) and have a better understanding of how well your website is operating.

Is Google Analytics free to use?

Google Analytics has a hybrid business model, which means it provides both a freemium and a paid service. The fantastic news is that proprietors of small businesses may utilize this service without paying any money or a monthly fee.

Is SEO free on Google?

Being seen in Google’s organic search results is free, and over time, making improvements to your website’s SEO may have a significant influence on your search ranks. Find out more about how Google’s organic search functions here, along with helpful hints.

Can we do SEO without paid tools?

No, you don’t need specialized equipment to perform SEO, is the quick response. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t employ them. I could sit down and optimize page text, add some internal connections to my site, and even conduct a campaign to get backlinks if I had just a basic grasp of SEO fundamentals.

Can you monitor web traffic?

You must first have a tool that will track traffic for you. For the majority of consumers, Google Analytics is an option that typically works. You will have to perform the monitoring yourself, which is the single disadvantage of utilizing this platform.

Is Google Analytics API free?

Basic Google tries to discourage abuse of its free analytics tool by directing frequent users to its paid offerings.30

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