A list of the top email hosting services for small businesses in 2023

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Small companies don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for email hosting. They just don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars only on email hosting because they don’t require thousands of email accounts.

You can’t go wrong with Cloud ways Rackspace if you’re seeking for a dependable email hosting company that’s great for small enterprises. It checks all the appropriate boxes for pricing, starting at $1 per user each month. Alternatives to panel email hosting are another option you might consider.

However, there are also alternative choices on the market, including well-known products like Google Workspace and Zoho Mail.

Who is not a good fit for Outlook

Outlook isn’t quite as user-friendly for beginners as top rival Gmail for business email, in part because of the vast amount of functions offered. However, despite the fact that some may be manually added via Gmail extensions, Gmail lacks many of the capabilities that Microsoft Outlook comes with out of the box. For additional information, see our in-depth comparison of Gmail and Outlook.

Calendars and inboxes may be shared, but working together on other sorts of files (including spreadsheets, slideshows, and papers) might be difficult. Gmail and Google Workspace are the better options if your team collaborates since team members can work simultaneously in these sorts of files, which is not possible with Microsoft’s office suite.

Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace may be overkill if you don’t require an office productivity package. Additionally, IONOS corporate email services start at $1 per month, making Outlook a more expensive choice. Additionally, it is charged per user, whereas shared hosting options with firms like Blue host start at far under $6 per month and allow you to establish an unlimited number of email accounts.

Learn more about business email and why you need it to know how to find the best one for your company. Our top selections for the finest Outlook alternatives for corporate email are listed below.

What Is Email Hosting and Why Use It?

email hosting for small business
Email Hosting and Why Use It

An email hosting company is in charge of managing an email server. You may get an email hosting server by signing up for the email hosting service. All you need to use an email service is a domain name.

Your email accounts may be stored, sent from, and managed by an email hosting server. The majority of large e-commerce companies have their own email servers to guarantee that emails are delivered to their intended recipients on time.

Small firms, however, make use of email hosting services offered by organizations like Google, Zoho, Rackspace, and many more.

Most web hosting companies now provide email hosting servers as a supplement to their standard offerings, including shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Of them, Cloud ways is one. It offers managed cloud hosting services using a Rackspace email hosting solution.

Why Should Email Be Hosted on a Different Server?

Many industry professionals advise against putting your company’s email on the same server as your website’s web assets (and database). This is a simple error to make since many companies host their email on the same server because they view it as an “avoidable” business expenditure.

When a disaster strikes and the server goes down for whatever reason, the company is unable to email the providers since the email system is also unavailable.

From a technical sense, hosting the email is a bad idea. The resource requirements for web hosting and email hosting are considerably different from one another.

The rivalry for resources that can result from hosting both on the same server might possibly slow the performance of the application.

The difficult problem of aid is the final one. While the provider’s support staff may be extremely skilled at handling problems related to web hosting, their knowledge of email hosting difficulties may be limited.

How Cloud ways Help you Set up Email Hosting?

An email hosting and administration add-on is available from Cloud ways. Your email inboxes come from the Rackspace email hosting service when you use this add-on. It includes all the information you require to set up an email server for any website.

The service is quick, has good assistance, and is accessible constantly. You may receive SMTP and IMAP protocols with Cloud ways’ Rackspace email hosting service add-on.

Additionally, you may send 99 emails each day with automatic SMTP delivery using Cloud ways’ Gmail SMTP add-on.

You may add your various SMTP accounts, such as your Mandrill, Mail gun, AuthSMTP, or other Custom SMTP accounts, to the service.

You can learn about the activation procedure if you wish to acquire the Gmail SMTP service. Absolutely no hassles are involved.

With each of the email hosting add-ons from Cloud ways, an effective and quick hosting company, you get:

  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Privacy & Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Round the Clock Support
  • Fully Secured Environment

The technology continues to evolve

In today’s environment, technology such as Microsoft Outlook email helps companies develop the expert and trustworthy reputation they have worked so hard to create while also offering the necessary business management tools. Even while that sounds fantastic, it just represents the beginning.

Microsoft is continuously listening out for its corporate and small company clients. Microsoft updates and expands its products with Microsoft 365 as business and technological demands change.

Want to make it simple for your website visitors to make an appointment with you and have those appointments sync up with your calendar automatically? That’s what Microsoft Bookings does.

Effective client communication is obviously necessary, but what about interoffice productivity? What devices do you use to store information and access it when you’re on the go? You can back up anything with OneDrive, which is compatible with PCs and mobile devices. To make things simpler, when you visit an Office document stored on your OneDrive, it will open directly in your browser rather than requiring you to download anything.

It’s not necessary for productivity to start and conclude with a computer. Anywhere you go, you can be productive with Microsoft 365.

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Work remotely anytime, anywhere

small business email hosting
Work remotely anytime, anywhere

Working remotely has become more and more commonplace over the past two years due to the changing nature of the corporate environment. A necessary prerequisite for remote work is being able to access your email and documents from any location.

You may quickly access your email from a variety of devices while using Microsoft Outlook. Email is delivered directly to your devices as soon as it leaves the server, ensuring that you receive critical emails immediately. Also, it’s not just email. Additionally, Microsoft 365 syncs your tasks, calendars, and contacts.

The Business Professional grade of Microsoft 365 through Go Daddy offers email in addition to the whole Office package for up to five devices. This means that thanks to its seamless connection with OneDrive, Microsoft 365’s secure cloud storage service, any Office document is accessible at any time and from any location. OneDrive lets you save all of your files, and you can use online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to read, share, and edit your documents when you’re on the move.


We have now reached the conclusion of this article. You now have all the information you want on the finest email hosting for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Today, email marketing is a crucial component of any digital firm. This is the ideal moment to purchase an email hosting service for your company if you want to grow it. You may grow, improve customer service, and attract more clients by using new marketing channels with the aid of a reliable email hosting provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Outlook for business?

You can set up an Outlook.com email account (ex. [email protected]) and use the app for personal email for free. The professional legitimacy that comes with having an email on your own domain is absent from this, though. Outlook for business users starts at $6 per user, per month, and offers online and mobile access to the Microsoft 365 office suite in addition to business class email.

How do I get Outlook for my business?

It’s simple to get Outlook for your company, and it includes other programmers that the majority of businesses want, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just visit Microsoft 365 and select the package that is right for your business. Then connect (or set up) your business email account and begin managing your company emails using the web-based and mobile apps. Learn the five stages for configuring Microsoft corporate email.

Is Outlook better than Gmail for business emails?

A few criteria determine whether Gmail or Outlook should be used. Like Google Workspace, Gmail is more user-friendly and ideal for collaborative teams. Outlook includes more sophisticated corporate email functionality and lets you control the calendars and inboxes of other users. Businesses employing Microsoft 365 Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint benefit more from Microsoft Outlook. Find additional choices in our ranking of the top suppliers of business email.

Should You Host Email on a Different Server?

You have an advantage if you choose a provider that provides email hosting servers. You don’t need to utilize another service because Cloud ways provides email hosting as an add-on.
Everything will be taken out of your Cloud ways hosting account. You will require a different hosting server for sending and receiving emails if, on the other hand, you are utilizing a hosting server that does not offer email hosting. Depending on your needs, you may utilize Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace.

Q. What bandwidth server to get for small business email hosting?

You are renting space from email servers that have SMTP and IMAP email interfaces set up for the purpose of sending emails. Incoming and outgoing emails are managed by email hosting servers.
However, unless you are sending emails in volume, bandwidth is typically unimportant when purchasing email hosting space. The Cloud ways Rackspace email hosting, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Office 365 services will work well for you if you send fewer than 10,000 emails each day.

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