Newspaper Advertisements: How Much Do They Cost?

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Newspapers continue to be a viable alternative for small businesses trying to contact clients, despite the expansion of digital advertising. Newspapers are still read by millions of Americans. In 2018, the estimated daily circulation of newspapers in the United States, including print and digital, was 28.6 million on weekdays and 30.8 million on Sundays.

Don’t discount newspaper advertising as a means of promoting your small business because of its wide circulation.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise in a Newspaper?

Your newspaper ad will cost more the more readers it has and the bigger the ad space is. Newspapers with a large readership typically have higher prices.

Circulation vs. Readership

How many newspapers are printed and distributed is referred to as circulation. Readership is predicated on many people reading the same newspaper. Because of this, reading statistics typically outperform circulation rates.

Cost of Advertising in National Newspapers

Expect to pay a premium fee if you want to advertise in a major newspaper to reach the broadest audience possible. Every day, millions to hundreds of thousands of people read the biggest newspapers in the United States.

Cost to Advertise in a Local Newspaper

Depending on the readership of the newspaper, the typical cost of advertising might vary greatly. Local newspapers around the country are listed on the website United States Newspaper Listing.

Calculating Newspaper Ad Costs

newspaper ad cost
Calculating Newspaper Ad Costs

Because there are so many factors at play, it is challenging to estimate the typical cost of a newspaper ad.

Advertisement size, circulation, placement, frequency, and colour will all affect cost.

If you’re prepared to commit to a predetermined amount of advertising expenditure, a predetermined number of column inches, or a regular frequency, you’ll probably obtain better prices.

Ad Size

One of the most important elements influencing cost is the size of your advertisement. The price of an advertisement increases with its size. Ad space in newspapers is often priced by column inches or modular sizes.

Price per Column Inch

Pricing is determined by how many columns an ad occupies when using price per column inch.

Typically, a full-page advertisement is six columns times the length of each column.

For instance, if the length is 21 inches, the total space required is 126 inches. Therefore, a full-page advertisement would cost $3,150 if the pricing was $25 per column inch.  A quarter-page advertisement would be 31.5 inches long and $787.50 in price.


In their online media kits, the majority of newspapers disclose their circulation figures.

The most readers and the most copies of the Sunday editions are sold. As a result, Sunday edition advertising are more expensive than weekday editions.

Wednesday often has the second-highest readership. Inserts and discounts are frequently included in the Sunday and Wednesday editions, which broadens the circulation.


Where your newspaper ad appears also affects how much it costs. Ads on the main page are more expensive than those inside.

The cost of placing an advertisement in the newspaper’s main part is more than that of one in the local or sports sections.

Readership drastically decreases in other categories, such business, health, and sports. These advertisements won’t garner as much attention if you’re marketing broad market goods, but they could offer better price.

However, if you have a product that is designed for these groups, this can be a more effective way to find the correct readers.

In contrast to a certified public accountant who works with corporations, a local firm that prepares tax returns for people could do better placing an ad in the main or local news sections.

Bringing Newspaper Ad Prices Down

In search of inexpensive newspaper advertising? Signing a contract promising to spend a certain amount of money over an agreed-upon term is one of the finest strategies to obtain savings on newspaper advertisements. However, doing this requires you to make a longer-term commitment to spending more on advertising.

Things to consider:

  • Look over your contract.  Newspapers will “short rate” you if you don’t fulfil your responsibility. This implies that if you don’t achieve the levels required to receive the discount, they’ll charge you back at higher rates.
  • Discounts for new clients. Many newspapers provide affordable advertising prices for first-time advertisers to entice new readers. Additionally, they could provide discounted prices for publications that are industry-specific, seasonal, or otherwise not included in the daily newspaper.
  • Inquire about leftover ad space. This is a vacancy in the marketplace for advertising space. Some magazines may provide this leftover space at high prices rather than running without advertising. However, you will no longer be able to choose where or even if your advertisement runs.

In order to get the most out of your advertising budget, search for specialized magazines that cater to specific niches. This includes neighborhood periodicals, weekly newspapers, and community newspapers. This is a reasonable choice if you’re targeting regionally or for particular audiences.

Factors Affecting Newspaper Ad Costs

Ad size, circulation, placement, frequency, and colour will all affect how much it costs on average to advertise in a newspaper.

Ad Size

The price of an advertisement increases with its size.


In their online media kits, the majority of newspapers include their circulation figures. Additionally, they file reports with the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Be cautious not to mix up readership with circulation. How many newspapers are printed and distributed is referred to as circulation.

Readership is predicated on many people reading the same newspaper. In general, readership figures are exaggerated by a factor of at least 2.


The price will also depend on where your advertisement appears. Ads on the main page are more expensive than those inside. The cost of placing an advertisement in the newspaper’s main part is more than that of one in the local or sports sections.

The most people will read and have the greatest circulation of Sunday editions. Sunday newspaper ads will be more expensive than weekday versions.

Writing Newspaper Ads

Keep these 5 ideas in mind while creating newspaper ads:

1. Copy Points

Choose the message and the product you wish to promote. Are you attempting to persuade customers to purchase your goods for the first time? Are you attempting to position your brand as a reliable source? This weekend, do you need to transfer any inventory?

2. Attention

It’s simple to turn pages or skip past advertising while reading the newspaper. You must use an attention-grabbing headline to draw their attention to your advertisement.

Make sure your call to action is crystal clear. Clarify the objective of your advertisement. Create a sense of urgency in your marketing by using phrases like “this weekend only” or “on sale now.”

3. The Basics

Ensure that every advertisement has the accurate company name, phone number, address, and website.

4. Ad Design and Layout

Layout and ad design are crucial. Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. Newspapers may provide you design advice and concept suggestions. You might have to pay for design.

Cost of Advertising in Newspaper: Is it Practical?

newspaper advertisement cost
Cost of Advertising in Newspaper

What is advertising in newspapers? Is it still useful in the era of digitization? We frequently see print or digital advertisements for businesses or brands while reading the news. Thousands of individuals still pick up a newspaper on their way to work or even while they drink their morning tea in bed. That sums up newspaper advertising wonderfully.

Therefore, one should never disparage the love of a newspaper, especially in this digital age. One of a newspaper’s finest qualities is learning new things, but there are many hidden capabilities that serve the interests of many people in our society.

Although it may appear Spartan, newspaper advertising is a difficult procedure. It is advantageous to understand the importance and potency of the various sorts of newspaper advertising and use them in accordance with your needs.

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Ways to Get a Discount on Newspaper Ads

Depending on the newspaper you pick and the readership you can reach, the cost of newspaper advertising might vary greatly. There are a few strategies to reduce the cost of your newspaper ad, regardless of the outlet you use. You may decrease the number of times you advertise, request price reductions, and choose local newspapers rather than national ones to reduce the cost of your newspaper advertising.

Here are three strategies to save money on newspaper advertisement costs:

Advertise frequently: The number of times you place an ad in a newspaper will affect the cost per column inch. These reductions should be detailed in the Newspaper’s rate card and can be categorized according to how much money you spend or how many column inches you use for advertising each year.

Inquire about discounts: New advertisers frequently receive introductory pricing. Newspapers occasionally provide residual space at a price that may be as much as 80% off the retail price. Additionally, you may request a seasonal or special insert for your advertisement at a fee that is cheaper than usual.

Plan to optimize your advertisement if you want to use newspaper advertising consistently in your marketing. Although digital marketing and ad optimization are synonymous, any kind of advertising may be maximized. There is no excuse not to keep honing your message and perfecting your advertisement.


Newspaper advertising is a straightforward yet effective approach. Before choosing an advertisement, one should think about splitting the work because doing so may spare you from the needless pressure of raising the budget.

It is usually ideal to choose a newspaper that precisely caters to the target demographic of your brand or organization before finalizing a transaction. Second, follow your budget; the positioning and size of the advertising should take your objectives into account. Third, the marketing message should be extremely specific. Finally, monitor the effectiveness of your advertisement and make quality improvements with each update.


Is newspaper advertising cost-effective?

Advertising your business is one of the most economical strategies, yes. Depending on the area, it reaches a large number of individuals.

How much does a front page ad in a newspaper cost?

It depends on the newspaper how much space is on the front page. The quantity must be extremely high if it is a national newspaper or one with a large circulation; but, if it is a local newspaper, the number might be considerably lower. A research claims that national newspapers’ front page advertisements might cost anywhere between lakhs to a crore.

What are the benefits of newspaper advertising?

The main advantage of newspaper advertising is that it is one of the least expensive methods of publicizing and reaching people.

What are some of the causes of advertising in a newspaper?

There is no assurance that people will see your advertisement when you place one in a newspaper or that they will pay attention to it. You must make sure that your marketing plan will draw customers. Businesses nowadays also have to deal with a decline in newspaper demand.

What determines the cost of an ad?

The cost of an effective advertisement relies on a number of variables, including your target market, advertising budget, ad type, and marketing approach. Ideally, the cost for the majority of conversions should be as minimal as possible.

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