Best Vanity Phone Number Providers for 2023

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Interested in purchasing a vanity phone number for your website?

Vanity phone numbers are company lines that are simple to recall and advertise.

A vanity phone number is often a combination of letters and numbers that typically spells out the name of your firm or a phrase you use in advertisements or other business-related materials.

Even if it appears to be tough to obtain these statistics, it is not. We’ll show you some of the top sources in this post to purchase a vanity phone number for your website. We’ll show you how to use your vanity number to add a click-to-call button towards the end so that website visitors may call you directly from there.

What is a US Virtual Phone Number?

In the US, a virtual phone number is a cloud phone number that enables callers to communicate with individuals without utilizing conventional phone networks. It requires an internet connection rather than the more common copper cable connection.

Softphones, PCs, VoIP phones, tablets, and smartphones may all be used to make and receive calls utilizing virtual phone numbers.

It eliminates the physical restrictions that conventional phone numbers had. Additionally, it gives businesses greater control and flexibility over how they handle phone calls.

Numerous US virtual phone number providers provide numerous varieties of virtual numbers.

The North American Numbering Plan is used for the US virtual phone number. The international code for it is 1.

In the US, phone numbers normally include 10 digits: four for the subscriber number, three for the central office/exchange code, and three for the area code.

Why is business shifting toward virtual phone numbers?

vanity number generator
Business shifting toward virtual phone numbers

Communication is a key aspect for firms when it comes to boosting possibilities and revenue. The conventional phone system cannot compete in the modern marketplace. As a result, businesses are switching more often to cloud-based phone systems.

As more organizations move to cloud platforms, those utilizing traditional phone lines are losing behind in terms of performance, sales automation, labour efficiency, and AI.

Virtual phone numbers are required for cloud phones in order to manage calls and text messages. For a variety of reasons, these numbers are far superior to conventional phone numbers.

How Does a Vanity Number Look Like?

As was already said, a common vanity number consists of both numbers and letters. Such a number is 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339), for instance. Additionally, it may be a special number like 8000-111-222, 1222-333-444, etc. The nicest aspect about vanity numbers is that they are simple to recall.

Toll-free numbers are prevalent in vanity numbers. However, that relies on its accessibility. Typically, first come, first served is how they are sold.

You must first have a business phone service, which functions differently from your local phones, in order to purchase a vanity phone number. You’ll need an internet connection in order to use a business phone service. It is also known as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service for this reason.

To utilize a contemporary business phone service, all you need is a computer or other device with internet access. Basically, a laptop, tablet, computer, or phone.

That implies that you don’t require any specialized tools. Now let’s examine a few companies that provide vanity phone numbers.

1. RingCentral

One of the top distributors of vanity phone numbers for small businesses is RingCentral. A multi-line phone system, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfers, video conferencing, conference calls, and more incredible features are available. By adding just $30 to your subscription, RingCentral will provide you a vanity phone number. This fee is only due once.

Following registration, you may access both your toll-free and local numbers directly from your dashboard.

We discovered from experience that you must apply individually for your vanity number in order to obtain one. This will be authorized in ten days, at which point you may create a special vanity number for your company using a vanity number generator.

You may utilize third-party services like Gusto, Dropbox, Microsoft, and others with RingCentral.

2. Nextiva

You may also check out Nextiva as a small business phone service provider. Its web-based panel makes it incredibly simple to manage your calls, voicemails, and faxes. Additionally, Nextiva offers features including free domestic calling, call forwarding, voicemail to email conversion, and more.

You may also obtain a toll-free number so that your customers can contact you without paying anything.

We appreciate that Nextiva offers some of the most cutting-edge business phone service options available today. Additionally, even novice users may utilize it easily. Vanity numbers are not offered by default, but they can get them for you through their carrier partners.

You will receive a discount on this service thanks to a bargain we negotiated for our IsItWP readers. Check out the Nextiva discount page here.

3. Ring Boost

Ring Boost is yet another excellent source from which to get vanity phone numbers. Based on the type of business you have, you may choose your vanity phone numbers from this list. For businesses who wish to choose their vanity number based on the nature of their industry, Ring Boost is the perfect option.

The Ring Boost numbers may be easily redirected to any active phone number. A list of numbers that have previously been generated for you is included. Simply go through them and choose the one you want.

Promoting Your Phone Vanity Number in WordPress

ecommerce vanity numbers
Promoting Your Phone Vanity Number in WordPress

Mobile browsing is at an all-time high, and this year is only going to see further growth.

Making it simple for visitors to call you directly from your website with just one click is in your best interest given that a substantial amount of your site traffic come from mobile devices.

You may accomplish this by including a call-now button on your website. See how we can do it.

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What is the cost of a US Virtual Phone Number?

Using a virtual cloud phone technology, you may buy US virtual phone numbers. To obtain a phone number through the platform, you must register.

There are several subscription package options available at various costs, each with a particular set of features and services. The price typically starts at USD 10 and increases according on the services you select. The price of the offer includes a virtual phone number.

Depending on your existing subscription, adding an extra phone number will cost $5 to $10 per user per month.

Some cloud-based telephone services provide free virtual phone numbers. However, you will be charged for every minute you talk on the phone.


Your company will benefit greatly from investing in a vanity number. If you follow this thorough tutorial, you’ll have the information and understanding you need to pick the best provider, choose a distinctive vanity number, and set up your new phone system. Take advantage of the advantages of improved brand recognition, client retention, and a credible image as you communicate with your clients easily thanks to your special vanity number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a vanity number different from a toll-free number?

A vanity number is made up of a string of digits, letters, or a combination of the two. Typically, the letters in these numbers represent the names of your company, its goods, or services. It can just be a series of memorable digits. Both toll-free and local numbers are possible for these numbers. The vanity phone number 1-800-GO-FED-EX is an illustration.
On the other hand, toll-free numbers are those that have a unique dialing code and that your users may use to make free calls to. The American toll-free access numbers are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

2. Is the pre-fix of my vanity number important?

You may choose from a variety of prefixes when picking a vanity number, including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, etc. However, because to its widespread use and high level of user recognition, the 1-800 option is preferred by many. However, you may also choose from the other choices.

3. What words should I use in my number?

Your vanity phone number should ideally contain the name of your company or product. The ideal word length for your number is between 7 and 10 letters. By doing that, you can be sure that neither the beginning nor the end of the term has an additional number.

4. Can I sell my vanity phone number?

A vanity number can’t be sold after you buy it. Toll-free number trading and reselling are strictly forbidden per FCC regulations. Anyone who attempts to do so may wind themselves in legal jeopardy.

5. Can I use my vanity number with my local number?

Yes, you may use your vanity phone number in conjunction with your local number if you have one. You can quickly redirect incoming calls to your local number from your vanity number, and you can even set up an IVR to direct callers to the appropriate team member.

6. Is a repeater number a better option for my business?

Because words cost more than numbers, many users prefer not to use them. In such circumstances, repeater numbers are a smart choice. These figures follow a pattern and are simple to recall.

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