What Is So Fascinating About the Latest Hybrid Tablet by Samsung?

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Samsung is known for bringing the most innovative products and advanced software technology to the digital market. This time too ATIV has come up with a convertible/hybrid tablet. It is said to be a one-of-a-kind dual OS booting provider that gives you the best of both worlds in terms of technology and software.

Let’s know more about this amazing gadget.

All about Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung recently came up with its latest tablet, the ATIV Q, with a surprising hybrid element in the form of its OS. This tablet runs on Android 4.2.2 as well as Windows 8 OS. This means that as a technology user you benefit from the best of both worlds, including apps and UI.

With dual OS, you may feel that the tablet display is cluttered. However, this tablet gives you the option to log into the OS as both are hosted separately. It allows you to run any software on your tablet. Operations like data and file conversion run smoothly without any stuttering or performance lag.

Design and screen

Samsung ATIV Q is a hybrid not only in terms of dual OS but also in terms of its physical aspect. This tablet offers four different modes like stand, tablet, floating and typing for your convenience. Samsung really seems to have brought an innovative product in terms of design. Using each mode to your advantage makes this tablet more interesting. For example its floating mode gives you an upright position of the screen; Typing is all about giving you the freedom to use this tablet keyboard.

The 13.3-inch unit measures 13.9mm and weighs 1.29kg. All this indicates that you will have no problem handling this tablet while typing with the other hand. The tablet is well built and the physical appearance also makes it look good. Initially this tab will be available in black color; Other things include two USB ports with 2.0 and 3.0. Support for HDMI and MicroSD is available.

The Samsung ATIV Q has a 13.3-inch screen that offers full HD and a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. The density is 275 ppi, better than the iPad’s 264ppi. Better pixel density enables sharper images and streaming media content. Color display lifelike, brightness and brightness are impressive. You can easily view the screen at different viewing angles; The touch is very responsive and sensitive. You can also turn this tablet into a notebook by adding a QWERTY keyboard.


The Hybrid Tab ATIV Q is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with Intel 4400 HD graphics and 4GB of RAM. All this shows that this revolutionary hybrid tablet is loaded to give you the best experience in terms of performance. You will appreciate its smooth operation and ability to display crisp graphics. Incorporating Intel into your unit is one of the best things Samsung has done with the ATIV Q.

Combining the latest OS offerings from Microsoft with Windows 8 with Android 4.2.2, this tablet is a fun mix. Windows 8 lets you work like a normal laptop with the benefit of office tools and layout on this tablet. Switching to Android lets you relax with touch-screen games and swipe through apps offered by the Google Play Store.

The most amazing thing is that with this you can pin Android apps to Windows 8 home screen. This is where Samsung gives you the best experience of working with both OS at the same time. With this, you have the advantage of creating shortcuts and easily navigating between two content levels.

SideSync compatibility is another added benefit provided by Samsung. It allows you to use your tab as a second screen. Streaming media and content is now easy and exciting.

The storage space provided is 128GB SSD, which gives you enough space to store all your content. Battery life is also an impressive 9 hours; This was originally claimed by Samsung. However, there is no indication of battery power from Samsung.

In conclusion, the Samsung ATIV Q is an interesting hybrid mix of features for all of the above.

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