The best appointment schedulers and booking apps in 2023

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Finding an appointment scheduling tool that works for you might be challenging because no two service-based businesses are the same. Perhaps you run a salon where customers can make appointments with certain service providers, or perhaps your consulting firm requires a straightforward web tool to schedule discovery calls.

The ideal appointment scheduling software should display your company in a professional light while making the booking process simpler on both sides, regardless of your booking management requirements. I’ve tried out a number of appointment scheduling applications over the years as a small company owner, and I’ve discovered what makes a product stand out from the competition.

The finest booking applications provide the ideal balance of adaptability and use. They allow customers to plan appointments with you on their own, cancel and reschedule as necessary, and pay in advance for your services, saving you time (and stress). 

In order to locate the best appointment schedulers for you to use your time on more worthwhile business duties, I examined hundreds of appointment schedulers for this post.

The best appointment scheduling and booking software

  • Acuity scheduling for user-friendliness
  • Pick time for a no cost reservation system
  • The greatest POS-integrated mobile booking app is Square Appointments.
  • for global enterprises
  • For reservations and website creation, use Book like a Boss.
  • Using Zoo Bookings to run your entire company

What is an appointment scheduler?

Clients may book, reschedule, and cancel appointments using an online interface using appointment schedulers, which are business tools. Customers may schedule an appointment by going to your company’s website, Facebook page, or any other location where the booking software is supported, and selecting an open day and time.

Based on the business hours you specify, the times and days that your personnel or other resources are available, and other factors, you add specifications regarding when consumers may schedule certain services on the backend. The software also allows you the freedom to set aside periods when particular services could be unavailable and avoids double- and over-booking.

Imagine you own a pet grooming business and your goofy poodle cutter takes a two-week break. So that your clients can’t schedule any poodle grooming time while she’s away, you may register her vacation days in advance in the appointment scheduling software.

What makes a great appointment or booking app?

appointment scheduler
Great appointment or booking app

The finest scheduling applications provide their users more than just a list of available hours for appointments, treatments, or other services. Additionally, they let your clients to change or cancel appointments without getting in touch with you. They also make it simple for business owners and managers to do their duties, enabling you to centralize payments, simplify communications, and control your workforce.

Best mobile booking app with built-in POS

Square Appointments pros:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) functionality built-in
  • Stunning, efficient UX created for mobile
  • Monitoring resources and commissions

Square Appointments cons:

  • The sole calendar sync option is Google Calendar.
  • The only accepted payment processor is Square.

Anyone who has purchased beverages at a coffee shop is probably familiar with the well-liked point-of-sale (POS) technology from Square. For retail organization seeking for an appointment scheduling with integrated POS capabilities, Square also has its own Appointments tool, which is a helpful addition.

In actuality, Square provides a number of services that small retail enterprises could find helpful in a single app, including various payment choices (with the option to buy POS hardware), online and in-person booking, staff management tools, and a client management database.

The Appointments module puts aesthetics first, as any mobile-first platform would. I was delighted to find that the tool encourages new users to add photographs for their goods and services. Both the backend and customer-facing interfaces are tidy and well-organized.

In all honesty, the free plan is fantastic for companies with a single location. The premium plans, however, also include multiple locations, multi-staff appointments, resource management, and commission tracking—making it simple to oversee a complicated service-based organization with several suppliers.

Custom apps

Sometimes, the particulars of your company call for special functionality that isn’t included in any of the available scheduling apps. You can make your own in this situation. According to Tasty Edits CEO Alex Lefkowitz, companies may construct a customized scheduling app that accomplishes precisely what they need using the no-code and low-code app builders that are readily available.

For instance, you might create an app using Jot form Apps by using this template for a scheduling app.

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Google Workspace appointment scheduling

scheduling apps
Google Workspace appointment scheduling

In some Google Workspace versions, online appointment scheduling is available. While Google’s appointment slots are used to arrange appointments for employees, appointment scheduling enables invitees from outside the organization to schedule time with you. Customers may schedule appointments using a booking website without having a Google account.

Only one-on-one appointments are given as part of Google’s basic scheduling feature, which makes it perfect for small enterprises with straightforward scheduling requirements.


Businesses who like using Google can increase the capability of their Google Calendar. The appointment scheduler enables you to set a daily booking cap, modify your availability for particular days, create time buffers between meetings, and control how far in advance appointments may be scheduled. Google also enables you to email clients who have scheduled time with you with confirmation and reminder messages.

Google Meet, Calendar, and other Google apps are integrated with the appointment scheduling programmer. Because of this connectivity, Google is able to recognize any scheduling conflicts with your current appointments instantly.

Google appointments scheduling pricing

Because it comes with the whole Google product line, Google’s appointment scheduling is advantageous for small organization that already pay for Google Workspace and simply plan 1:1 meetings via Google Meet. The alternative would be for interested individuals to pay for a Google Workspace account. A complete range of plans is available on the Google Workspace price page.

Do you need a booking app?

You may discover the proper software to assist you in managing your client appointments whether you operate a client-based business on your own or with the assistance of several staff members. By establishing a credit card hold at the moment of booking, a fully featured appointment booking tool will help you effortlessly recover cancellation costs while reducing the amount of no-shows and late cancellations. Additionally, automating your booking software can free up your time so that you may concentrate on the tasks that are most important.


You have the choice of organizing your appointments and calendar using the appointment scheduling software. It gives you a simple and intuitive interface to manage your schedule so you can see what has to be done and when. To better manage your time, this programmer makes it simple to view your appointments and calendar everything in one spot.


Is there an app for scheduling appointments?

Calendly is the best scheduling app for business meetings. Calendly can be the best choice for you if you’re searching for an easy place to start with online appointment scheduling. You can only see one calendar and one kind of event with a free account, but you may make an infinite number of appointments.

What is the most used scheduling software?

According to the 2021 Capterra Shortlist, the top scheduling software applications are Google Calendar, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, CalendarHero, and Doodle based on user ratings and popularity.

Is Google Calendar or Calendly better?

Calendly is perfect for enterprises that need to coordinate between multiple teams and manage complex meeting schedules. Google Calendar is aimed at individuals who need a basic scheduling solution that natively plugs into their Google Workspace productivity environment.

Is Google Calendar free for business?

Pricing for Google Calendar: With a Google account, it is free; Business Starter for Google Workspace, which includes all Google apps, starts at $6 per person per month. Google Calendar offers considerably more functionality.

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