The Ultimate Guide to Secured Storage

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You can take a few simple steps to protect your belongings while in storage. For starters, choose a facility that takes security seriously.

Ideally, look for a facility that offers digital surveillance systems and remote 24-hour monitoring. It should also implement motion sensors and high fencing to deter intruders.

Choose a Secure Facility

When choosing a storage facility, look for one that puts security at the forefront of their business. This means fencing, cameras, and electric gates are just a few of the things to keep an eye out for when reviewing facilities.

While most facilities have locks on individual units, find out whether they have latches at all the external doors to ensure that these can’t be breached. Additionally, look for an on-site manager that lives on-site, patrols the premises, and offers insurance in case of theft or damage to your goods.

Install a High-Quality Lock

The quality of your lock will play a significant role in protecting your belongings. Although the best locks may cost more, peace of mind is worth the investment. Even if your facility takes extra measures to secure its units, you could inadvertently make your unit more susceptible to theft by selecting a poor lock or installing it incorrectly. Choosing a high-quality lock and following all instructions carefully is important to protect your possessions from theft. To learn more about keeping your valuables safe in storage, click here.

Inspect Your Unit Regularly

Whether you’re storing your classic car or your entire inventory, it is important to inspect your unit regularly. This will prevent you from forgetting what’s inside your storage space or leaving items behind that can attract pests.

It’s also a good idea to purchase insurance for your secured storage Lodi. You can often add this to your renter’s or homeowner’s policy, and it will provide peace of mind should anything happen to your property while it’s in storage.

It is always best to visit the facility before renting a storage unit. This will allow you to see what the facilities look like and if their claims of offering secure storage are genuine. For example, it’s worth asking whether they have security cameras and what kind. It is also worth noting whether they have proper lighting at night, as this can deter potential thieves. Also, it’s a good idea to find out if their employees are trained to never keep keys for units on hand and whether they do daily checks on all occupied units to ensure they are locked properly.

Don’t Store Valuables in Your Unit

Many people rely on storage units to keep their belongings safe when they move, downsize or declutter. While these units are convenient, knowing which items should never be stored in a team is important.

While storage facilities go to great lengths to install security measures, they could be more foolproof. They need somewhere to store your grandmother’s priceless pearl necklace or irreplaceable antiques. Heirlooms and other valuables should be kept somewhere more secure, like a locked safe at home or a bank.

Also, be sure only to store things covered by your insurance policy. This includes cash. Keeping money in a storage unit is unsafe and could be a major legal headache if your belongings are stolen. Store electronic devices or appliances in your team is also a bad idea. They will likely get damaged due to improper packing or a power outage.

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